Choker in oro con rubino, diamante, zaffiro blu, zaffiro giallo, smeraldo, corallo rosso, perla, occhio di gatto e hessonite
Choker in oro con rubino, diamante, zaffiro blu, zaffiro giallo, smeraldo, corallo rosso, perla, occhio di gatto e hessonite

Umrao, scent of ancient India

The ancient charm of India of Rajasthan in the traditional jewelry of the Maison Umrao in Jaipur ♦ ︎

The millennial history of India, ancient traditions, legends, rituals, spirituality, folklore, craftsmanship, love for luxury … Put all this in an ancient brass vase together with fragrant incense. The result is Umrao, jeweler of Jaipur, Rajasthan, flag bearer of the tradition of the great Asian country.

Choker tradizionale con diamanti taglio polki
Traditional choker on 24k gold with polki cut diamonds

Its jewels, in addition to a particularly rich and elaborate appearance, are anchored in the Hindu tradition. For example, with jewels that follow the principle of Navaratna: nine stones on a single piece, usually a necklace. Navaratna stones are ruby, diamond, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, red coral, pearl, cat’s eye and hessonite: they represent the energies of nine astrological planets. In fact, each stone is considered to be linked to a planet in its alignment and corresponds to a particular chakra. It is a sacred combination recommended in Vedic astrology to promote financial prosperity, professional growth and good health.

In short, if you love traditional India and follow astrological influences, chakras, etc., these jewels are just for you, if you can afford it. By the way: in addition to precious stones, almost always with antique cuts like polki diamonds (used during the Mughal empire), Umrao’s jewels are in pure 24 carat gold, an other traditional choice.

Umrao Jewels was founded Shri Umrao Mal Shah, and now that in Jaipur no geverna plus the maharaja, children and grandchildren continue his work. In addition to the traditional Indian style, the Maison loves to create art pieces in Edwardian, Byzantine, Maghul, art dé and art nouveau styles, often with a fusion of fascinating styles.

Girocollo con rari smeraldi russi color pastello, oro, diamanti
Choker with rare pastel-colored Russian emeralds, gold, diamonds 
Orecchini in oro 24 carati, rubini, diamanti
24 carat gold earrings, rubies, diamonds
Umrao, Navartna necklace
Umrao, Navartna necklace
Collana tradizionale in oro 24 carati, con diamanti a taglio piatto
Traditional necklace in 24k gold, with flat cut diamonds
Tradizionale collana Sath Lada nello stile del Deccan popolare durante il periodo del Nizam Of Hyderabad. Tradizionalmente composta da sette file di perle graduate per dimensioni, infilate su in oro, diamanti non tagliati e pietre preziose
Traditional Sath Lada necklace in the Deccan style popular during the time of the Nizam Of Hyderabad. Traditionally composed of seven rows of pearls graduated in size, strung on gold, uncut diamonds and precious stones

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