Anello con diamante rosa fancy Intense da  17,07 carati. Stima: 12-15 milioni di dollari.jpg  

How much are fancy diamonds worth?

Fancy, colored diamonds are increasingly in demand. But how much are colored diamonds worth? ♦ Once the most important aspect was purity. Diamonds must have been absolutely transparent, as well […]

L'allenatore della nazionale francese con il bracciale di Messika

A bracelet by Messika the secret of Deschamps

The French national football coach Deschamps wears a Messika lucky charm bracelet. And wins ♦ ︎ Even the jewels took to the field in Moscow for the World Cup final. […]

Collana Fantasy Travel

The modern south of Federico Primiceri

Federico Primiceri, son of Baroque, has brought in the South of Italy the quality jewelery ♦ ︎ There are many designers who have grown up with gold in the blood. […]

Cartier, collier Hindou Tutti i frutti

Guide to the Twenties

Art Deco jewels, but not only, were the protagonists of the Twenties and were rediscovered by the great Maison. But can you distinguish a ring or a necklace from that […]

Pendente Vanitas del Mare in argento dorato e pietre naturali montate in fusione

Giovanni Raspini Vanitas

The Vanitas collection by Giovanni Raspini: burnished or gilded silver to represent ironic skulls ♦ ︎ Vanitas, Latin word which means vanity. Needless. Because life is short and everything passes. […]

Collana con diamanti di diversi tagli, e zaffiri viola, giallo chiaro, rosa

The golden Orient of Michelle Ong

Michelle Ong was named one of the 15 most influential women in Hong Kong. Promotes the art of Italian Renaissance. And she is also the designer of the refined Maison […]

De Grisogono, anello della collezione Allegra in oro bianco, ceramica e diamanti neri

Precious ceramics

Is there any trust to buy a ceramic jewel? Are ceramic jewels fragile? Here is the answer ♦ Durable, very durable and incredibly light: the use of ceramics in jewelry […]

Anello in oro 18 carati con diamante fancy

A stage at the opera for Schreiber

Milan, the capital of design. But also of jewelry stores: there are some, like Schreiber, with a long and pleasant tradition, which continues to renew ♦ Simplicity is the antechamber […]

Anello in oro rosa con diamanti, zaffiri blu e rosa, tormalina e tanzanite al centro

Dior, high-jewelry three time

A new collection of high jewelry by the Maison: lace, gold and stones with Dior Dior Dior ♦ ︎ After the gardens of Versailles and the baroque decorations of the […]

La collana vincitrice al Couture di las Vegas per la categoria Best in Pearls

A dragon by Autore

The Chinese dragon becomes a necklace in gold and baroque pearls in the imagination of Rosario Autore ♦ ︎ At the Couture Design Awards 2018 it won a piece of […]

Other News

Orecchini con pietre a forma di prisma

Rosato in the world of dreams

A collection composed only of earrings: it is called Sogni, it is proposed by Rosato ♦ ︎ Only earrings. For lovers of jewelry to wear in the earlobes, here is […]

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Anello Holika in oro bianco, con rubellite al centro, crisoberillo, tormalina

Cartier’s Coloratura

Coloratura collection by Cartier: 240 incredible pieces of high jewelery ♦ ︎ What is more infinite than a nuance? Unable to count the individual points that make up a hue. […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo, diamanti neri, zaffiri gialli, perla, citrino

The bees of Delfina Delettrez

The bees of Delfina Delettrez fly in the form of rings, necklace and earrings. And they don’t sting ♦ ︎ After the beetles, here are the bees. Delfine Delettrez in […]

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Caterina Murino, collana in corallo e oro

How to clean and polish the coral

How to clean, store and polish your coral jewelry. Here are some useful tips for those who want a brilliant coral ♦ ︎ The coral jewelry is very beautiful. But […]

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Collana in oro bianco e titanio, perle di rubini per 440 carati, spessartine taglio a pera, granati, diamanti taglio brillante, crisoberillo, zaffiri rosa e gialli

