The new sculpture-jewels by Osi Vitoria

Osi Vitoria is a high jewelry brand founded in 2012 by Vitoria Wu in Hong Kong, but now also has showrooms in nearby Shenzhen and Dubai. The designer works with a personal style, but which is part of what we can now consider the Hong Kong school: jewelry that combines constant inspiration with the elements of nature transformed into a dreamlike atmosphere. The shape of flowers and leaves, for example, are often used as a starting point for imaginative large jewels, which recall the oriental pictorial tradition.

Collana Magnolia in titanio, oro giallo, spinelli, giada bianca, acquamarina. Copyright:
Magnolia necklace in titanium, yellow gold, spinels, white jade, aquamarine. Copyright:

It is the style, for example, of the Garden series, which is inspired by the delicate fragrance of flowers carried by a light breeze, which leads to happiness and a free spirit. To create her sculpture-jewels Osi Vitoria uses titanium: a light metal, which can be colored with an anodization process. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are placed next to natural neon pink spinels, one of the designer’s favorite gems.

Spilla Lily in oro bianco, smeraldi, spinelli, giada bianca. Copyright:
Lily brooch in white gold, emeralds, spinels, white jade. Copyright:

One of the latest creations is the series inspired by the Magnolia Flower: necklaces and earrings present the enchanting neon colors of the jewels through the skilful combination of various precious stone materials and the craftsmanship of titanium, combined with emeralds and aquamarine. The gradient color inlaid with spinel reflects refinement and exquisite workmanship. White jade inlays embellish the petals and leaves, recalling the scent of the flower.

Spilla Blue Deam Butterfly in titanio, spinelli, diamanti, zaffiri bianchi. Copyright:
Blue Deam Butterfly brooch in titanium, spinels, diamonds, white sapphires. Copyright:

The Giglio brooch is another artistic piece in titanium. The lily of the valley flowers are delicately carved into white jade, making the whole artistic jewelry three-dimensional and vivid. The leaves are made from three different materials: emerald, spinel and jadeite. The Anthurium brooch is another jewel-sculpture: it is inspired by the tropical flower that is often found grown in homes. It is meticulously crafted, with titanium and inlay of rose-cut spinel and diamonds.

Spilla Anthurium in titanio, spinelli, diamanti. Copyright:
Anthurium brooch in titanium, spinels, diamonds. Copyright:

Also new is the Blue Deam butterfly brooch: the wings are made of titanium, adorned with 60.82 carats of rose-cut blue and white sapphires, complemented by diamond embellishments that define the contours, creating an airy and noble aesthetic.

Vitoria Wu
Vitoria Wu. Copyright:

Alisia, creativity all in the family

Eco-sustainability and work all in the family. Alisia is a small jewelry company from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy) that offers silver rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces at very affordable prices. But without giving up creativity. It is a brand built all around Sara Zanon and Elia Pietrarelli, the founders of Alisia. Sara is the designer, the creative who conceives the collections, and she is also the mother of Elia, who instead takes care of the production of jewels.

Orecchini i argento dorato con morganite e perle di acqua dolce
Gold-plated silver earrings with morganite and freshwater pearls

But not only. The other two daughters of Sara Zanon, Jessica and Alice, also work in the company, contributing differently to the work. The jewels of the small Maison are in gilded silver, in some cases with the addition of small pearls and natural stones, such as spinel, amethyst or turquoise. Bracelets and necklaces made up of chains or wire have a lot of space, in the most classic tradition of the Venetian goldsmith industry, but there is no lack of pieces that recall a vaguely gypsy style.

Bracciale Margaret con morganite e perle di acqua dolce
Margaret bracelet with morganite and freshwater pearls
Orecchini Celine in argento e morganite
Celine earrings in silver and morganite
Anello in argento dorato
Golden silver ring
Anello con cubic zirconia viola
Ring with purple cubic zirconia

The charms of PdPaola

Charms, an English word that indicates the ability to fascinate, with a spell that only Harry Potter could dissolve. In the language of jewellery, charms are those that make bracelets and necklaces fascinating: small elements that add movement and personality to the jewel. With this idea PdPaola presents Charms, a collection of small pendants suitable for enriching thin gold-plated silver chains.

Collana ferma capelli
Hair clip necklace

The charms can be added in the desired number and offer many different symbols, each one can be linked to a story about the passions and interests of the person wearing them. Handmade in 18k gold-plated silver, with the addition of natural gems and white cubic zirconia, PdPaola charms represent letters of the alphabet, fun icons, zodiac symbols, lucky charms. Placed next to each other, the charms can tell a piece of history, add a message for those who look at them, or simply make your outfit more cheerful.
Collezione Charms di PdPaola
Charms collection by PdPaola

Simboli dello zodiaco
Zodiac symbols
Ciondolo in argento placcato oro
Gold plated silver pendant

Pearls for him with Mabina

Pearls for him too from Mabina. In the era of gender fluid and genderless fashion, even pearls are no longer a female exclusive. This is demonstrated by rappers and rock stars who wear bracelets and necklaces with small spheres on stage and off. The Mabina brand follows the trend with various pearl-based proposals dedicated to men, mounted on rhodium-plated 925 silver. Like the Unique collection, with necklace and bracelet that use a silver chain link and a white or black cultured pearl in the center.

