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Orecchini di Baenteli vincitori al Couture Design Awards nella categoria Best in Diamonds Below $20,000

Baenteli, Swiss Made jewelery

Baenteli, Swiss precision at the service of creativity, which won a Couture Design Award 2019 ♦ ︎ In a small Swiss country, in the Canton of Bern, there is a […]

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Anello Clessidra Jacket, in oro rosa e diamanti taglio marquise

The jewels of Eva and Ava

The delicate jewels of the twins Eva and Ava Bai, in New York and their Vale Jewelry ♦ They’re called Eva and Ava, and are twins. It sounds like the […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione Like

Crivelli still aims at Like

New pieces are added to the Like collection by Crivelli, with or without pavé diamonds ♦ Jewelery is not everything. And, in any case, even the jewelers who create magnificent, […]

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Gioielli esposti a VicenzaOro. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The evaluation of VicenzaOro September is …

The VicenzaOro September evaluation is positive, assures the organizing company, Ieg ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro September is over, but the evaluation, probably, will be better continue it also in the coming […]

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Clutch in argento

Pianegonda Domina

Pianegonda presents the Domina silver collection: for women who know how to make decisions ♦ Pianegonda continues to offer collections with names borrowed from Latin. One of the novelties presented […]

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La collezione dedicata al Lanerossi Vicenza

(Italiano) Better Silver in campo con il Lanerossi Vicenza

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Anello della collezione Eka Anniversario

Fope renews the Eka Anniversary collection

The Eka Anniversary collection, launched for the 90th anniversary of the Vicenza company, is enriched with new variants ♦ ︎ A modern classic. With subtle changes Fope revisits one of […]

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Bracciale di ebano, argento, oro bianco e tsavorite di Hemmerle

High jewelery at Pad London

Pad London returns with a group of Maison and high jewelery designer. Here’s who they are ♦ ︎ It’s called Pad London and is the sister of the similar Parisian […]

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Collana in oro bianco e diamanti di Voga Gioielli

Voga jewels with discretion

The unique pieces of Voga Gioielli, in Milan: difficult to find, but they are of excellent quality ♦ Brain in Milan, hands in Valenza: if you pass in the Italian […]

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Masterpiece di Yoko London, perle, diamanti, oro bianco

The asymmetries of Yoko London

The Yoko London masterpieces with first quality pearls that choose a modern and asymmetrical design ♦ Often those who wear jewelry composed of pearls choose tried and tested models, traditional, […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati, diamante, opale di fuoco, zaffiro rosa

Zaabel’s geometries

The jewelry between art déco and India by Zaabel, a brand born in Seattle ♦ ︎ Jewels for two: Hina Israr and Sooryia Tharayil. Hina, Indian roots, grew up in […]

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Bracciale con ciondoli di Rosato

Rosato tending to red

The new Rosato charms share the color red. Here are pictures and prices ♦ ︎ The brand is called Rosato, but tends to red. Indeed, The next is red is […]

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Anello in oro giallo, perle d'opale e corniola

The love of Aimée.Aimer

The Carrine Larretgère’s jewels, who founded the Aimée.Aimer brand. Her style? It is lovely. It is better to love or be loved? Who loves more? And the love is loved? […]

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Anelli su dita diverse

Guide: on which finger wear the ring

Do you want to know which finger is best for wearing the rings? It depends on your hands and the meaning of the ring. Here is a quick guide with […]

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Bracciale a serpente in galuchat

Marta Paolillo, life in curve

For the Roman designer Marta Paolillo, fate is a curl in gold and diamonds. Destiny is a curved line, often with a tortuous path that turns into a small labyrinths, […]

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The pop of Cada

The pop of Cada

Among pop culture and art: the jewels of Cada, Maison in Munich ♦ ︎ Creativity, Art, Design, Anarchy. The initials of these four words form the acronym Cada, Maison in […]

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Bracciale Just un clou di Cartier, in versione oro rosa e diamanti

Cipullo for ever

The Cartier jewels designed by Aldo Cipullo: the seventies are a classic ♦ From the bijoux and silver chains of Tuscany to the altars of New York and Paris high […]

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Piaget, anello Blue Ice in oro bianco 18K con 1 zaffiro blu taglio smeraldo dello Sri Lanka (circa 16,01 carati), 7 diamanti taglio baguette (circa 1,10 carati), 5 diamanti taglio princess (circa 0,15 carati), 7 diamanti taglio triangolare (circa 0,93 carati) e 208 diamanti taglio brillante (circa 5,79 carati). Creazione unica

All about sapphires 

Things to know about the sapphire, one of the most beloved precious gems, as well as stone of the month of September ♦ Sapphires have always been associated with romance […]

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Bracciale della collezione Volcanic Treasure, in argento ossidato, perle, vetro granulato, marcasite

Volcanic Francesca Marcenaro

Francesca Marcenaro’s volcanic fantasy, from Pisa to London with surprising ideas. And a prize ♦ From Pisa to London, by studying law at the university and from the work in […]

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Bracciale con cristalli Swarovski

The music of Swarovski

Swarovski necklaces, bracelets and brooches inspired by the music world for the autumn-winter 2019 ♦ ︎ A note, in music, is represented with a graphic sign used to indicate a […]

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