Round of the world with the Chopard high jewelery

The collection Red Carpet 2018, by Chopard, a festival of precious gems and exotic inspirations ♦ ︎ Chopard in 2018 has reached the 21 years of sponsorship of the Cannes […]

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Anello di Jacquie Aiche

In the seventies with Jacquie Aiche 

Jacquie Aiche and her jewels inspired by the mythical Sixties of hippie culture ♦In the seventies with Jacquie Aiche  A jump in the seventies, in California, with Jacquie Aiche. The […]

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Rolling Stones

Pietro Ferrante rock

The 12 musical rings of Pietro Ferrante: dedicated to the great rock stars ♦ ︎ The silver jewels have accompanied the seventies: from the oriental ones of Indian origin, to […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e spinello

High jewelery, the Régalia of Vuitton

Louis Vuitton presents the new collection of high jewelry, Régalia, which marks the debut of Francesca Amfitheatrof ♦ ︎ It was a surprise to many the release of Francesca Amfitheatrof […]

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Metallo bianco e pelle chiara

How to combine jewels with face and skin

Which jewel to choose that fits with the type of dress? But, above all, how to combine jewelry and skin color and the shape of the face? Here are some […]

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Pandora, collezione Signature

A signature for Pandora

Signature collection by Pandora for summer 2018: images and prices ♦ ︎ When a brand becomes famous, it can allow itself to transform its logo into an icon, that is, […]

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Particolare della collana Collana Bright Falcon

Messika, fairy-tale jewelry

High jewelry by Messika: traditional fairy tales are transformed into incredible pieces. Indeed, fabulous ♦ ︎ Being raised with a menu of bread and diamonds is certainly a diet that […]

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Anello in oro con diamanti neri

Fair jewelry with Me&Ro

The jewels of the American designer Robin Renzi: wrought gold, black diamonds, pearls. And many good reasons ♦ ︎ Creating jewelry is an affair of state, or rather, it is […]

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Bracciale Mesh con scritta love

Mesh Bracelets for Ops

OpsObjects Mesh bracelets for summer 2018. Images and prices ♦ ︎ OpsObjects, a brand founded some ten years ago by Luca Giglio, specialized in fashion jewelry, launches a series of […]

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Anello in titanio, oro rosa, zaffiro padparscha, spinello nero, zaffiro viola e arancio, petali naturali

Boucheron true flowers

Boucheron flowers from the Nature Triomphante collection: extraordinary high jewelery ♦ ︎ Despite the coexistence between flowers and jewels is difficult, continuing over time, almost like the one between Beyoncé […]

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Collana con acquamarine, perle, zaffiro e diamanti

The nature of Mikimoto

Nature is queen in the high jewelery collection of the Japanese Mikimoto ♦ ︎ Mikimoto is the best known name of the Japanese high jewelry. La Maison specializes in pearls […]

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Anello Art Deco di Boucheron con una grossa acquamarina

5 questions before buying a vintage ring 

Buying a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings created many years ago can be a bargain, and even a pleasant search. But how to choose a vintage ring? […]

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Anello con diamanti e alessandrite

Mark Henry, the alexandrite jewelry

The jewels with the rare alexandrite stone by Mark Henry: the stones change color from day to evening ♦ About the enigmatic stone called Alexandrite we talked about here. It […]

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Il Berlin Ruby, anello con rubino di 4,59 carati e diamanti

All about rubies

Rubies are one of the most loved gemstones for centuries and are the gem of the month of July. But few know their true characteristics. Here is a quick guide […]

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Collana in oro con 50 diamanti

Audrius Kruliš, alien-jewels

From Lithuania to New York: the irresistible rise of Audrius Kruliš, among opals and tourmalines ♦ Down the fences, barriers, borders, at least to design jewelry, the world does not […]

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Bracciale a forma di fiore con un granato al centro,  diamanti, rodolite

Wendy Yue’s flowers

Wendy Yue’s flower-shaped jewels have enchanted Moda Operandi ♦ ︎ Those who have never been to Hong Kong, but know Wendy Yue’s artisan jewelry, can imagine that the Asian city […]

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