Collezione Unique
Unique Collection

Another collection for him is Giovane Ribelle, in which the classic string of white cultured pearls is combined with studded cylinders in silver and black cubic zirconia. The version with black cultured pearls is interspersed with silver studs. Same style for the bracelets. Those who love contrasts can choose necklace and bracelet from the Sunset collection, with a white cultured pearl, turquoise spheres and silver elements with black zircons. A gray cultured pearl is set among black agate spheres and black zircons on rhodium-plated silver, a black cultured pearl is set among lapis balls and black zircons on rhodium-plated silver.
Collezione Sunset
Sunset Collection

Other alternatives: the Tropical collection includes a white pearl in the center of an adjustable cord, with silver cylinders and black cubic zirconia. The variations include a cord and blue cubic zirconia, or with a cord and green cubic zirconia with a gray pearl. Finally, there is the Shaker bracelet, half a silver chain and half a string of white cultured pearls, and the Monomania single earring, a small silver circle with a pendant pearl, flanked by the simple lobe single earring with a solitary or surrounded pearl. from black cubic zirconia (for the white pearl) or white (if the pearl is grey).
Collezione tropical
Tropical Collection

Collezione Shaker
Shaker Collection
Collezione Giovane Ribelle
Giovane Ribelle Collection

Roberto Coin at the UN to talk about sustainability

The voice of Italian jewelery at the United Nations: in New York Roberto Coin was a speaker at the third annual meeting of the Un Fashion and Lifestyle Network, an event jointly organized by the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the Fashion Impact Fund. The meeting, which brings together advisory board members, registered partnerships, industry stakeholders, leaders, media and UN representatives, is a key platform to showcase action and progress on sustainable development.

Roberto Coin davanti alla scultura di Arnaldo Pomodoro vicino alla sede dell'Onu
Roberto Coin in front of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s sculpture near the UN headquarters

The overall objective of the meetings is to increase the sector’s commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, supply chain ethics and corporate social responsibility, recognizing the profound influence of these sectors, in particular jewellery, on societies and the ‘environment. The objective is to identify and address the most important challenges of the sector, developing effective solutions for sustainable development. By placing emphasis on the mobilization of skills, innovation, technology and resources, the meeting aims to build a more just and equitable world.
Lavorazione di gioielli nella factory di Roberto Coin
Jewelery manufacturing in Roberto Coin’s factory

The Eden Rose sold for 13.3 million

It’s not the most expensive diamond of all time, but The Eden Rose, a 10.20-carat fancy deep pink diamond, was still purchased at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction for $13.3 million, or 1.3 million of dollars per carat. A price that exceeded the pre-sale estimate of between 9 and 12 million dollars. In short, a pink diamond always attracts the attention of enthusiasts and investors. The diamond in question takes its name from the symbol of unconditional love: The Eden Rose has a round brilliant cut, and is internally flawless. The diamond is set in an 18k white gold ring with 18k rose gold prongs and is surrounded by a halo of brilliant-cut and marquise-cut white diamonds weighing between 0.73 and 3.11 carats. According to Christie’s, the diamond is the most significant with this type of characteristic to be auctioned in more than a decade.

Collana con pendente in platino e diamanti, con un diamante fancy giallo intenso modificato a taglio brillante da 84,05 carati
Platinum diamond pendant necklace featuring an 84.05 carat brilliant-cut modified fancy yellow diamond

Aside from The Eden Rose, Christie’s New York auction totaled $44.4 million, with 90% of the 144 lots offered finding buyers. The lion’s share went to diamonds, which were the most requested of four of the first five lots. But the second highest selling lot after the pink diamond was a platinum and diamond pendant necklace with an 84.05-carat modified brilliant-cut fancy intense yellow diamond, purchased for $2.2 million.
anello in platino con incastonato un diamante blu vivido fantasia a forma di cuore da 2 carati circondato da aloni di diamanti gialli e bianchi
Platinum ring set with a 2-carat heart-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond surrounded by halos of yellow and white diamonds

A platinum ring set with a 2-carat fancy vivid blue heart-shaped diamond surrounded by halos of yellow and white diamonds sold for 2.1 million, in line with estimates, while coming in fourth place in value a set of three yellow diamonds, weighing 40.56 carats, 40.38 carats and 26.63 carats, sold for 1.7 million. Among the top five also a pair of pendant earrings with oval brilliant-cut I-color diamonds weighing 23.20 and 23.05 carats and set in platinum and 18-carat white gold, sold for 1.4 million dollars.

Orecchini pendenti con diamanti ovali a taglio brillante I color del peso di 23,20 e 23,05 carati
Dangle earrings with oval brilliant cut diamonds I color weighing 23.20 and 23.05 carats

Hit parade of Vhernier earrings

Waiting to inaugurate a new chapter in its history, Vhernier presents some of its successful earrings. As in the compilations of musicians with a long career behind them, who publish albums of greatest hits, the hits that have sold the most, the Italian brand that has just come under the umbrella of the Richemont group brings to light a series of earrings with an original design, which is the prerogative of the jewelry company. These are different earrings, but they share rose gold and a minimal, but at the same time sculptural, style.

