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Spilla Moro con smeraldi e rubini

Codognato, the art of be in Venice

From Pop Art to the art of ancient Venice: myths and jewels of Attilio Codognato ♦ He was friends with Andy Warhol, which he attended for a long time in […]

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La collana di Van Cleef & Arpels

The jewels of King Farouk of Egypt

It was thought lost and, instead, years ago the treasure of King Farouk of Egypt was found in the vault of an Egyptian bank: it is 265 jewels including a […]

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Anello in oro della collezione Astronomica con opale e diamante

The mystical rock of Jenny Dee

How to resist nostalgia? There are those who, like Jenny Dabbah, founder of the Jenny Dee brand, who turned nostalgia into jewelry. The nostalgia of the Geneva designer, born in […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e alessandrite

Mark Henry, the alexandrite jewelry

The jewels with the rare alexandrite stone by Mark Henry: the stones change color from day to evening ♦ About the enigmatic stone called Alexandrite we talked about here. It […]

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Bracciale Bananas con fascia di cuoio azzurra

Two more fruits by Les Georgettes

Summer, the season in which fruit has its moment of glory. Also in the world of bijoux: Les Georgettes by Altesse, Made in France jewelery and accessories brand, introduces Tutti […]

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Anello con un diamante fancy yellow al centro e  244 diamanti bianchi

Leonori high jewelry with Victoria

When a jewel remembers a person, it offers something more. When an entire collection is a tribute to a small human being, the value still increases. This is the case […]

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Anello in oro rosa 14 carati e marmo grigio Bardiglio Imperiale

Ioanna Souflia, jewels for Olympus

Marble, architecture, gold and precious stones: it is the mix of the Greek designer Ioanna Souflia ♦ Thasos marble for Symbiosis, the first collection by Ioanna Souflia, designer born and raised […]

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Gioielli d'epoca a GenGèneve

5 questions before buying a vintage jewel 

Buying a ring, but also a necklace or a pair of earrings created many years ago, can be a bargain, and at the same time a pleasant research. There are […]

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Anello con diamanti gialli

In the design of L’Dzen

An international background, a family tradition in jewelry, a great desire to enter the Olympus of luxury designers: with these premises Payal Shah founded L’Dzen. The designer’s mother and father […]

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Bracciale Colosseum

Patrizia Corvaglia, homage to ancient Rome

Patrizia Corvaglia is a Roman jewelry designer and Roman artist. And like many Romans (and many non-Romans too) she loves the Eternal City. This is confirmed by the new jewelry […]

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Bracciale di Femar

Oroarezzo, the winners of Premier digital version

It is the year of digital fairs, given that almost all those scheduled have been suspended due to covid-19. But it is also the year of digital prizes, such as […]

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Diamante classificato VVS1, colore F, di 115,8 carati a forma di pera

Challenge between diamonds at Christie’s auction

What is the price of a 115.8 carat diamond? If you are interested, you can refer to the evaluation obtained at the first post covid auction of Christie’s which took […]

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Esposizione di gioielli a  Homi Fashion&Jewels

Homi come back in September

Many jewelery fairs have been suspended due to the health restrictions imposed by covid-19: Homi Fashion & Jewels, instead, will take place regularly. The fair (19-22 September) organized in Milan […]

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Il ciondolo Co-Vid in argento annerito e zaffiri gialli e rubini

A jewel in the shape of a covid-19

For jewelry, there are those who are inspired by flowers, some by stars and some, now, by covid-19. Well yes, if you want to be contaminate by the idea of […]

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Set di tre anelli in oro rosa, giallo e bianco, con zaffiro blu, rosa e diamanti

Imogen Belfield on a rock stage

The rock jewels of Imogen Belfield, among gold, silver and the lunar design ♦ She’s like a rock band, and he also happened (he won the first prize in the […]

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Nimb indossato

Nimb, anti-aggression ring

Nimb is a ring which sounds an alarm in case of danger ♦ There is a jewel that is most precious of all: safety. Nimb is not the first jewel […]

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Marie Mas, collana

Double-sided for Marie Mas

Marie Mas, brand of the Parisian designer Marie Cabirou, who loves to move her jewels (as we have explained here), offers her Summer Swinging Stones. They are jewels with a […]

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Bracciali Nuba

Nuba, a bracelet for Valenza

Bijoux to support the jewelry factories in Valenza (Italy) brought to their knees by the covid emergency. It is not a charity, but a project that gives work to the […]

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Anello con smeraldi colombiani cabochon e diamanti

The rare jewels of Sabba

Mysterious and refined: the jewels of Alessandro Sabbatini with his Sabba brand ♦ ︎ Very reserved, practically invisible. If there would were no jewels that he produced, about 40 a year, […]

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Orecchini in oro con diamanti

Audrius Kruliš, alien-jewels

From Lithuania to New York: the irresistible rise of Audrius Kruliš, among opals and tourmalines ♦ Down the fences, barriers, borders, at least to design jewelry, the world does not […]

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