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Il bracciale-anello Soffio Gitano

The Gypsy Breath of Nanis

x Forget the restrictions, the uneasy climate of the last few months and dream of freedom. Or, better, the normality of free walks, travel, friendships. All this lies behind Laura […]

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Gioielli da lutto appartenuti alla regina Vittoria

Queen Victoria’s jewels at Sotheby’s auction

x Years pass, but the British nobility continues to exert a charm that encourages the many television series, from Downton Abbey to The Crown. Or it manifests itself with an […]

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Collana con pasta farfalla placcata in oro giallo

If the pasta is golden

x A collection of necklaces and earrings in the shape of pasta, or food-themed, in silver and gold ♦ The queen of Italian cuisine is pasta. And, like pizza, pasta […]

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Collana in ebano, oro e diamanti

Ebony luxury for Qayten

x Jewelry made with wood, but of luxury. Indeed, of design. The small and refined Bolognese maison Qayten has created the TT collection with a choice that is not usual […]

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Anello in oro rosa con onice

The seventies come back with Bigli

x The idea of ​​linking a brand to the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita and the Mediterranean lightness comes from a Belgian couple: the designer Laurence Aerens and her husband […]

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Bracciale della linea Cime

Les Georgettes is inspired by nature

x French style bracelets. Les Georgettes by Altesse presents the novelties for spring-summer 2021. The brand, born in 2015, specializes in accessories including jewelery, as well as bags, wallets and […]

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Collana della collezione Skin

Giovanni Raspini, silver scales

x A silver jewelry collection inspired by a fox’s skull. It is a rather unusual idea. But it must be added that Giovanni Raspini’s Skin collection for spring-summer 2021 is, […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, con topazio azzurro e peridoto

Stanoppi’s Stones

x In Italy there are not only Vicenza, Valenza, Arezzo, Naples: jewelers with a story behind it are a bit ‘everywhere, as Stanoppi, which is located in Ferno, a town […]

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Orecchini con rane, perle barocche e tsavoriti

Pearls and frogs in the FrancsV world

x Between pearls and innovative processing techniques, the new jewels of the Palermo FrancsV by Simona Elia ♦ Baroque pearls, diamonds. And frogs (or toads). The world of Sicilian designer […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati, diamanti, opali, smeraldi

The myths of Volund

x In the Norse mythology of the ancient Germanic peoples, Völund was a blacksmith god, with a strong but also brutal character. But today it’s also the name of a […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti

Lunar gold by Officina Bernardi

x Go to the moon and discover that it also hides gold. And not only. Because for 35 years Officina Bernardi, alongside its famous Moon line, also offers a lot […]

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Bracciale in argento con perle di conchiglia di buccino

In the fishing net of Halibut

x Halibut is the Norwegian name for a family of fish that ply the glacial waters. But it is also the name of a newborn bijoux brand, which recently opened […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti e zaffiri

Ralf Mezger, German design

In Pforzheim, Germany, there is the Schmuckmuseum, that is the jewelry museum: not far away is Ralf Mezger, one of the many producers who flock to the German goldsmith district […]

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Anello monogramma in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti. La lettera può essere mossa lungo la banda dell'anello

Caye Joaillier’s alphabet

From the gray sky of Belgium to the sky occupied by the skyscrapers of New York. Ayesha Mehta spent her childhood among the diamonds of the family business, Elite Jewels, […]

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Spilla di Van Cleef & Arpels

How to choose a brooch

How to choose a brooch? Here are the things you should know before choosing a brooch and advice on how to wear it  ♦ For a long time they have been […]

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Collana in bronzo placcata oro 18 carati

The free chains of Tilly Sveaas

What is the paradox for a jeweler? Choosing creativity to escape the chains of a fixed job, but then choosing chains as a model of style. This is what happened […]

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Nuovi anelli della linea Wish

Pandora Wish for those who want to stack rings

A couple of years ago Pandora launched the Wish line, with the idea of ​​fulfilling the desire of those who love combining different jewels together. Each piece in the Pandora […]

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Orecchini a cluster di corallo rosso

Antonino De Simone, two centuries of red color

Coral and more coral, for over 190 years. Yes, it has been almost two centuries (since 1830) that Antonino De Simone has specialized in the processing of red coral from […]

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Orecchini con diamanti

Butani for princesses

Mr. Papu Butani says he had a complicated start. He started from Mumbai in 1969, to get to Hong Kong. In the city where time ago waved the British flag […]

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Bracciale Animali in argento 925 e pietre

Forms of Graziella

Graziella Buoncompagni: it is she, now honorary president, who founded Graziella Group, led today by her son Gianni Gori with her sister Mariarosa. And the third generation has already appeared […]

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