Orecchini della collezione Verso in oro rosa
Earrings from the Verso collection in rose gold

An example are the rose gold earrings from the Verso collection, which embrace the lobes with an irregular circle, on a staggered plane. Or the Pirouette, earrings that focus on a soft and decisive convexity. The Vague earrings, on the other hand, have a decisive and original oblique cut. Jewels with a strong personality and which have another exclusive feature in the particular shade of rose gold created years ago by the Maison.
Orecchini della collezione Pirouette in oro rosa
Earrings from the Pirouette collection in rose gold

Orecchini della collezione Vague in oro rosa
Earrings from the Vague collection in rose gold

Piaget’s extra elegant high jewelry

To celebrate 150 years of luxury you need something extraordinary. And the Maison Piaget is used to surprising its admirers with collections of excellent quality. The anniversary of the Swiss brand is therefore linked to new exceptional pieces of high jewelery brought together under the name of Essence of Extraleganza. The collection, of 96 pieces, which summarizes the style and virtues of Piaget and the style of the Sixties and Seventies, presents creations that combine precious materials with even more precious workmanship, with a quality that few high jewelery brands can match. The pieces on offer, including jewel watches, are divided into three chapters: Extraleganza, Piaget Society and When mastery ignites artistry.

We decided not to reproduce the models of the past in an identical way, but to rework the boldness, originality and elegance that they already expressed in those times and which characterize the soul of the Maison.
Stéphanie Sivrière, creative director of Piaget jewelry and watches

 Swinging Sautoir
Swinging Sautoir

Extra elegance

The first chapter, Extra-elegance, arises from the contraction of the terms extravagance and elegance. That is, creativity combined with luxury, avant-garde and research into special materials. An example is the magnificent Swinging Sautoir in turquoise, malachite and yellow sapphire, which is a tribute to a model dating back to 1969 and which fits well with the year that celebrates the history of the Maison. It is a jewel that can be worn in three different ways. Strung on a hand-set gold chain studded with diamonds, the blue and green pearls end in a 6.11-carat aquamarine and a stunning 29.24-carat yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka. The sautoir pendant is a trapezoid-shaped timepiece in turquoise and diamonds, detachable and usable as a wristwatch thanks to the ingenious possibility of attaching it to a bracelet.

Pendente staccabile com segnatempo
Detachable pendant with timepiece

Creativity and pomp are the couple that characterize a spectacular set of carnelians, bassartine (gem not to be confused with vedortite), yellow sapphires and diamonds. A masterpiece of virtuosity, the necklace features a series of trapezoid-shaped carnelians in orange tones set in rose gold. The ornamental stones are combined with diamonds and mounted on an entirely handmade rose gold chain, illuminated by diamonds and yellow sapphires. The protagonist of the necklace is a 21.23-carat cushion-cut famartine. The set also includes a ring and a pair of matching earrings.

Collier con corniole, spessartine, zaffiri gialli e diamanti
Necklace with carnelian, famartine, yellow sapphires and diamonds

A transformable cuff bracelet in gold, pink sapphire and famartine concentrates all of Piaget’s creativity and savoir-faire. In addition to the influence of couture in the cut of the jewel, the taste for asymmetry is evident in the Milanese link in rose gold edged with corners with diamonds and topped by a bracelet made up of crosses in fancy gold. The metal is decorated with the famous Décor Palace engraving, created by Piaget in the early 1960s, in which a 4.42-carat pink Madagascar sapphire and a 6.40-carat famartine are set.

Bracciale manchette trasformabile in oro, zaffiro rosa e spessartina
Bracciale manchette trasformabile in oro, zaffiro rosa e spessartina

Another extra elegant piece, inspired by a model created in 1984, is the titanium scarf necklace, which appears to be made with a cloud of colorful silk. Sapphires, bassartine, tourmalines: there are 1,500 stones that compose it, mounted in settings of coordinated colours, positioned according to the chromatic intensity. The jewel, tangible and ethereal at the same time, is accompanied by a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings. The jeweler also created a two-tone version of the necklace, with blue sapphires and white diamonds.

Collana foulard in titanio, zaffiri, spessartine, tormaline, composta da 1.500 pietre
Scarf necklace in titanium, sapphires, Spessartines, tourmalines, made up of 1,500 stones

It took more than two years of research to find the extremely rare round emeralds, majestically set in the white gold necklace. The beauty of the jewel, which features over 30 carats of green gems, lies in the interweaving of the links, which creates a luminous play of materials and stones between round emeralds and baguettes, pavé of diamonds and gold with the Décor Palace engraving.
This model is accompanied by a stunning ring with a 5.72-carat Colombian emerald, set on a body inlaid with round and baguette diamonds. A second ring, two pairs of earrings and an ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch are also available.

