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Utopia, collana di perle, dettaglio

Utopia in Aqua

Pearls are born from different shell families. But all shells have one thing in common: they live in water. The Aqua collection by Utopia is dedicated to the natural element […]

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Anello in oro giallo e onice

Carrera y Carrera Taoist

Carrera y Carrera uses the sign of the Tao for the Aqua collection. The Tao is the Way or the Path, and it is one of the main concepts of […]

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Anello Aqua

Talento Italiano, Aqua in Las Vegas

Among the patrol of Italian jewelers who moved to Las Vegas for the Jck Show there is also Talento Italiano. The Lombard brand based in Milan and Legnano presents stateside […]

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