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Cavigliera in acciaio, pvd oro rosa, cristalli Swarovski,rodonite, agata del Bortswana

The Brosway Chakra anklets

Brosway launches the anklets for the Chakra collection in metal, Swarovski crystals and natural stones ♦ ︎ If you are not familiar with Hinduism, know that chakra is a word […]

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The new dreams of Noor Fares

The new dreams of Noor Fares

The new jewels by Noor Fares, awarded at the Couture Design Awards 2019 ♦ ︎ The year 2019 must have a particular astral ascendant for Noor Fares, a Lebanese designer […]

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Choker in oro con rubino, diamante, zaffiro blu, zaffiro giallo, smeraldo, corallo rosso, perla, occhio di gatto e hessonite

Umrao, scent of ancient India

The ancient charm of India of Rajasthan in the traditional jewelry of the Maison Umrao in Jaipur ♦ ︎ The millennial history of India, ancient traditions, legends, rituals, spirituality, folklore, […]

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TinyOm, bracciali con le sette pietre chakra

TinyOm, a mantra with stones

By TinyOm, the Stones line of jewelry: seven like the chakras of the Indian tradition ♦ ︎ Since you have already spelled your morning mantra, have do the usual sun […]

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Bracciale e anello Amore 4 Chakra, oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi

Pasquale Bruni and the chakra of love

Love and chakra: the concept translates into a collection signed by Pasquale Bruni ♦ ︎ Fascinated by Indian traditions, culture and philosophy, designer Eugenia Bruni uses the metaphor of the […]

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Noor Fares, orecchini a spirale con granati

The spirals of Noor Fares

The spiritual spirals by Noor Fares in the Navratna collection ♦ ︎ There are those who are content to design jewelry. There are those who are content to wear jewelry. […]

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Thomas Sabo, collane della collezione Mini Chakra

Yoga lesson with Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo, the Mini Chakra collection for a winter of Indian flavor ♦ ︎ An exotic Christmas? There is no need to book a cruise or even go to the […]

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Il collier 4 Chakra

Dream Pasquale Bruni

By Pasquale Bruni a set consisting of necklace with diamonds 4549 and earrings: 4th Chakra. In Indian religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga, the chakras are areas of the body where […]

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Bracciali Chakra

Doing yoga with TinyOm

The Chakra is a concept born in India, among yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Originates in the tantric traditions, Hinduism is both in Buddhism. It is commonly regarded as a vital […]

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