Collana a V con zaffiro blu ovale di 13,05 carati del Madagascar, zaffiri, tormaline, acquamarina taglio marquise, opali, turchesi, diamanti e oro con incisione Décor Palace
V-necklace with 13.05 carat oval blue sapphire from Madagascar, sapphires, tourmalines, marquise-cut aquamarine, opals, turquoises, diamonds and gold with Décor Palace engraving

Another exquisite piece: a symphony of blue, unmistakably Piaget, is expressed through a V-shaped necklace richly adorned with gems. A 13.05-carat oval blue sapphire from Madagascar and a double row of marquise-cut sapphires, tourmalines and aquamarine are surrounded by a cascade of opals, turquoises, diamonds and gold engraved with Décor Palace. There is also a matching ear cuff. The set is completed by a ring which, like the other jewels that compose it, bears the refined Décor Palace engraving on the back.

Sautoir composto da oltre 1.300 cabochon di turchese incastonati nell’oro rosa
Sautoir composto da oltre 1.300 cabochon di turchese incastonati nell’oro rosa

Piaget Society

The second chapter of the collection is inspired by Piaget’s unique approach to jewellery. The theme is the colorful sets whose design and contrasting gems are a metaphor for the eventful life of the wearer. The futuristic elegance of a hand-twisted rose gold necklace is a direct reference to the Maison’s heritage. The unusual design of this model, characterized by a renewed Seventies spirit, follows the movements of the body, features solids and fillets in which circles and empty ovals follow one another, large opal plaques and stripes of snow-set diamonds. In the same vein are a double ring, a pair of earrings and a magnificent watch designed by the man who was nicknamed the “jeweler of time”.

Anello in oro rosa con zaffiro, tormalina, acquamarina, diamanti
Rose gold ring with sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine, diamonds

Like a fabulous lasso around the neck, a sautoir is made up of over 1,300 turquoise cabochons set in rose gold. The illusion of a string of blue gems, whose color is enhanced by six turquoise spheres, is absolute. The fluidity of this charismatic jewel is enhanced by two tassels in thin gold chains edged with turquoise beads. The sautoir is accompanied by a transformable cuff bracelet, whose gold and diamond fringes hide a turquoise dial, and a pair of earrings. The set recalls the Maison’s emblematic cocktail jewels and plays with material effects. Opaque and brilliant, the necklace features turquoise spheres of different sizes on a triumph of marquise-cut green tourmalines and diamond-studded lozenges. The highlight is a 16.83-carat pear-cut yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka, accompanied by a mesmerizing 26.55-carat green tourmaline mounted on an ebony ring dotted with diamonds and lagoon tourmalines. A statement cuff bracelet, also made of natural wood, is edged with turquoises and tourmalines and features a diamond straw that transforms into a brooch.

Bracciale in oro rosa ritorto con 26 zaffiri rosa e viola del peso di quasi 56 carati
Twisted rose gold bracelet with 26 pink and purple sapphires weighing almost 56 carats

When mastery ignites artistry

The third chapter of the collection gives gold precious textures and a new fluidity. An extraordinary bracelet features twisted gold, the underlying theme of this High Jewelery collection. The bracelet encloses a combination of 26 pink and purple sapphires weighing nearly 56 carats. The gold threads, which seem to float in the air and follow the shape of each gem, testify to the jeweler’s unparalleled savoir-faire in metalworking. Piaget also designed a ring with a purple sapphire and a pair of earrings with 18 color-coordinated sapphires.

Bracciale-orologio con 40 smeraldi colombiani con taglio baguette del peso di 26,11 carati e diamanti
Bracelet watch with 40 baguette-cut Colombian emeralds weighing 26.11 carats and diamonds

It was no mean feat to find the forty or so baguette-cut Colombian emeralds weighing 26.11 carats that adorn a timepiece bracelet. A unique watch which, in addition to emeralds, also features baguette-cut diamonds, some of which overflow onto the sides, giving the model unparalleled originality. Each element, articulated and underlined by a twisted yellow gold thread, is mounted on a different plane to accentuate the relief of the watch, with a green enamel dial. The model is accompanied by a boldly designed ring, in which diamonds emerge from the setting in front of a 2.53-carat emerald. The set also includes a magnificent solitaire with a 4.15-carat D pear-shaped diamond, whose line is updated by an inlay of baguette diamonds and twisted yellow gold threads. A pair of asymmetric earrings completes the ensemble.

Orecchini con diamanti e smeraldi
Earrings with diamonds and emeralds

The golden bamboos of Natori

Josie Cruz Natori, Filipina and founder of a small luxury empire: The Natori Company. The entrepreneur has crossed continents, traveled through different careers and overcome countless obstacles. In the end she has reached the finish line. Her brand, founded in America, has added jewelry to clothing and accessories. Josie Cruz Natori has won numerous awards for her business and has also served as Commissioner at the White House Small Business Conference in the past.

Pendente doppio in oro 14 carati con diamanti
Double pendant in 14k gold with diamonds

And to say she was a pianist: she performed with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of nine. Natori moved to the United States in 1964, where she studied economics and became a US citizen. After graduating, she worked in securities brokerage and the investment bank Bache & Co. At 21, she was already deputy director of the bank’s branch in the Philippines. Back in New York, she worked at Merrill Lynch, another investment bank, to become the first female vice president in corporate finance. On Wall Street, she also met her husband, Ken Natori, CEO of Shearson Lehman.

