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Anelli realizzati con Hi-Macs

A-Zero, unique pieces for recovery

The A-Zero rings, unique pieces, created in acrylic stone by the designer Franco Eccel with the recovery of material used for design objects ♦ ︎ They are rings. But they […]

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Anello Under the Sea, in argento placcato, cristalli, perle sintetiche

The British bees of Olivia Burton

Across fashion, jewelry and watches: eight years after her debut, Olivia Burton is now a successful start-up. The brand was launched by two friends: Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings, classmates […]

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Anello con diamanti e rubellite

The jewelry by Mindi Mond

Mindi Mond describes herself as a devoted wife and mother and a dedicated board member of the Thanc Foundation (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer). But she is better known, however, […]

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Bracciale Stella di mare

Madagascar inspires Morellato bracelets and necklaces

For those who live in Europe, Asia or America, Madagascar is a distant country full of charm, often a destination for holidays. Now Morellato has decided to dedicate a collection […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa, diamanti, turchesi

Do not miss Netali Nissim’s eyes

A special look at the jewels of the milan designer Netali Nissim ♦ ︎ The Eye of Providence, the evil eye, the divine eye … But how many times the […]

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Anello di fidanzamento in oro bianco, diamanti e smeraldi

Bentley & Skinner, the past is precious

The British tradition, the service for the royal house, the ancient or modern jewels, but always exceptional: all this is Bentley & Skinner ♦ “By Royal Appointment to Her Majesty […]

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Orecchini Hasu giada

A lotus flower for Lebole

The lotus flower is only a set of petals for Westerners, but in the East it is deeply evocative, as Lebole Gioielli knows well. In love with Japan and its […]

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Anello in oro rosa, tormalina, zaffiri rosa

In the new age with Ark

Ann Korman, designer of Los Angeles among jewelry and Indian mysticism with her brand Ark ♦ ︎ Take journalism, yoga and jewelry: mix it up and add oriental spirituality. Then, […]

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Bracciale Love

The thimble bracelet is inspired by the Orient

The sewing thimble, in silver, as a lucky charm. It is the idea of ​​Keep Out, which proposes the new collection of Kimono bracelets, which is inspired by Japanese cotton […]

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Orecchini con cavalluccio marino in oro rosa e diamanti

The Baroque sea of ​​Massimo Izzo

The unique jewels of Massimo Izzo, jeweler and sculptor of Syracuse inspired by tradition and the Mediterranean Sea ♦ About Massimo Izzo wrote also the New York Times. From Syracuse […]

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Diamanti colorati di diversi tagli e colori

6 tips for choosing colored diamonds

The colored diamonds, or fancy, are the stars of international auctions. That’s why if you have a jewel with a big colored diamond you’re probably very rich ♦ Colored diamonds, […]

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Anello in oro, diamanti zaffiri

The game of Malakine

The jewels of Malakine, aka Catherine Malvaux, Belgian designer with the Russian soul ♦ ︎ The Malakine website reports a sentence by Michele della Valle, a great Italian designer-artist based […]

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Anello a forma di piuma con diamanti e rubini

The Staurino secrets

The jewels of Staurino Fratelli, one of the best Maison of Valenza, with a tradition of two centuries ♦ Staurino Fratelli is one of the large jewelery companies in the […]

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Pianegonda, bracciale in galvanica black gun con cubic zirconia

Diamonds or cubic zirconia?

Buy a jewel with cubic zirconia, that is, with a synthetic stone that looks like a diamond? Here’s what you need to know about cubic zirconia which is actually … […]

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Anello in oro rosa e morganite

Francis Chiu, Thai message

The precious jewels by Francis Chiu, signature of the classic Thai design ♦ ︎ It is no secret that much of the jewelry and high jewelery of large European Houses […]

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Bracciale in oro

Vittorio Cenzi in the tradition

Gold finished in the tradition of Vicenza jewelery: it is the philosophy of Cenzi Vittorio ♦ ︎ Among the many jewelery companies that crowd the area around Vicenza, Cenzi Vittorio, […]

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Orecchini con rubini di Michele della Valle

Success in New York of Sotheby’s auction

No diamond had a crazy price, but the Sotheby’s auction in New York has also achieved a record: it was the first sale of jewelry during the coronavirus emergency. The […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e pavé di diamanti

The Joie of Giorgio Visconti

Presented last autumn, the maxi collection by Giorgio Visconti called La Vie Privé contains the beauty of 13 lines of jewels, all characterized by the same style, but with different […]

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Millionaire Jewelry Safe di Boca do Lobo

Millionaire Jewelry Safe, the jewelry box wild West style

By choice or by constraint: if you have to spend time at home, why not order the jewels in a special jewelbox? There are many boxes, furniture and chests to […]

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Rosato, cornetto portafortuna

The anti coronavirus jewels

Jewels that are also amulets: for those who believe in luck, in bad luck, in the magical power of a pendant … Maybe also against the coronavirus ♦ Beneficial, propitiatory […]

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