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Anello con zaffiro incastonato in calcedonio

Few and incredible: the jewels of Saboo

Strepitosi, refined, complicated: the exclusive jewels (40 per year) of Saboo Fine Jewels ♦ ︎ In India, the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, is also the capital of jewelry for […]

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The Light of Africa Diamond

A 103-carat diamond for sale in New York

Another diamond for collectors is ready to challenge the Magnificent Jewels auction in New York, on June 8, as part of Christie’s Luxury Week. The diamond, like all special gems, […]

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Collana in oro giallo e diamanti della linea Champagne Bubbles

The second life of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry

Working for 40 years in the world of finance, between mergers and acquisitions, can be exciting. But in the end she gets tired. Thus, after having worked in several companies […]

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Il De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

Sotheby’s sells the third most expensive diamond ever: 57.5 million

The 3 most expensive grams in the world: in Hong Kong the De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond was sold for just under 57.5 million dollars. The diamond weighs 15.10 carats, […]

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Collana in oro rosa e diamanti

Entice, teacher of luxury

Necklaces and earrings royals: the new diamonds by Entice shine even more. Since 2004 Entice has become the brand of Indian family Kothari, from Jaipur, who with KGK Group has […]

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The naked diamond of La Brune & La Blonde

The naked diamond of La Brune & La Blonde

It is not enough to propose interesting jewels, to be successful you also need to be nice. And a jewelry brand called La Brune & La Blonde immediately evokes two […]

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The Rock, diamante a forma di pera da 228,31 carati

The Rock, the record diamond auctioned by Christie’s

The one referred to as The Rock announces itself as one of the most precious diamonds put up for auction. Christie’s will put it on sale in Geneva on 11 […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti della collezione Cubini

Hulchi Belluni, new jewels, diamonds and Feng Shui

The new jewels by Hulchi Belluni: born in Belgium, they are produced in Italy, but they also have a hint of the Orient ♦ Martine Hul is a diamond pavé […]

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The De Beers Cullinan Blue ha una stima di 48 milioni di dollari

Sotheby’s presents a record-breaking blue diamond

It’s record time for diamonds. This time in the most precious competition in the world, Sotheby’s came first, presenting The De Beers Cullinan Blue, the name of an extraordinary natural […]

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Orecchini con agata del Botswana, oro, diamanti

On the Moon with Jaqueline Cullen

The Moon and the planets interpreted in Jaqueline Cullen’s jewels ♦ ︎ Art does not like middle ways. And not even designers like Jaqueline Cullen lull themselves into compromise. On […]

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Anello con diamante di 11,46 carati

Diamonds protagonists of the first online auction of 2022

2022 opens with a success for the world of jewelry auctions. The first jewelry auction organized in New York by Christie in 2022, an online sale lasting 17 days (January […]

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Anello a tre bande in oro giallo e diamanti

Sara Weinstock, California dreaming

The California sun, the yellow of gold, the white of diamonds like the foam on the edge of the waves. These are the three elements that accompany Sara Weinstock, a […]

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Anello in oro bianco e diamanti Atomique

The alchemy of light by De Beers

As a reflection of light penetrates a stone and is reflected outside with a glow, it is almost magic. And a spell needs a wizard. Or an alchemist. In the […]

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Collana con diamanti di laboratorio in vendita a 100.000 dollari

This synthetic diamond necklace from Brilliant Earth costs $ 100,000

Question: Would you buy a synthetic diamond necklace that costs $ 100,000? Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco-based brand that has been offering ethically and sustainably sourced jewelry since 2005, believes […]

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Anello con montatura Floeting Diamond

Brighter jewels with the Floeting Diamond

Even an ancient and seemingly eternal technique can be innovated. The setting of a diamond on a ring seemed, until yesterday, something without too many possibilities to change. The most […]

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Orecchini Fleur de Lis in oro bianco e diamanti

Noa’s brilliant jewels

The ultra classics, ultra precious, ultra bright jewelry by Frieda Kaplan Gross and her brand Noa ♦ Frieda Kaplan Gross: keep in mind this name if you go to London […]

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Diamanti sintetici

Laboratory diamonds will double in three years

Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics is the name of an independent data analytics and consulting firm specializing in the global diamond industry and its foundations. The gha founded Paul Zimnisky, an […]

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Anello Wave in oro rosa e diamanti di laboratorio

The waves of Lark & ​​Berry

Lark & ​​Berry points out that it was the first jewelry brand to offer only lab-created diamonds. And, of course, he hasn’t changed his mind over the years. Now that […]

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Bracciale con diamanti e tanzanite indossato

Skin is friendly with Yeprem’s diamonds

The luxury of a bracelet with diamonds and precious stones, combined with the enveloping comfort of a leather strap, with the traditional clasp used for watches. Yeprem has decided to […]

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Controllo del reattore al plasma CVD che produce diamanti ​​in laboratorio

Laboratory diamonds unknown to young people

While sales of lab-grown, ie synthetic, diamonds are on the rise, the concept of artificial stones may not be clear among buyers. Especially if the diamonds created by machines are […]

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