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Bracciale in oro giallo, diamanti, malachite

The new Perlée by Van Cleef & Arpels

New bracelets from the Perlée collection, one of the successes of Van Cleef & Arpels ♦ A bit ‘is also credit of the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamen, if the […]

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Bracciale in argento placcato oro 24 carati

Emanuele Bicocchi, jewels on the stage

Emanuele Bicocchi’s hip-hop jewels: chains, skulls and crosses in silver and natural stones ♦ ︎ From Avril Levigne to Ligabue, from Marracash to Laura Pausini: what unites these names of […]

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Pianegonda, anello  Clipea con galvanica di rutenio e zirconi grigi

The Pianegonda silver-crocodile

Pianegonda jewels from the Clipea collection: silver, ruthenium, zircons and a shape that recalls the scales of a reptile ♦ ︎ The clipeus in Latin was the word that indicated […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati e pavé di diamanti che ricopre un’anima interna elastica in acciaio su moduli a molla d’oro

A jarretière at wrist

A small Italian jewelery brand that is inspired by a feminine accessory: the garter. Which turns into bracelets and elastic rings ♦ ︎ A brand was born as a tribute […]

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Modelle a Inhorgenta

Who runs for Inhorgenta

Back Inhorgenta, with a thousand exhibitors and a competition that teases the brands ♦ ︎ In Munich, Inhorgenta returns (22 – 25 February), with about a thousand exhibitors coming from […]

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Chrysanthème, spilla con rubini e diamanti esposta anche al  Musée des Arts Decoratifs

54 clips by Van Cleef & Arpels

The most beautiful clips by Van Cleef & Arpels gathered in an exhibition in Paris. Here are some ♦ ︎ The clip, if you read the definition, is a spring […]

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Bracciale rigido in oro bianco 18K, argento
925, zaffiri blu, brillanti. Denti fossili di: Carcharinus Plumbeus, nome comune squalo
delle secche.
epoca Pliocene-Miocene, circa 5 milioni di anni fa.
Ritrovamento presso Bone Valley Group,
Venice, Florida (USA).
Carcharoides Catticus, epoca Miocene, circa
5-10 milioni di anni fa.
Ritrovamento presso Antwerp, Belgio

Under an ancient sea with Chiara Passoni

The jewels of Chiara Passoni, precious stones and ancient teeth of the prehistoric shark ♦ ︎ Now the jewels of the sea have more jewels. But they are not colored […]

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Ciondolo Snow Leopard con perla di Tahiti e diamanti bianchi e neri

The nature of Parulina

From Burma to New York, the founder of Parulina that declares devout to the ancient Kuki culture. In the dictionary you will find the following definition of kuki: “Northwest Population […]

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Audemars Piguet, a masterpiece loop’s

Audemars Piguet, a masterpiece loop’s

An extraordinary bracelet-watch from the Swiss Maison Audemars Piguet covered with 12,000 small sapphires and diamonds ♦ ︎ A single jewel, but extraordinary ones. A jewel that in addition to […]

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Anelli All Tired Up, titanio e diamanti

The journey of Suzanne Syz

The new jewels of the artist-designer Suzanne Syz: fantasy, irony and a bit of nostalgia ♦ ︎ A journey through time with the art of a Swiss designer who is […]

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Anello Open Lips, in oro bianco, pietra luna e zaffiri rosa

The New York of Rina Limor

The couture jewels (and beyond) by Rina Limor, a New York designer who was inspired by Dolce Vita. As it says Dolce Vita in New York? To find out, the […]

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Marie Mas also swing also the diamonds

Marie Mas also swing also the diamonds

In the new collection, the kinetic jewels of Marie Mas now also move the diamonds ♦ ︎ Jewels are living objects, which become part of the wearer. But those of […]

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Anello Iris

Eight Alessa’s engagement rings

Eight engagement rings with diamonds by laboratory: the choice of Alessa ♦ ︎ Diamonds created in the laboratory are becoming increasingly popular. Not so much for the price, which is […]

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Serafino Consoli, jewels without size

Serafino Consoli, jewels without size

Jewels that widen or tighten thanks to a patent and a refined technique: those by Serafino Consoli ♦ ︎ History of a brand, which is also the story of a […]

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Spilla Greenovia, con crisoberillo occhio di gatto da 105 carati, titanio, oro bianco e giallo 18 carati, argento, diamanti, smeraldi, granato demantoide, tsavorite, alessandrite e zaffiro verde

Cindy Chao’s jewels at Tefaf

High jewelery: Cindy Chao debuts at Tefaf with the new masterpieces Blacklabel ♦ ︎ A titanium brooch, with 1,369 diamonds, 705 tsavorites, 450 yellow diamonds, 28 cabochon emeralds and two […]

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Bracciale in acciaio con pendente ed elementi  IP gun

Love weights kilos with Breil

Jewels for lovers according to Breil: love is weighed with the Kilos of Love collection ♦ All right, love is a feeling. But why not weigh it? After all, it […]

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Thief and Heist, bracciale in argento e nylon

The single-use jewelry by Francesca Amfitheatrof

The first collection of the Francesca Amfitheatrof brand is called Tag, with jewels that can no longer be removed ♦ ︎ The news has shaken the world of jewelry and, […]

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Crivelli, collier di diamanti

Crivelli Outstanding

Jewels of pure diamonds by Crivelli: they are the Outstanding collection ♦ ︎ Things happen that sometimes push to get up when you are sitting down. Amazement, enthusiasm, surprise: these […]

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Magerit, anello in oro giallo, diamanti, onice

The feline shadows of Magerit

The Shadow collection by Magerit: a ferocious puma of gold and diamonds turning in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ♦ ︎ If you go to the parts of Madrid, be […]

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Lady Gaga

The jewels of the Grammy Awards

The jewels of the Grammy Awards: Harry Winston and Tiffany shine with Lady Gaga and … ♦ ︎ Like all the red carpets, the awards and the grand galas, even […]

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