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Collana con sfera di ossidiana by Sara Loren Jewels

Errani Studio with Sara Loren Jewels

Sara Loren Jewels, a made in Italy jewelry brand, relies on Errani Studio, which will follow the communication activities (press office, public relations and digital PR). Sara Loren Jewels reflects […]

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Massimo Gismondi. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Precious Las Vegas for Gismondi 1754

Orders and sales, both in wholesales and special sales, for 1 million euros. The trip in August of Gismondi 1754, a historic Genoese company that produces high-end jewels, to the […]

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Anello Vento in oro giallo e rodio nero

Aria and Vento on the fingers with Antonini

Two rings waiting to return to Las Vegas and Vicenzaoro: Antonini anticipates the debut of two new sculpture-rings in July. The two jewels of the Milanese Maison are a limited […]

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Charm Pandora

Pandora’s strategies

News for Pandora supporters. But, in this case, not for fans of modular bracelets and pendant collections. The news concerns who instead of the jewels of the Danish Maison bought […]

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Beyoncé e Jay-Z con i gioielli TIffany

Tiffany brings Beyoncé and Jay-Z into the sixties

The couple Tiffany, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, protagonists of the About Love advertising campaign, are now also a video. On YouTube, in fact, appeared the film made by Emmanuel Adjei, a […]

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Controllo del reattore al plasma CVD che produce diamanti ​​in laboratorio

Laboratory diamonds unknown to young people

While sales of lab-grown, ie synthetic, diamonds are on the rise, the concept of artificial stones may not be clear among buyers. Especially if the diamonds created by machines are […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi dello Zambia, zaffiri birmani, diamanti

The surprising jewels of Studio Renn

There is no country more fond of its traditions than India. And there is no country so surprising in the innovation of India (except the US). One of the surprises, […]

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Anello in platino con opale di fuoco

Oscar Heyman, a century of luxury

High jewelry with a long and hard-working history behind it. It is that of Oscar Heyman & Brothers, an American company that produces high-end jewelry, specializing in particular in pieces […]

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Vicenzaoro settembre 2021. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Jewelery trends until 2023

Do you want to know what the next jewelry trends will be? Every year Vicenzaoro presents a focus centered on prospects for the future, summarized in The Jewelery TrendBook, updated […]

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Orecchino singolo Bohéme in oro e diamanti

Naked (and sparkling) diamonds with Persée

Do you want to know which jewel is right for you? Start with your date of birth. The method chosen by the Parisian Maison Persée is at least unusual: on […]

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Girocollo della collezione Rata

John Hardy’s new soft chains

In the language spoken in Bali, terms such as flat or smooth are translated as Rata. And it is the same word used for a type of chain, the typical […]

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Dream Globe, pendente di alta gioielleria di Capolavoro. Oro rosa e bianco 18 carati, 350 diamanti

From Germany the Capolavoro jewels

Reconciling Italian lightness (aesthetics) and style with the German ability to translate ideas into German and business acumen. They were the starting points for Capolavoro, name in Italian, and jewels […]

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Orecchini in argento e cubic zirconia

Michael Kors’ brilliant autumn

A brilliant autumn without the need to use expensive diamonds: the bijoux for the new season by Michael Kors promise to sparkle even with the reflections of the Christmas lights. […]

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Vetrina di Stenzhorn a VicenzaOro September. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Up to 21% online jewelry sales

Vicenzaoro has restarted under the sign of optimism. But also by recording the signs of the changes that inevitably involve the world of jewelry. These are the conclusions of the […]

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Anello in oro bianco e tormalina Paraiba

The poetic hope of Carla Amorim

A poet gives away the most precious jewel: hope. And a jewelry designer transforms this feeling into a collection: this was Carla Amorim‘s inspiration. The collection is Esperança. The designer […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo con cluster di diamanti

Studio Rêves, dream jewelry

The dreams, the jewels and the precious stones of the Indian Maison Studio Rêves ♦ ︎ Rêves, French word which means dreams. But, in the world of jewelry, it also […]

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VicenzaOro September 2019. Copyright: gioiellis,com

The new challenge of Vicenzaoro

A fair to forget (the pandemic), a fair to remember (one of the Italian excellences, jewelry), a fair to do business: Vicenzaoro September (10 to 14 September) has a difficult, […]

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Damiani jewels at the Venice festival

Damiani jewels at the Venice festival

Many stars paraded on the red carpet of the 2021 Venice Film Festival. And, of course, lots of jewels too. The Damiani group was among the houses that enrolled more […]

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Anello in oro con rubino

Fabergé celebrates its birth with 1842 collection

What is better for a company than being proud of its origins? Especially if, as in the case of Fabergé, they are illustrious, famous, historical origins. The jewelry brand known […]

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Ambra Angiolini con la collana della collezione Giardini Segreti

Pasquale Bruni’s jewels at the Venice festival

Pasquale Bruni’s jewels also sparkled on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Georgina Rodrguez, model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, on the occasion of her arrival at the […]

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