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Orecchini in oro giallo, diamanti, onice bianco, zaffiri arcobaleno, topazio rosa, morganite

Lauren Harwell Godfrey, geometries and perfumes

Open medallions, geometries, perfumes and a large necklace of spinels for the almost debutant Harwell Godfrey ♦ ︎ Adidas, Levi’s and Ray-Ban. But after 15 years Lauren Harwell Godfrey has […]

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Bracciale in oro con onice, madreperla e diamanti

The vintage jewelry of today with Jenna Blake

Designing jewelry in Los Angeles today. Jewels of yesterday. Or, rather, that they have a slightly vintage flavor. This is what Jenna Grosfeld, who founded her brand Jenna Blake, does. […]

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Orecchini Sweet Daisies con perle d'acqua dolce

Sence’s dreamers

Daydreaming, for those who love to imagine another reality. Dreaming during the day, is a prerogative of romantic souls, poets, artists. And, now, also for those who choose the Daydreaming […]

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Lauren Chisholm, anello in oro rosa e perla di Thaiti

Lauren Chisholm multitasking

Among painted flowers and gold geometries: the rigorous jewelry Lauren Chisholm. The ways of design are endless. But one of these passes through architecture, interior design and objects. And this […]

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Anello a spirale in oro e diamanti

A new dance for Nanis

The Dancing Élite collection by Nanis is renewed ♦ ︎ Sometimes dancing in the rain makes brilliant encounters. For example, you know someone who is at the top of the […]

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Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

Marquise-cut diamond, what you need to know

Diamonds with the marquise cut, or navette. All you need to know. Is it possible to fall in love with a gem that resembles lips? Yes, if it is a […]

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Orecchini di Colette in oro bianco, smeraldi, onice e malachite

Muzo emeralds for ten women designers

Every year Muzo, which manages the most famous Colombian emerald mine in the world, involves some designers in the design of jewelry with the most desired green gem in the […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

The new jewels of the Tiffany Victoria collection

Tiffany Victoria is one of the collections designed by the New York Maison that continue over time. It now has over a hundred jewels, some of which were added this […]

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Anello Flat a spirale

Giovanni Raspini, Autumn Flat

Flat, without corner. But with curves. A new collection of silver jewelry by Giovanni Raspini, a Tuscan brand specializing in white metal processing, is called Flat in homage to simplicity. […]

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Gli orecchini che brillano nel buio di Glenn Spiro

Jewelery to help Beirut at auction with Christie’s

We Are All Beirut: help comes from the world of jewelry for the Lebanese city, devastated in recent months by a tremendous explosion. Promoting the charity action is Christie’s, which […]

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Anello con acquamarina e brillanti

Mirco Visconti, precious replay

Extraordinary and traditional jewelry by Mirco Visconti, one of Valenza’s historical jewels company. The hardest thing, perhaps, is to repeat. This is a thing well-know by athletes who, after a […]

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Anello con baguette di cubic zirconia, placcatura in oro 18 carati

The Greek mesh of Bona Tondinelli

In Florence, the high-end bijoux are those of Bona Tondinelli. The designer, however, has a particular history, because until 2011 she was an antique dealer and interior designer. And it […]

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Kelly Fitzpatrick (da Instagram)

The influencers who sold fake jewelry

What if the influencers, men or women, weren’t all little angels? It is known that the varied army of influencers, usually beautiful girls or self-proclaimed experts on something, aims to […]

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Orecchini Skyscraper in oro bianco e diamanti

Skyscrapers to Deborah Pagani’s ears

Deborah Pagani designs jewelry and hair accessories. But in her latest trunk show for Moda Operandi she definitely focuses on the former. Modern, long, thin, fast jewels. But also luxurious, […]

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Collana Be@rbrick indossata

Manga style for Baccarat

Baccarat Crystal is a French manufacturer of fine crystal and jewelery items. It is based in the town from which it takes its name: Baccarat, in France. It is a […]

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Bracciale in argento placcato oro rosa con perla coltivata della collezione Miss Italia 2020

Miluna contest with Miss Italy

A legend of jewelry. It is that of the Cielo family, according to which the link with the world of gold dates back to 1270, in Venice. In that year […]

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Anello Art Déco in platino con diamanti e rubini

Stephen Russell’s new ancient jewels

Like good wine, jewels can increase in value and charm over the years. Not only that, vintage jewels, if they are of high quality, are also extraordinarily modern. Fortunately, in […]

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Ciondolo in argento e glitter

Despite everything there are also Happy Thoughts

Time passes and it’s time for Pensieri Felici (Happy Thoughts). This is the name of the brand born as a spin-off of Lowell, a Modenese company specialized in watches. Liliana […]

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Anelli in oro giallo, rosa e brunito

The 9 colors of gold

Do you know why gold can have different colors? It can be white, yellow, pink, but also blue or purple. Learn about the colors of gold, even those that cause […]

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Orecchini lampadina

Suzanne Syz leaves the jewelry world

It’s time to say goodbye to a great jewelry designer. But, thankfully, it’s not that kind of goodbye. Instead, it is a greeting and a wish: Suzanne Syz, a Swiss […]

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