Orecchini a forma di bambù della collezione Indochine
Bamboo-shaped earrings from the Indochine collection

In 1977 she became an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. And it has never stopped. From clothing Natori has expanded to furniture, perfumes, lingerie, household linen. And jewelry. Like the collection inspired by the shape of the bamboo plant in 14-karat gold and diamonds, also sold by Moda Operandi. Exotic, but not too much.

Collezione Orient Express, anello in oro 14 carati e diamanti di laboratorio
Orient Express collection, 14 carat gold ring and laboratory diamonds

Anello in oro con diamanti
Gold ring with diamonds

Orecchini Sakura in oro 14 carati e diamanti
Sakura earrings in 14k gold and diamonds
Collana Sakura in oro 14 carati e diamanti
Sakura necklace in 14k gold and diamonds
Ciondolo Sakura in oro 14 carati e diamanti
Sakura pendant in 14k gold and diamonds

Akillis expands around the world

The French brand Akillis is expanding and is (also) aiming at Italy. The Maison’s jewels are already present in Rome, Florence, Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Udine, but by the end of 2024 they will also be on sale in Milan and Southern Italy. Not only that: by 2026 Akillis foresees the consolidation of some markets, such as Switzerland and Belgium, the development in Spain, the entry into Germany, the opening of a second single-brand store in Paris and a boutique in France, the achievement of a hundreds of sales points worldwide with a focus on Asia and the United States.

Bracciale Puzzle in oro bianco e diamanti bianchi e neri. Copyright:
Puzzle bracelet in white gold and white and black diamonds. Copyright:

Italy could not be missing from our expansion project. Home of fashion, artisanal luxury and style icons, it is one of the most demanding markets in terms of design and quality and therefore among the most interesting for a type of jewelery like ours: courageous, at times disruptive and above all with a high genderless percentage.
Caroline Gaspard, founder and designer Akillis Paris

Caroline Gaspard
Caroline Gaspard

Akillis is now found in over 15 countries with exclusive omnichannel distribution. There are 70 points of sale (single-brand, shop-in-shop and corner) divided between Europe (Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, UK, Greece, the Principality of Monaco, Portugal) where only in France, primary market with 50% of sales there are 25, the Americas (United States, Puerto Rico, Caribbean), the Middle-East (Dubai, Bahrain, Lebanon, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) up to arrive in Africa with Morocco and in Asia with Hong Kong and South Korea.

Collezione Capture Me
Capture Me collection

Akillis, born in 2007, immediately presented herself with a rock and disruptive idea of ​​jewelry, as with the first collections inspired by the shape of bullets. Akillis uses exclusively gold and titanium as bases for the jewels which are then embellished with diamonds (VSI/VSII) and colored gems that come from different regions of the world, such as Brazil and Mozambique. The gems are chosen by the founder, while the jewelery is made in laboratories mainly in France and in some European countries. All Akillis collections are characterized by a strong symbolism. The rings, a symbol of love, can be transformed into traps in the Capture Me collection, or become projectiles in the Bang Bang collection.

Pendente a forma di zebra in oro bianco e diamanti. Copyright:
Pendente Animal Tattoo a forma di zebra in oro bianco e diamanti. Copyright:

The Boules color Nanis’ jewels

The small gold spheres, slightly elongated and scratched with the ribbed burin, the boules, are one of the characteristics of Nanis. Laura Bicego’s Maison now offers the new Boules collection which elaborates the concept, but with the addition of the delicate nuances of semi-precious stones, accompanied by diamonds. The stones are the result of a delicate conjunction of different gems, united to create new shades. How to call them? Nanis had the idea of ​​naming the composite gems with the names of traditional Italian drinks: Rosolio, Lattementa, Violetta, Anice.

Anelli della collezione Boules
Rings from the Boules collection

Rosolio, for example, is pink in color and is composed of a triplet of rock crystal, strawberry quartz and mother of pearl. Lattementa, green, is the result of the superposition of rock crystal and jadeite. Violetta, obviously purple, has rock crystal, lepidolite and mother-of-pearl at its base, while Anise, light blue, has rock crystal and amazonite. 18-karat gold and stones are used to make charms, to be combined with Boules chains or the Essentials necklaces (Soffio, Ivy, Libera), or as rings, and with Ciliegine earrings.

Collana con Boules
Necklace with Boules
Collana in oro 18 carati e Boules
18k gold necklace and Boules
Girocollo con Boules
Choker with Boules
Orecchini Lattementa
Lattementa earrings

The rainbow according to Brosway

Brosway offers the Fancy  Rainbow collection, inspired by the myth of the multicolored bow that rarely appears in the sky. The rainbow has already inspired literature and poetry. The first literary mention of a rainbow is found in the Bible, Book of Genesis, chapter 9, as part of the story of Noah’s flood. In the text the rainbow is a sign of God’s pact to never again destroy all life on Earth with a new universal flood. But the multicolored atmospheric arch is also present in Norse mythology, where the Bifröst rainbow bridge connects the world of men (Midgard) and the realm of the gods (Asgard). In the following centuries the rainbow remained an increasingly present literary, as well as atmospheric, myth.

