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The jewelers that close in Russia

in news
Boutique De Beers a Mosca

The real drama is that of human lives lost in vain, of overwhelmed lives, of lives that will never be the same. But the war in Ukraine also causes a smaller, much smaller, but not irrelevant, drama related to jobs, in the West and in Russia, which will be lost to a stupid aggression. Both…

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In Akillis’s viewfinder

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello Capture Me in oro bianco e diamanti

The adrenaline-filled jewels of Caroline Gaspard, designer of Akillis. Also with the Capture collection ♦ In this turbulent periods of time, marked by painful and bloody episodes, a bullet is not really an object that you puts at ease. But Caroline Gaspard, who founded the French Akillis in 2007, continues to offer the Bang Bang…

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VicenzaOro Design Room, who will go and who will not

in Design/news
Noor Fares, anello Flower of Life, pietra luna, oro giallo, pietre di colore e diamanti

Who is there, who is not there and who you must discovered among the 11 designers invited to VicenzaOro January in the Design Room ♦ ︎ Aida Bergsen, Akillis, Fernando Jorge, Bia Tambelli, Alissa jewelry, BebPop, Kellyxia Fine Jewelry, Magerit, Noor Jewelry, Netali Nissim, Qayten, Federica Rettore. There are 11 invited creators in the The…

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Akillis, orecchini per Bond girls

in vetrina
akillis Orecchini Bang Bang. Prezzo: 8mila euro

Her creations have been seen as a breath of fresh air: in 2007 Caroline Gaspard, French transplanted in Russia, has founded Akillis. The brand, which recalls the English verb to kill, has become a reference point for those who like an aggressive design, unconventional. The world that inspired the designers, in fact, is that of…

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