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Bracciale di Maria De Toni

The winning bracelets of Première contest at Oroarezzo

Here are the winning bracelets of Première, a traditional competition that takes place as part of Oroarezzo, the Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated to Made in Italy and international jewelery […]

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Elena Tiberi, Jewelry Earrings

The Milan Jewelery Week program

The Milan Jewelery Week program with 150 designer-artists and the Artistar Jewels competition ♦ ︎ We must congratulate Prodes, a company that organizes events of different types and its founder, […]

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Anello di Inna Vlasikhina. Courtesy: Artistar

The run of the 500 with Artistar Jewels

In Milan he shows a colossal of 500 bijoux and jewels with Artistar Jewels ♦ ︎ Back Artistar Jewels, Milanese event that includes an exhibition and a competition dedicated to […]

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Collana Quarto Chakra di Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni wins at Couture

At Pasquale Bruni the Haute Couture prize in the Las Vegas contest with the extraordinary 4th Chakra necklace, with 4549 diamonds ♦ We save you the hard work of counting them […]

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Anello di Renata Manganelli

A contest of rings in Turin

In Turin there is a exhibition and a contest with 13 designers. The focus is the ring ♦ The jewel is posing. That is to say it wants to be observed. […]

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