Anello in argento rodiato e cubic zirconia multicolore
Ring in rhodium-plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia

The Rainbow collection interprets the myth with jewels in rhodium-plated 925‰ silver, associated with multicolored cubic zirconia. The crystals have a rectangular shape, what in the language of jewelers is called emerald cut, and are offered in eight different shades that follow one another like a series of rainbows.

Bracciale FANCY in argento rodiato 925‰ rodiato e cubic zirconia multicolore
Bracelet in rhodium-plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia
collana Collana FANCY in argento rodiato 925‰ rodiato e cubic zirconia multicolore
Necklace in rhodium-plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia
recchino FANCY in argento rodiato 925‰ rodiato e cubic zirconia multicolore
Earring in rhodium-plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia

Ribas’ piercings

For years, piercing has become part of the world of jewellery, as demonstrated by the Ribas brand. The small metal studs, which were originally a transgressive ornament, have evolved into precious jewels, without losing their characteristic. Although the piercing became a symbol of the punk culture of the 1970s and 1980s, it actually has older roots and is still used as a distinctive sign in tribal areas. As well as in the metropolitan tribes of today’s big cities, obviously. Fashion, as well as jewelry, uses studs in different ways to make outfits even more customizable. The Ribas Jewelery proposal for the Piercing line, one of the most requested categories, includes various types and models.

Bracciali e collane tennis indossate con orecchini e piercing
Tennis bracelets and necklaces worn with earrings and piercings

From Barbells in yellow and white gold, i.e. the classic bar with two locking balls, to the more elaborate and covered with diamonds, from the more romantic in the shape of a flower or butterfly, to the more rock in the shape of a lightning bolt. Each model is available in three versions, gold, white gold and rose gold. The guarantee of the quality of the precious stones, certified by the Israeli Diamond Exchange of which Ribas Jewelery is a member, combines with the attention to detail and the young and captivating design to create unique and highly appealing jewels.
Combinazioni di piercing by Ribas
Piercing combinations by Ribas

Orecchino pendente e piercing in oro bianco e diamanti
Pendant and piercing earring in white gold and diamonds
Piercing by Ribas
Piercing by Ribas

Sprint in Asia for Gismondi 1754

The Las Vegas Couture was a positive experience for Gismondi 1754. The Italian brand won the Couture Design Award in the Best in Diamonds over $40k category but, in addition, it collected orders for 500,000 dollars from wholesale customers in different US states (200,000 from the Caribbean islands, another 200,000 from Canada and 100,000 from the USA). Additionally, it signed a 10-year distribution and sales agreement with Ippo Group of Hong Kong, for the South Pacific region, with an initial order of $992,000, for a total of $1.49 million. The Asian company specializes in the distribution and sale of luxury products, mainly Italian, in the South Pacific area. The agreement provides for the opening by 2024 of a shop in shop in a new multi-storey department store in Ginza, the luxury district of Tokyo, as well as openings in Macao and Cambodia. In the USA, however, the Genoa-based company (part of the Gismondi group together with Vendorafa) already has corners in Neiman Marcus and Saks, and a network of independent multi-brand stores.

Gismondi 175, Vita necklace. Copyright:
Gismondi 175, Vita necklace. Copyright:

I am enthusiastic about how this second quarter is giving encouraging signs despite a year of crisis in the sector, I am referring to the appreciation of the sector operators in Las Vegas and the orders that have arisen from it, but above all I am referring to the distribution contract signed with the Ippo Group; our entry into the South Pacific area, which I believe offers a huge market for our jewels, we do so by entering through the main door, in Ginza, in a prestigious building where we will have a shop in shop that will cover an entire floor, in one of the most prestigious luxury streets in the world, with a solid partner who immediately inspired us with a common purpose and vision. I look to the future with confidence.
Massimo Gismondi, CEO of Gismondi 1754

Massimo Gismondi. Copyright:
Massimo Gismondi. Copyright:

The flowers of Ivan Barbato

Ivan Barbato is a craftsman of the Italian goldsmith tradition who has his creative laboratory in Cardano al Campo in the province of Varese. And the hills surrounding that area of ​​Italy are covered with flowering meadows in spring. An inspiration within reach for Barbato, who produced individual pieces inspired by the delicate shape of the flower. Corals, shells and turquoises are shaped, carved and adapted to the shape of the flowers, with patient chisel work. An example is the jewel called The Roses of the Heart: an engraved turquoise gem, which becomes a pendant with a rotating counter-link in yellow and white gold. On one side the flower is a calla, on the other a lily (1,970 euros).

Anello Armonia Floreale
Floral Harmony Ring

Floral Harmony, on the other hand, is a ring in white gold with curvilinear shapes that bloom into a rose made with coral of the angel skin variety (2,600 euros). The Love Nectar ring and pendant are made of white gold and diamond. They are handcrafted with the fretwork technique. There are very few goldsmiths capable of carrying out this technique, once typical of the Florentine tradition. The jewel can be personalized with an engraved writing (ring 2,950 euros, pendant 3,000 euros). Another pendant, Mother Nature, is a carved sardonic shell flower from which the yellow gold body of an Art Nouveau sea mermaid emerges (3,210 euros).
Ciondolo Nettare d'amore in oro bianco a nido d'ape, diamante
Love Nectar pendant in white gold honeycomb, diamond

