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Mark Baldin, spilla in titanio e oro con diamanti e iolite

Mark Baldin, Siberian creations

The exuberant Siberian creations by Mark Baldin, art without rules ♦ ︎ His name is Mark Baldin and he works in Novosibirsk, the capital city of the Novosibirsk region in […]

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Anello in oro diamanti, zaffiri, ametista

In fairy tales with Ichien

From Russia with love: the fairytale jewels of Ichien, a small Maison in Moscow ♦ ︎ Like other Russian Maison, Ichien is not widely known in the West. Yet it […]

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Anello Marquise con smeraldi e diamanti

Alexey Pomelnikov, the art of the tsars

The surprising works of a master of Russian jewelry: Alexey Pomelnikov ♦ ︎ Russia, for jewelry lovers, is almost a mystery: few goldsmiths are able to make themselves known in […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti e smalto

The colorful, complex, passionated jewels of Liza Borzaya: in a nutshell, russian

As a child Liza Borzaya had the nickname of puppet, which in Russian is called Pinocchio. Many years later, she had the temptation to call his Maison of jewelry. Like […]

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Olga Sutyagina con l'anello Deep. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Zelenin’s oblique wedding ring

Wedding or engagement rings that adapt to the true shape of the hand: this is the innovative idea of ​​the Russian Maison Zelenin ♦ ︎ Do this amazing experiment: look […]

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Spilla Slitta Gelida. Argento, topazi incolori

Axenoff, from Russia with love

Jewelery inspired by the Russian tradition of Axenoff. For those who love the romantic atmosphere of War and Peace ♦ ︎ The tradition of Russian culture and costume is part […]

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Spilla con zaffiri rosa e opali

The Russian fable of Ilgiz Fazulzyanov

The first 25 years of Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, more than a designer, an artist: the new pieces ♦ It is the fable of the boy grew up in a remote region […]

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Bracciale della linea ispirata al folklore russo

Chanel high jewelry inspired by Russia

Chanel’s new fine jewelry collection: Le Paris Russe de Chanel ♦ ︎ In 1924 Coco Chanel launched the eau de parfum Cuir de Russie. It is not a random name. […]

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Anello di nefrite e ametista. Photo: Charles Thompson

Ninotchka’s discreet charm

The mysterious, exclusive, surprising jewels of the Maison Ninotchka. From Russia with love ♦ ︎ They are rather mysterious. The founders of the Maison Ninotchka work in Moscow for an […]

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Anello in oro con ametista cabochon, diamanti, smeraldi, rubini

The hidden face of Milio shines

Milio, a duo of Russian women (mother and daughter) who creates perfect jewels even where you don’t look ♦ ︎ Mironov, Lyudmila and Olga. In summary, Milio, a brand created […]

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Anello con smeraldo intagliato, platino, oro giallo

Tenzo, spells of a gem-hunter

The magic of Tenzo, a Russian gem hunter able to excite with his jewels ♦ There are those who call him a gem-hunter, a sort of Indiana Jones in search […]

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Vennari, alta gioielleria. Collana in oro bianco con kunziti, rubelliti e diamanti

Vennari, high jewelery in Florence

Vennari Jewels, high jewelry, lots of luxury and many of privacy in the center of Florence ♦ Vennari Gioielli, high jewelry in Florence. But probably you don’t noticed it: it […]

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Moiseikin, anello con gemme diverse

The Moiseikin’s magic gems

The magic gems by Moiseikin: from the center of the Asian Russia, the impressive Maison jewelry. He won one of the awards at the International Design Excellence Award 2017 in […]

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Anello in oro annerito, diamanti e tormalina

The Russian rhapsody by Liza Belotserkovskaya

The fantasy of the far north in the collections of Liza Belotserkovskaya Jewelery, from Moscow to New York ♦ What happens in the jewelry box of Russia and neighbourhood? The […]

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Spilla in oro bianco, perla South Sea, zaffiri

The jewelry for the today tsars

The new creations of the great Russian fine jewelry house: Mousson. Between sea depths, opalescences and gold that looks like a fabric ♦ St. Petersburg, a city founded by Peter […]

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Ellen Conde, bracciale placcato oro rosa e cristalli indossato

The fashion bijoux by Ellen Conde

From engineering studies to the fashion bijoux that has conquered the world: the unstoppable rise of Ellen Conde ♦ Swarovski crystals and pearls in pastel colors for Ellen Conde’s fashion […]

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Tiara appartenuta alla zarina

Fabergé in exhibition

Fabergé style in a large exhibition near Moscow. Here are the preview images ♦ ︎ There are excellent jewelers. There are also great jewelers. A step above there are the […]

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Volpe in oro giallo con zaffiri orange

The nature of Master Exclusive Jewelery

Master Exclusive Jewelery, from the deep Russia a Maison that produces extraordinary pieces ♦ ︎ Izhevsk is a city in Russia, capital of the Republic of Udmurtia, not far from […]

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Anello con smeraldo intagliato e diamanti

Tenzo, the precious soul of Russia

The extraordinary, and rare, jewels by the Russian Maison Tenzo ♦ ︎ Alexander Tenzo is anusual figure in the world of jewelery. He is Russian, he opened his Maison in […]

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Anello Flamingo, oro, diamanti, smalto e opale di fuoco

(Italiano) Ilgiz Fazulzyanov a Parigi

The jeweler-artist Ilgiz Fazulzyanov opens a boutique in the center of Paris ♦ ︎ After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the bond between the people of the great country joining […]

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