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Vo Vintage gennaio 2022. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Vo Vintage returns to Vicenza

Together with Vicenzaoro, vintage jewels and watches are back. The Vo Vintage event, first introduced in January 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic, takes place in parallel in […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti

Tabayer’s jewels, modern and fair

She recently got married to Justin Chen in Villa Balbiano, on Lake Como, with a fairytale ceremony. But Nigora Tokhtabayev, founder of the young jewelry brand Tabayer, lives and works […]

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Bracciale Raspberry in oro 14 carati, zaffiri, opale

Joie DiGiovanni’s joys

Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome and colitis. It doesn’t seem like a particularly pleasant picture. But the consequences of an old car accident were, paradoxically, the spring that pushed Joie […]

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Anello La Reine in platino, rubino, diamanti

All about ruby

Rubies are one of the most loved gemstones for centuries and are the gem of the month of July. But few know its true characteristics. Here is a quick guide […]

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Anello Phiro con ottone placcato oro 24 carati, perle di vetro, resina

The rounded world of Susana Vega

She was born in Venezuela but lives and works in Houston, Texas. If Susana Vega started creating jewelry, however, it is because she observed the work of her father, an […]

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Anello in oro bianco con opale e diamanti

Goshwara, drops of perfection

A drop of perfection in the jewelry of Goshwara, a bit of India in New York ♦ In ancient Persia and India, the word Goshwara indicated the perfect shape of the […]

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Orecchini della linea Precious Candy

The Candy by Opsobjects

Candy, but not to eat. Precious Candy is a line by Opsobjects inspired by sweet bon bon with bracelets, rings and earrings. They are made of polished steel, in two […]

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Anello con zaffiro rosa taglio cuscino e diamanti

The luxury of Caram

If you are fond of precious gems you must know Caram. It was founded by an Indian, Raj Kumar Jain in 1975, but in Idar-Oberstein in Germany. The company is […]

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Orecchini in argento con cubic zirconia gialli

Amen, there is the sun

If there is one thing that never fails in June, July and August, at least in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, it is the sun. Heat, brightness and longer […]

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Collana con nodo

How to get a knot out of your necklace

How to melt the knot of a chain without ruining the necklace. Here are three methods for dissolving a necklace ♦ ︎ Who did not accidentally tie a necklace? And, […]

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Amodea, anello in platino con diamanti, rubini e spinello viola

The great seven beauties of Cartier

The beauties of the world are many. To those notes, the 97 pieces of the new high jewelery collection signed by Cartier are now added. The collection is called, in […]

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Bracciale Ginko in ottone placcato oro e cristalli verdi

Lalique, the name still counts

Lalique collections are again ready for fans of one of the great names of the jewelery history  ♥ Death and resurrection. Or, if you like it more: a good revival. The […]

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Orecchini in oro con diamanti e zaffiri rosa

Naif poem with flowers

Naïf is a French word that is commonly used as a synonym for naïve, straightforward, primitive, while the art naïf art is a current born under the influence of American […]

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Bracciale Defayo in bronzo con turchese

The West in Lisa Eisner’s eyes

Cheyenne. New York. Paris. Los Angeles. Former Vogue editor. Fashion expert. Rodeo photographer. Book publisher with Greybull Press. And finally, jewelry designers. Lisa Eisner, who lives and works in the […]

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Collana con ciondoli, indossata

Many charms for PdPaola

For some time, the small pendants that enrich necklaces and bracelets have been a personal manifesto of one’s character, of the preferences of the moment or, simply, of one’s mood. […]

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Orecchini in oro 14 carati e corallo intagliato

Annette Ferdinandsen, a bit of Scandinavia in New York

With a great-grandfather model maker in Denmark, a craftsman grandfather and an environment where sculpture was at home, Annette Ferdinandsen grew up with a passion for creating objects with her […]

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Kendrick Lamar indossala corona di spine Tiffany a Glastonbury

The Passion according to Tiffany

Tiffany has always defined her jewels as small works of art. And this is often true of pieces created by famous designers, such as Elsa Peretti or Jean Schlumberger. But […]

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Anello e orecchini della collezione Vendôme indossati

Fope renews Vendôme

Fope renews the successful Vendôme collection. Here are the news ♦ ︎ Renew success without abandoning success. It seems the philosophy of Fope, Maison of Vicenza, which aims to establish […]

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Anello in opale andean intagliato, oro rosa e diamanti

The multiculture of Nana Fink

The new jewelry collection by Nana Fink, from Switzerland to Los Angeles, via London and Beirut ♦ ︎ From old Europe a stone’s throw from Hollywood, Los Angeles. But the […]

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Orecchini con tormaline  e granati demantoidi in vortici alluminio

Hemmerle, the frontier of high jewelery

Hemmerle’s jewels: the refined and inimitable inventions of the Munich jeweler ♦ In Germany it is an institution. In the United States a celebrity. In the world Hemmerle, founded in […]

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