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Bracciali tennis della collezione Face Cube

New Face Cube tennis bracelets by Recarlo

Black diamonds in contrast with the white ones. And band rings that hide invisible micro springs inside them, which allow the jewel to widen by approximately three sizes, with the […]

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Anello in oro giallo con perla barocca e diamanti

Pearls and design with Mizuki

The delicate and refined pearls by the Japanese-American designer Mizuki Goltz ♦ The cult of pearls has arrived in the West from the East. In particular, from Japan, where over […]

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Anello della collezione Face Cube in oro bianco e diamanti bianchi e neri

The Face Cube collection by Recarlo, with rings that expand until three sizes

One of the novelties of Recarlo, Maison specializing in classic jewelery, particularly white gold and diamonds, is called Face Cube. But, in addition to a design specifically designed for a […]

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Girocollo in argento galvanica oro rosa con cubic zirconia neri e quarzo bianco idrotermale

For news please call 6229

Bijoux design and moderate prices in the catalog of 6229 Jewels, a small Milanese brand founded by Giusy Liguori ♦ Giusy Liguori, founder and designer of the newborn brand 6229 […]

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Anello Half Moon in oro bianco e pietra luna

Power to the geometry with Kova

The strong, geometric and unusual lines of Kova’s jewels, inspired by the artistic current of Russian Suprematism ♦ Inspired by the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich: Katie Kova is a young […]

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Choker in oro con rubino, diamante, zaffiro blu, zaffiro giallo, smeraldo, corallo rosso, perla, occhio di gatto e hessonite

Umrao, scent of ancient India

The ancient charm of India of Rajasthan in the traditional jewelry of the Maison Umrao in Jaipur ♦ ︎ The millennial history of India, ancient traditions, legends, rituals, spirituality, folklore, […]

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Mikimoto, choker con perle, diamanti, tsavoriti

The choker is come back

The chokers are back in fashion and are also worn by celebrities. But how to wear a choker? Here are some tips ♦ ︎ The first, say the archaeologists, appeared […]

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Choker in oro rosa e diamanti indossato

Anita Ko chokers

The choker with diamonds by Anita Ko, a Los Angeles designer loved by Hollywood stars ♦ ︎ Anita Ko is a Los Angeles-based designer who founded her own jewelry company […]

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Choker con due perle e diamanti

Pearls and gold by Yoko for everyone with Halo

Pearls and gold for bracelets and choker: the Halo collection by Yoko London has affordable prices ♦ ︎ Halo is the name given to the collection launched by one of […]

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Hannah Martin, with Unknow pleasure collar

The sins of Hannah Martin

Sin is not a sin according to Hannah Martin, a British designer who goes beyond the ︎ conventions ♦ “This mysterious, driving power beguiles, controls and manipulates the house in which […]

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Choker con perle e diamanti, Yoko London

Royal Wedding with Yoko London

Royal Wedding Collection: Yoko London is inspired by the royal family with a family of exceptional pearls jewelery ♦ ︎ If the word London appears in your name, can you be […]

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Spilla in oro, smalto, diamanti, spinelli, diopside

The high jewelry by Shirley Zhang

Shirley Zhang, the depth of oriental thought enclosed in a jewel ♦ ︎ The high jewelery of Chinese designers has a unique, indisputable, precise identity. The millenary culture, the oriental […]

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Bracciale della collezione Lovely

Swarovski’s Valentine’s Day

Swarovski’s jewels for Valentine’s Day: not just hearts and crystals ♦ ︎ Valentine’s Day must shine, says Swarovski. This is why the Austrian Maison has designed a collection dedicated to […]

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Anello arabesque in oro bianco e brillanti, con importante smeraldo cabochon, 12,72 carati. Bracciale manchette in oro bianco e brillanti, con vaghi in smeraldo e tre smeraldi cabochon centrali

Crivelli in colors

Crivelli’s Suggestioni cromatiche 3: diamonds, but also emeralds and sapphires ♦ ︎ White diamonds, a classic by Crivelli, are flanked by fancy varieties, but also sapphires, rubies, emeralds, apatites, paraibe […]

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Collana choker in oro bianco con diamanti. Collezione Luminosa Precious di Salvini. Prezzo: 2.895 euro

Two new necklaces for Salvini

Two choker are added to Luminosa collection by Salvini ♦︎ Just in time to become a Christmas present two new pieces of Salvini’s Luminosa collection arrive. Read also: Salvini lights […]

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La collana Ghirlanda '90 di Pasquale Bruni

New choker by Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni on the red carpet of Venice with a new choker ♦ ︎ Pasquale Bruni wins the virtual Golden Lion of Surprise at the Venice Film Festival. The Maison […]

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Nicki Minaj

Djula inexhaustible

Two or three new collections every year, bold proposals, a pinch of sensuality: here is the French brand Djula. French jewelry for everyone, for those on a medium budget and […]

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Antonini, choker della collezione Matera

Two choker for Antonini

Antonini adds two choker to the Atolli and Matera collections. Images and price ♦ ︎ The multi-awarded collections Atolli and Matera of Antonini expand for the summer with an eye […]

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Choker nero

Cruciani also choker

The new Cruciani bracelets and the choker of the 2017 collection. Here are colors and prices ♦ Cruciani’s macramé bracelets are now part of fashion history. After a multitude of […]

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Choker di diamanti

Chopard, the jewelry of Cannes

The talented gemologist Caroline Bigeard got an advance the next collection Chopard will present at the Cannes Film Festival 2016: her is merit, then. The Swiss Maison based in Geneva, […]

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