The Shell Flower pendant is made with a Cassis Rufa, known as a cameo shell, modeled through burin engraving and partly wrapped in a yellow gold structure. The style is Liberty. A drop-shaped freshwater pearl (2,600 euros) is attached to the pendant. Another pendant, Fiore d’amore, is made with yellow gold and red coral hand-engraved in the shape of a rose (1,520 euros). Finally, Spring Pinwheel is a pendant in white gold and coral also in the shape of a rose. The gold part reproduces the veins of a vegetable bark that surrounds the flower (3,190 euros).
Ciondolo Madre Natura
Mother Nature Pendant

Ciondolo Fiore di conchiglia
Shell flower pendant
ciondolo fiore d'amore
Love flower pendant

The Zen Renaissance by Aso Leon

He is called the prince of titanium: Aso Leon is a jewelry artist who has been one of the protagonists of jewelry in China for almost 30 years. And, above all, he has become a virtuoso in the use of titanium, a light, resistant metal, but also very difficult to work with. However, the new Zen Renaissence jewelery collection, presented at GemGèneve, shows what the designer who works in the Panyu District, in Guangzhou, is capable of creating. The titanium leaf-shaped pins are incredibly realistic and, at the same time, offer excellent artistic workmanship. Titanium is colored with the electrolysis method, but also with the use of lacquer processed according to the ancient Chinese tradition. Colored gems and diamonds are set on the metal.

Spilla della collezione Zen Renaissance in titanio, lacca, diamanti, zaffiri, acquamarina. Copyright:
Brooch from the Zen Renaissance collection in titanium, lacquer, diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine. Copyright:

Aso Leon first came into contact with jewelry in 1995. Design inspired by nature is the underlying theme of his work. He started using titanium in 2005 and applied it to fine jewelry. Since then he has been called Prince of Titanium. His ability to create unique jewels with this metal has made him known globally. Furthermore, in addition to its activity as a designer of fine jewellery, Aso Leon also deals with OEM production of jewellery.

Spilla della collezione Zen Renaissance in titanio, lacca, diamanti, zaffiri, acquamarina. Copyright:
Brooch from the Zen Renaissance collection in titanium, lacquer, diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine. Copyright:
Spilla a forma di frutti del litchi in titanio, lacca, tsavoriti, diamanti. Copyright:
Brooch in the shape of litchi fruits in titanium, lacquer, tsavorites, diamonds. Copyright:
Spilla della collezione Zen Renaissance in titanio colorato, lacca, diamanti, zaffiri, acquamarina. Copyright:
Brooch from the Zen Renaissance collection in colored titanium, lacquer, diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine. Copyright:
Spilla della collezione Zen Renaissance in titanio, lacca, diamanti fancy, acquamarina. Copyright:
Brooch from the Zen Renaissance collection in titanium, lacquer, fancy diamonds, aquamarine. Copyright:
Aso Leon. Copyright:
Aso Leon. Copyright:

New Messika jewels with charity

The Parisian Maison Messika launches a new philanthropic campaign: Messika Care(s) co-created with the Valérie Messika Foundation. The collection, composed of 12 new pieces, Maison Messika provides its support to the NGO Plan International, a project that aims to guarantee training and equal access to work for young people in India. The collection, launched in 2022, was a great success and Messika now wanted to expand its offering with the new pieces.

Bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti, cordino
Rose gold bracelet, diamonds, cord

With the launch of the Valérie Messika Foundation, I wanted to further engage and take action. Education is a key factor in education and community building. A new world in which young people can imagine their future more serenely and without limits.
Valerie Messika

Messika Care(s) is available in four new color combinations: beige and yellow gold, khaki and white gold, cream and rose gold and black and white gold. Wearable bracelets and necklaces, which reinterpret the Baby Move and Move Uno patterns in a sober but elegant way. The new pieces are now available on the Messika website and in boutiques.

Pendente per collana in oro bianco e diamanti
Necklace pendant in white gold and diamonds

Bracciali indossati
Bracelets worn
Collezione Messika Cares
Messika Cares Collection

Flow collection earrings and necklaces by Breil

The bijoux brand Breil offers the new mini collection (four pieces) Flow. Like the other lines of the Milanese brand, it has a minimal design, with an irregular cylindrical section. Breil’s Flow necklaces are presented in two versions. The 70 centimeter long necklace has a T-bar closure: it is in polished steel (price 45 euros) or polished steel with IP gold finish (55 euros). It can be worn as a thin tie or worn longer. There is also the necklace (adjustable from 39 to 45 centimetres) with a central element in steel (39) or IP gold steel (49).

