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Orecchini della collezione Super Bowl

Giovanni Raspini in the field with the golden Super Bowl

New pieces of the Super Bowl collection by Giovanni Raspini: there is also a golden version ♦ ︎ In the USA the Super Bowl is the final of the National […]

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Colla d'ambra con turchesi. Vera o finta?

Amber alarm: true or false?

Do you have amber jewels? Or do you want to buy jewels made of amber beads? Be careful, because scams increase. Here’s how to recognize the true amber ♦ Alarm […]

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Anello in oro, diamanti, smalto blu

The jewels by Ludovica Andreoni

Ludovica Andreoni presented the jewels of the 2018-2019 collections ♦ Recently web and social media in Italy have written about Ludovica Andreoni for his separation from the former president of […]

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A ring in a single diamond from the father of the iPhone

A ring in a single diamond from the father of the iPhone

A ring made from a single diamond, conceived by the designer father of the iPhone, John Ive ♦ ︎ A ring made from a single diamond, even if artificial. It […]

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Fibbia in oro e pietre preziose

At the Met in New York the history of jewels

An exhibition at the Met in New York tells the history and art of jewelry ♦ ︎ Are you planning a trip to New York or, if you are lucky, […]

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Ciondolo a forma di seme di ippocastano in oro giallo, diamanti brown, quarzo fumé, tsavoriti

The magic seeds of Annoushka Ducas

The pendants from the Seed collection of the British designer Annoushka Ducas ♦ ︎ To each his amulet. There are those who chose to those typical of its culture, its […]

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Orecchini in argento della collezione Zephirus

The fantastic architecture of Mikky Eger

They are a real artist jewels the ones created by Mikky Eger, German moved to Milan with a studio laboratory- apartment in the creative Tortona area. Micro and macro sculptures […]

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Pendente octopus in jet intagliato

K.Brunini between Sicily and California

The nature of Sicily and the air of California are in a mix by K. Brunini Jewels. The Katey Brunini jewels are conceived in California. But their birth is not […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e spessartite

The gems seen closely by Paolo Costagli

Stones with vivid colors, but also simple gold jewelery: the design of Paolo Costagli, from Florence to New York. Florence, 1966: Paolo Costagli born of Venetian parents. New York, 2016:Paolo […]

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Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra for sale

The $ 1 million Fantasy Bra seen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018. A cheaper version will be on sale ♦ ︎ A $ 1 million bra. ItsThe price […]

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Collana a rischio allergia

How to avoid allergies to nickel / 2

Other tips for those suffering from nickel allergy. Here’s how to eliminate the symptoms ♦ ︎ If you suffer from nickel allergy maybe it’s not the jewelry’s fault. Nickel, in […]

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L'attrice e modella Kendall Jenner su Instagram con un enrome anello al naso

How to avoid allergies to nickel / 1

Have you ever found signs on the leather where you wore rings, necklaces or earrings? They may have been caused by nickel allergy. Here’s what you need to do to […]

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Pendente Pizza con 43 diamanti bianchi e corniola

Caitlin Mociun, from the world to New York

The unique jewels by the designer Catlin Mociun, made in New York ♦ Caitlin Mociun recounts that she started a journey at the age of 12, spending six years throughout […]

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Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring di 8,08 carati da Bulgari (stima 13-18 milioni di dollari)

The blue diamond that amazes New York

An 18 million dollar blue diamond and masterpieces of design among the 370 pieces at auction in New York with Christie’s ♦ ︎ A rare blue diamond, jewelry by Suzanne […]

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Collezione Life Therapy

Ida Callegaro, design trend

Fun, colorful, different: Ida Callegaro’s bijoux surprise with original ideas ♦ In 2010, after having worked with some companies of the Italian jewelry, Ida Callegaro decided to go alone. From […]

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Spilla in oro giallo con diamanti bianchi e fancy, zaffiro giallo, campbellite, pelle, piume

Nicholas Varney, wealth’s details

The jewels of great design by Nicholas Varney, one of the top jewels of the moment ♦ Among the designers who in recent years have reached quotations at the top […]

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Spilla-anello Art Deco con diamanti e zaffiri

How to choose a vintage jewel

How to choose a vintage jewel or antique? This quick guide helps you how to find the one that suits you. Do you like vintage jewelry? Or do you prefer […]

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New Snake intrecciato

The temptation of the Breil snake

New Snake, a metallic snake of Breil wraps around the wrist, neck, waist and … ♦ Adopt a serpent for a friend. This is suggested by Breil, a brand of the […]

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Interno di OroArezzo. Photo: Lorenza Ricci Studio

New dates for OroArezzo

OroArezzo changes date: in 2019 it will be held from 6 to 9 April. Here is why ♦ OroArezzo changes and anticipates. In 2019 it will be immediately after Baselworld (21-26 […]

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Pasquale Bruni, anelli con diamanti e morganite

Everything about morganite

The morganite is a very attractive pink stone and less expensive than diamonds. Read what are the characteristics of the morganite in this tutorial. The auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s […]

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