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Orecchini della collezione Rose de Noël di Van Cleef & Arpels

The jewels dedicated to Christmas

The jewels dedicated to Christmas: to wear every year for at least ten days There are jewels that can only be worn at Christmas, immediately before or immediately after. Of […]

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Perle per uomo

Pearl necklaces for men by Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto

“Darling, will you pass my pearl necklace?” It’s not a habitual question that a man asks to woman, but now Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto think it’s time for a […]

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Mikimoto’s Jardin Mystérieux

Mikimoto’s Jardin Mystérieux

The Jardin Mystérieux high jewelry collection of Mikimoto, pearls, rhodium-plated gold and precious stones ♦ ︎ In Tokyo they tell that the founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, dedicated his life to pearls. […]

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Anello in oro bianco con perla di conchiglia rosa, diamanti e zaffiri rosa

The precious Mikimoto’s bows

Mikimoto’s new high jewelery collection: Jeux de Rubans ♦ ︎ Mikimoto took advantage of the Paris haute couture week in July to present a large collection of high jewelery. It […]

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Collana con acquamarine, perle, zaffiro e diamanti

The nature of Mikimoto

Nature is queen in the high jewelery collection of the Japanese Mikimoto ♦ ︎ Mikimoto is the best known name of the Japanese high jewelry. La Maison specializes in pearls […]

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Spilla di Mikimoto in oro 18 carati, perla e diamanti

Mikimoto, Japanese snow

The snow seen from Japan in a new collection by Mikimoto ♦ The snow in Japan is as light as the one that falls in the United States or in […]

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Collana Praise to Nature: oro bianco 18K, perla coltivata in mare, perla Akoya, acquamarina, berillo, zaffiro, diamanti

Praise to the nature of Mikimoto

Nature and sea, here is the high jewelery of Mikimoto ♦ ︎ Praise to Nature: this is the name of the new jewelery necklace of Mikimoto. Great name of Japanese […]

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Sybarite, anello Liberty. In oro bianco, diamanti, onice, perla centrale

Pearls that surprise

The pearls not everytime are used with traditional jewelery, such as the classic one or two-strand necklace. Here are some pearl jewelry that are amazing ♦ Pearls that break the […]

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Collana di perle di Mikimoto

Mikimoto to leaf through

The Mikimoto pearl necklaces depicted in a large illustrated book: for those who like the jewels of the ancient Japanese Maison. You say Mikimoto and you say pearls. Yeah, and […]

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Spilla o ciondolo Splash, con perle, diamanti, oro bianco

Mikimoto did splash

Splash, a interchangeable Mikimoto brooch, presented in Paris. The king of the pearls, Mikimoto, did Splash in Paris. It is called this, in fact, an interchangeable jewel, which can be […]

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Collana in oro bianco, perle dorate e diamanti

Mikimoto with chocolate

Kokichi Mikimoto was called “the King of pearls”: since 1983 the Japanese origin jewelery brand offers each year its jewels made with the precious spheres daughters of the sea. But […]

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Collana di perle dei Mari del Sud, oro, diamanti

Preview: the Golden pearls of Mikimoto

In Baselworld 2016 Mikimoto is a regular guest. The Japanese king of pearls, since 1996 has never missed an edition of the largest Swiss trade fair for watches and jewelery. And […]

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Collana con perle che sfumano in tre nuance della collezione Hero

Mikimoto, the zen necklaces

View at Baselworld also a delicate necklace Mikimoto. For the uninitiated is one of the biggest names in Japanese jewelry: the Tokyo house has 122 years. Always the House of […]

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Serpenti, Bulgari

5 gioielli da 1 milione

Che fareste con 1 milione di dollari in tasca? Le idee non mancano, d’accordo. Ma una ve la suggeriamo noi: investirli in un gioiello meraviglioso e, soprattutto, capace di rivalutarsi […]

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