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Anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Salvini’s Magic for February 14th

What is love, if not magic? Nobody knows how the spark fires, nobody has discovered when passion ignites and nobody can predict the effect of an encounter before it happens. […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti

Damiani and Salvini at La Rinascente in Florence

Damiani and Salvini‘s jewels have also landed at the Rinascente in Florence. The luxury brand store is located in the central Piazza della Repubblica and has recently been renovated. The […]

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Small Ruby Lip Stud

Ali Weiss, the US style is found in a piercing bar

The United States, and in particular New York, are one step ahead in showing trends and, as far as jewelry is concerned, also in the way of proposing to customers. […]

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Bracciale Vittoria

Valentine’s Day in color with Sara Loren

Love is in color, while loneliness is in black and white. Perhaps for this reason, the Venetian brand Sara Loren offers a palette of shades to celebrate the day dedicated […]

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Paula Crevoshay, spilla di tigre Bainai tempestata di diamanti

The jewels of the year of the tiger

From ox (2021) to tiger (2022): there is a big difference. According to the Chinese horoscope, this will be the year marked by the most ferocious feline. But also, as […]

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Bracciale Dedalo in oro rosa e diamanti

2021 was a golden year for Gismondi 1754

It was a decidedly positive year for Gismondi 1754, a Genoese jewelery company listed on the Euronext Growth (formerly Aim) list of the Italian Stock Exchange. The company, with unprecedented […]

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Sara Sampaio per Graff

Here are the most beautiful advertisements

Here are the most famous and beautiful jewelry advertisements ♦ What have been the best advertising campaigns regarding jewelry? Most, let’s face it, have little to remember: well-known faces dreamily […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati con tormalina bicolore

Why the jewels of Dena Kemp are aprecieted by Hollywood’s stars

Dena Kemp jewels shine in gala evenings. They appear on the Oscar night, or on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards, but also in some episodes of Dancing […]

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Orecchini in ottone placcato oro

Krimrose, Cristina Cavalli’s jewels make their debut

The father is a famous fashion designer. The mother is restorer of works of art. The daughter? Lawyer. Until mid-2021, when she decided to get back into the game in […]

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Anelli in oro bianco con diamanti, zaffiri, rubini, smeraldi

Damiani’s Belle Epoque is on Valentine’s Day

Each love story marks an era in one’s life. Or, more precisely, in the life of two people. When passion involves, the protagonists hope that their era, the one they […]

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Selfie di Kendall-Jenner (a sinistra) e Valérie Messika durante gli scatti di Chris Colls per la campagna della Maison parigina

Kendall Jenner for Messika’s campaign

Two stars who meet, but on Earth: Kendall Jenner and Valérie Messika. The American model is the new face of the campaign proposed for spring 2022 by the Maison founded […]

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Crieri, anello in oro bianco e diamanti della collezione Allure

Heart diamonds for Crieri’s Valentine’s Day

A pure love is the dream of lovers. And the color of purity is white, at least in the West. And how to combine purity with passion, sensuality, desire? Crieri […]

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Bracciale in Sun Stone con turchesi e ametista, oro 18 carati

The jewels of the American designer Peggy Stephaich Guinness

Unlike many other designers, by searching the internet you can find many photos of Peggy Stephaich Guinness, in addition to her jewelry. And this is because the American designer, who […]

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Jennifer Lopez con i gioielli Pasquale Bruni nel film Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez gets married with Pasquale Bruni jewels

There is no wedding without jewelry. And there is no star of the show without rings, earrings or necklaces. That said, Pasquale Bruni announces a special wedding, the one with […]

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Collane con lucchetto e chiave

Safe love with Pandora locks

New hearts for safe loves. Indeed, super safe, protected by a padlock. Pandora has decided to reserve for Valentine’s Day a series of jewels in the typical style of the […]

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Silver Zac Lock choker

Martine Ali, Brooklyn Hip-Hop

Martine Ali, from hip-hop style jewels to fashion shows from Brooklyn ♦ ︎ New York is trendy, New York is the center of the world, New York does not turn […]

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Esposizione di gioielli a  Homi Fashion&Jewels

Homi Fashion & Jewels moved to mid-March

After Vicenzaoro, the covid is also postponing the Homi Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, an event dedicated to fashion jewelery and accessories. The event was scheduled from 18 to 21 February. […]

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Anello in oro con turchese e diamante

Ali Grace’s New York style

The nature of California, where she grew up, and the vibes of New York City, where she lives and works today. The sum of these opposite (or complementary) experiences are […]

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Oro a Dubai

Dubai is ready for the first Jewelery, Gem & Technology

Not all events related to the world of jewelry get stuck due to the covid infections that scourge a large part of the globe. In fact, Jewelery, Gem & Technology […]

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L'anello di fidanzamento di Megan Fox realizzato da Stephen Webster

Megan Fox’s ring is by Stephen Webster

Star’s rings always attract curiosity. The jewel of the moment, for example, is the one given (with marriage request) by rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker, 31 years […]

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