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Collana in argento dorato

Rose petals with Ellebi Gioielli

The Rose Petals collection by Ellebi Gioielli, designer Livia Bonanni brand ♦ ︎ Petali di rosa is the name of the new collection by the Roman designer Livia Bonanni, who […]

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Collana della collezione Enchaînements Libres

The new precious chains by Hermès

The Enchaînements Libres jewelery collection signed by Hermès: wild chains ♦ Free from chains, or free despite the chains? You choose how to interpret the name of the new Hermès […]

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The refined ambiguities of Begüm Khan

The refined ambiguities of Begüm Khan

The ambiguous charm between East and West in the jewelry of the designer Begüm Khan ♦ ︎ She started with the cufflinks, jewels that replace the cuff buttons of the […]

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Brosway, bracciale in ottone rodiato e cubic zirconia

The Attitude of Brosway

The Attidude collection by Brosway: rhodium-plated brass bijoux and zircons with elaborate lines ♦ ︎ Sinuous arabesques, romantic woman, harmonious delicacy: these are the definitions used by Brosway to describe […]

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Orecchini Parrot, con diamanti, smeraldi, zaffiri

How much Butani shines

The jewelery and the brightest pieces by Butani, an Indian jeweler from Hong Kong ♦ Trunk Show in Doha for Butani, an Indian jeweler from Hong Kong. In Qatar, Butani […]

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Chopard, Fiori d’Opali, anello con opale nero di 20 carati con pistilli di diamanti montati su oro bianco rodiato nero e petali cesellati in titanio colorato di striature blu e gambo con tasavoriti verdi, lazuliti e diamanti brown

All about opal

Opal is a stone used in jewelery that is back in great fashion. Find out what are the characteristics of the opal and why it is a must among your […]

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Bracciale Reptilis

The Reptilis by Pianegonda

By Pianegonda the Reptilis collection, which reproduces in silver the scaly skin of snakes ♦ ︎ Who knows why reptiles are generally considered dangerous, treacherous and slimy animals. The same […]

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Orecchini Guia Gioielli

Experimental jewels at the Rossini Gallery

The avant-garde jewels at the Rossini Gallery in Milan during the Jewelry Week ♦ ︎ In Milan, the avant-garde jewels exhibited by the Rossini Gallery have become a tradition. This […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco, micro mosaico, diamanti

Sicis flowers and feathers in Singapore

Flowers and colored feathers composed of gold and precious stones with micro mosaics presented by Sicis in Singapore ♦ ︎ Sicis micro mosaics get to JeweLuxe Singapore (from October 16th). […]

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Orecchini Petals ambra

The new geometries of Lora Nikolova

New stitches, lines, geometries and colors in Lora Nikolova’s bijoux ♦ ︎ She has just presented her new collection in New York at the Curate International Collections, a show that […]

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Il rendering del nuovo Community District

A Community District for Baselworld

Baselworld introduces the Community District, multiple spaces for brands. And convinces Maurice Lacroix to return ♦ ︎ The idea to re-launch Baselworld is called the Community District. This was announced […]

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Anello della collezione Carnivorous

The carnivorous jewels of futuroRemoto

Carnivorous plants become the subject that inspires the Carnivorous collection of the futuroRemoto by Gianni De Benedittis ♦ ︎ It is a paradox: while the number of humans who choose […]

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Anello con diamante di Bulgari

Jewels at auction with Bolaffi

Bulgari, Cartier, Pomellato … There are many jewels at Bolaffi’s autumn auction in Milan ♦ ︎ Together with the yellow colored leaves, the chestnuts and the first cold temperatures, autumn […]

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Rita Ora con i gioielli di Thomas Sabo

The stars of Thomas Sabo

The Magic Star collection by Thomas Sabo. The stars that are liked by Rita Ora ♦ ︎ The stars are many, millions of millions. And now there are also those […]

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Collier di diamanti indossato

Yeprem’s diamonds in Paris

The diamond jewels dedicated by Yeprem in Paris: sinuous and surprising shapes ♦ It is not the first time it will be inspired by Paris. The Cité Lumière, a large […]

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Madalina Ghenea con una collier della colelzione Vulcania, alta gioielleria Damiani

Tour of Italy with Damiani

Damiani jewels shine in the images of Italian cities, which see Madalina Ghenea as the protagonist ♦ Tall, beautiful, brown and with a Mediterranean appeal that does not go unnoticed. […]

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Orecchini e anello indossati

Report: the jewels of Gen Z

Cbjo Report: here are the jewels that young people under 25 want ♦ ︎ What jewels do young people want? IIt’s a big question for jewelers, merchants and, perhaps, even […]

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Collana Elipse

The Kindred collection by Marco Dal Maso

The Kindred collection by Marco Dal Maso in rose gold, diamonds and sapphires, inspired by the ancient Nordic myths ♦ ︎ The jewels were born as ornaments, but also as […]

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La cupola aperta che sovrasta la piazza che unisce i padiglioni della Fiera di Basilea

Baselworld moved to early April

Baselworld changes date again: from 2021 it will be held the first week of April, anticipates Michel Loris-Melikoff ♦ ︎ The watch hands in 2021 will be moved back three […]

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Bracciale con metallo dorato e perla barocca

Baroque pearls for Morellato

The Oriente collection by Morellato, baroque pearls at super affordable prices ♦ When the world was big and wide for the Westerners the East was mysterious. Now that the world […]

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