Orecchini con labirinto in alluminio e tormalina verde

Hemmerle, a deutsche symphonie

The jewels of Hemmerle, refined, precious, rare, inimitable. Here is a gallery of the production of the Munich jeweler ♦ In Germany it is an institution. A celebrity in the […]

Anello Pavone, in oro bianco e diamanti

Hulci Belluni, diamonds and Feng Shui

The jewels in the Chinese spirit of Feng Shui by Hulci Belluni: born in Belgium, but are produced in Italy ♦ ︎ Martine Hul is a specialist in diamond pavé. […]

Bracciale in argento 925 con 240 topazi bianchi. Prezzo: 1350 euro

Pianegonda, silver Eclipsis

The Pianegonda Eclipsis collection: silver, pink rhodolites and white topazes. Images and prices ♦ ︎ An eclipse makes all or part of the Sun disappear, or the Moon. But, of […]

Meghan Markle, anello nuziale

Meghan Markle’s Canadian jewels

The other jewels of Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince Harry, belong to the Canadian Maison Birks ♦ ︎ When first shown to photographers, Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, did […]

Opalicious Starburst, orecchini con opali, zirconi naturali e diamanti

The fusion menu of Hanut Singh

Among India and the United States: Hanut Singh proposes jewels worthy of a maharaja (in fact his grandfather was an Indian king) ♦ ︎ India is the world’s largest gold […]

Orecchini e anello della collezione Caresse

Bliss renews rings, necklaces and earrings

From Bliss rings, necklaces with light point and classic earrings. Here are the jewels of the Lumina and Caresse collections  ♦ Two classics in the vast list of Bliss, brand […]

Meghan Markle con la tiara Diamond Bandeau

The jewels of Meghan Markle

The jewels for the wedding of Meghan Markle with Prince Harry. The royal tiara, the ring of Diana and two Cartier ♦ ︎ It was one of the questions surrounding […]

How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold, diamonds and other precious stones ? Unlike silver, gold does not blacken over time , but it can easily accumulate dirt and dust. Also happens to […]

Spilla con diamanti e smeraldo colombiano

Extraordinary Bomare

The extraordinary stones byBomare, brand founded in Geneva by Marc Boghossian ♦ ︎ Before Boghossian was Boghossian, that is a high-end jewelry brand admired all over the world, there was […]

Anello in oro rosa con smalto arancione, topazio, cristallo di rocca, zaffiri e diamanti. Prezzo: 2500 euro

Bea Bongiasca, so vine!

The collection You’re So Vine! by Bea Bongiasca: gold, enamel, colored stones and diamonds. Very funny ♦ ︎ “Your so funny!”. In the American urban language it translates as “You’re […]

Other News

Collezione Alchemy, anello Moon

Caspita what jewels

The alchemy of Arlène Bonnant and his Caspita, Maison of jewels that has the name of an exclamation in Italian. But a refined formula ♦ ︎ First premise for non-Italian […]

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Anello con diamante taglio a pera

The right size of ring

A quick way to learn about what is the right size of your ring. Even if you want to buy one abroad. How to calculate the size of a ring? […]

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A sinistra, Alessandra Pasquetti durante lo shooting

(Italiano) Gioielli per la pelle

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Anello con diamanti gialli, bianchi e blu di Cartier. Venduta per 5,2 milioni

A cascade of diamonds at Christie’s

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds at Christie’s auction in Geneva: the charm of the most beloved stone is not falling ♦ ︎ A lot of raises, overwhelming estimates, competitions between […]

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Anne Hathaway con la collana di Cartier

Cartier victim of a theft (but agrees)

Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter will robbers a precious Cartier necklace. It is the new film Ocean’s 8 ♦ ︎ Women. Robbers. And […]

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Collana della collezione Multicolor

Bluespirit not only blue

For the summer 2018 earrings, necklace and bracelet from the Multicolor collection by Bluespirit. Images and price ♦ ︎ Yellow, blue, purple, light blue: is it a surprise if the […]

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Anello in platino con zaffiro Kashmir, con un taglio a cuscino di circa 9 carati, contornato da diamanti

Kashmir records for Faraone Casa d’Aste

A Sapphire of Kashmir get 12 buyers in competition at sale of Faraone Casa d’Aste. In the end it was sold for … ♦ ︎ Half a million euros is […]

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Modella con gioielli della collezione Allegra

Vip party with de Grisogono’s jewels

A big party on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the first 25 years of the Maison de Grisogono. That’s who there was ♦ ︎ High jewelry […]

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VicenzaOro January 2018

VicenzaOro widens

Italian Exhibition Group presents the project that gives more space to the exhibition center that hosts VicenzaOro ♦ ︎ A strategic plan to make VicenzaOro shine more. Italian Exhibition Group […]

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Il diamante Farnese Blu

Not just Farnese Blu at Sotheby’s auction

The Farnese Blue, a historical diamond of 6.16 carats, is sold in Geneva. But it has been overtaken by … ♦ ︎ In May, Geneva was the capital of jewels. […]

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Hannah Martin, with Unknow pleasure collar

The sins of Hannah Martin

Sin is not a sin according to Hannah Martin, a British designer who goes beyond the ︎ conventions ♦ “This mysterious, driving power beguiles, controls and manipulates the house in which […]

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Bracciali della collezione Possession

More Possession for Piaget

Piaget Possession collection widens the offer to new bracelets and pendants: simple and fun to wear ♦ ︎ Now possession of Possession is easier. Even for women who do not […]

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Catena in metallo con ciondolo Flamingo

Swarovski on the fly

For Swarovski Spring-Summer 2018 the pink flamingo-shaped pendants to be joined to a necklace ♦ ︎ In 2017 the Flamingo, the pink flamingo, has been an icon on beaches all […]

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Charm di Pandora in argento

Party in Paradise with Pandora

Pandora’s Party in Paradise collection for summer 2018. Pictures and prices of bracelets and pendants ♦ ︎ Make party in paradise. Maybe, though, before you can get there realy. Because, […]

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Emmanuel Tarpin

Emmanuel Tarpin, sparkling debut

A rising star in the sky of jewelry design: the Frenchman Emmanuel Tarpin ♦ ︎ He is French, but with a parenthesis at the Head, the prestigious school of art […]

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Vetrina a GemGenève

GemGenève, the first one is good

The first edition of GemGenève was successful. And there are already those who would book for the fair of jewelry and gems next year ♦ ︎ GemGenève has convinced. The […]

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Anello placcato oro con figura di ape

Pebble London, all and more

The paradise of bijoux in Great Britain is Pebble London. Here is what it offers ♦ ︎ If you like big jewelry, colorful, ethnic, strange, whimsical, showy, exotic, surprising, and […]

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Magick black, oro bianco e diamanti nri

Towe’s microscope nature

At GemGenève, Towe’s fine jewelry is seen through the eyes of biology, as if under a microscope ♦ ︎ In GemGenève, in the space dedicated to 12 new designers, there […]

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La regina Elisabetta con la corona imperiale

The crown of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has read in the House of Lords the english government program, as is traditional. And as always it happens, he wore the precious crown, also known as the […]

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Bracciale in acciaio con sfere color argento

The bubbles of Morellato

Round spheres attached to rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets: the Boule collection by Morellato. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Bolle. Spheres that shrink, grow, oscillate. Bubbles like those you do […]

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