Collana in acciaio finitura Ip gold
Ip gold finish steel necklace

The earrings interpret the design of the Flow collection in two versions. A model with a geometric design, with a cylindrical section with a U-shaped folded shape, which creates a triangular shape in the steel version (45) and IP gold steel (49). Or an earring characterized by a pendant chain and a 6.6 centimeter long element hanging from the lobe in steel (35) and IP gold steel (39).
Collana a cravatta
Tie necklace

Orecchini in acciaio
Steel earrings

The winners of the Couture Design Awards 2024

It is the most anticipated competition of the year: the Couture Design Awards awards prizes that are a medal (and good publicity) for jewelry brands. There are many prizes: there are 20 categories in the competition and for each there is a winner, but also a mention for second and third place, as in athletics competitions. The winners are determined by a jury of five experts (two retailers, two journalists and a designer). This year’s judges were Alexandra Lippin of Elyse Walker; Amy Lane of Bergdorf Goodman; Archana Thani, jewelery curator and journalist; Tracey Ellison of The Diamond Girl and Italian designer Marco Bicego. Here are the 2024 winners

Best in Gold
The winner was the Parisian brand Rainbow K. In second place was Pamela Zamore and in third place was the Hargreaves Stockholm brand.

Rainbow K, The Golden Waterfall
Rainbow K, The Golden Waterfall

Best in Bridal
In first place Design Atelier by Vanessa Fernandez Studio. The second place finalist was Gumuchian and third place went to Jade Trau.
Vanessa Fernandez Studio
Vanessa Fernandez Studio

Best in Colored Gemstones Below $40,000 Retail
Maison Renna ranked first, while Ananya came in second place, and Alexander Laut came in third place.
Collier by Renna

Best in Colored Gemstones Above $40,000 Retail
The winner of the award was Tabayer. In second place was BP de Silva jewellery, in third place was Chantecler Capri.
Bracciale by Tabayer

Best in Haute Couture
The Turkish designer, six-time winner of the Couture Design Award, Sevan Bicakci, was awarded. Cicada is the second place finalist and Francesca Villa was the third place finalist.
Collana di Sevan Bicakci
Sevan Bicakci

Best in Diamonds Below $40,000 Retail
Ondyn was the winner of the category, with Roberto Demeglio in second place and Studio Renn in third.
Bracciale di Ondyn

Best in Diamonds Above $40,000 Retail
In first place Gismondi 1754 with the Fenice necklace. In second place another Italian, Busatti 1947, while the third place finalist was the Lebanese brand Yeprem.
Al centro della collana c'è un un diamante bianco pear shaped D Color da 5,05 carati
Gismondi 1754

Best in Platinum
Eva Fehren of New York rose to first place. Second place finalist Jade Ruzzo, third place Walters Faith.
Eva Fehren
Eva Fehren

Best in Pearls
The Italian Australian brand Autore Pearls was the winner of the category. Arunashi came in second place, with Leigh Maxwell Jewelry on the third step of the podium.
Autore Pearls
Autore Pearls

Best in Innovative
The American brand Sorellina won with a pendant in 18k yellow gold, diamonds and white sapphires. Brazilian Silvia Furmanovich in second place and ST Dupont in third place.

Best in Below $10,000 Retail
Ashaha took the podium, with second and third place finalists L’Atelier Nawbar and Capolavoro.

Best in Debuting
Italy’s Francesca Villa won, with Roberto Demeglio a finalist in second place and Joywith Jewelry in third.
Francesca Villa
Francesca Villa

Best in Editor’s Choice
Silvia Furmanovich received the greatest acclaim. In second place Luvor and in third place Rouvenat.
Silvia Furmanovich
Silvia Furmanovich

Best in People’s Choice
The mask, a jewel by Richard Wu, won the prize, with Chantecler Capri in second and Rosmundo in third place.
Richard Wu
Richard Wu

Fenice necklace by Gismondi 1754 wins at Couture in Las Vegas

Gismondi 1754 does an encore and wins again at the Couture in Las Vegas. Thanks to the Phoenix necklace, an exceptional production of high jewelery inspired by the creature linked to Egyptian and Greek mythology, a jewel with over 100 carats of diamonds and with a geometry reminiscent of the leaves of Latimer palms. The award was received by the CEO and creative director, Massimo Gismondi, in the Best in diamonds above $40K section. To create the Fenice necklace it took over 500 hours with a team of master jewelers who gave life to the precious Made in Italy necklace, hand-set with over 100 carats of diamonds in the Genoa atelier.

“I am truly honored to be recognized for this exceptional creation which was a work of passion and determination. It represents the possibilities of interpreting the future in a complex and unique multi-dimension of form with its movements”
Massimo Gismondi, Creative Director and CEO of Gismondi 1754

Massimo Gismondi
Massimo Gismondi. Copyright:

Massimo Gismondi built the necklace around an exceptional stone, a 5.05 carat white pear shaped D Color diamond. Two strands of diamonds, round and pear shaped, secure the necklace and the same number from the central stone along the décolleté, representing both the feathers and the leaves of the palm tree. Deliberately disordered, there are 38 feathers and branches, positioned at different lengths and directions. The jewel measures over 15 centimeters and is set with over 64 carats of pear shaped diamonds and 31 carats of round diamonds.

Massimo Gismondi was fascinated by the Latimer palm leaves during a family holiday in St. Barths. The leaves represented to the designer the images of the Phoenix with its mythological descriptions and incredible plumage. Before the resplendent rising, according to mythology, each Phoenix chooses a beautiful and secluded place where she weaves her nest preparing for the cycle of death and resurrection.

Al centro della collana c'è un un diamante bianco pear shaped D Color da 5,05 carati
In the center of the necklace it is a white diamond pear shaped D Color of 5.05 carati
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