The symbols of jewels

Have you ever thought that jewels are not only ornaments, but also symbols? That’s right: jewels are also messages. Very often they contain symbols that communicate a feeling, an intention, and even a request for help. But these symbols are not always known. Maybe you are wearing a piece of jewelry that has a meaning and you don’t know it. Here, then, are the symbols most used in jewelry and what their meaning is.

Il bracciale My Life In Seven Charms
The My Life In Seven Charms bracelet by Annoushka Dukas

With a premise: every moment of history, every society, every culture has its own symbols. So, a list that includes exactly all the symbols that are used in jewelry would be very long. Furthermore, the symbols used in Asia, for example, are quite different from the Western ones (for example the dragon or the circles). Then there are symbols that need no explanation, such as those linked to the zodiac signs, or the cross, a symbol of the Christian religion.

Anello in oro e diamante
Heart-shaped ring in gold and diamond

Symbols of love
Symbols linked to love are the most used in jewellery. The meaning of the eternity ring, for example, composed of a continuous line of diamonds or other gems along the entire edge of the shank, is easily understandable: the desire for endless love. From mathematics, however, comes the symbol ∞, the sign of infinity which, on a jewel, means forever, eternal love. Furthermore, it is impossible not to mention the heart, an organ which, according to an ancient tradition, contains passions and feelings of love.

Anello con il segno dell'infinito
Ring with the infinity sign

The heart is the most common symbol for love, passion, but also for charity. A crown placed above this symbol wearing it indicates that the one who gave it as a gift is the king of the heart. Another symbol linked to love is the arrow, which according to the ancient Greeks was shot by Cupid to make people fall in love. A lock or padlock protects the heart and, therefore, who you love. A padlock is also used as a union sign that cannot be divided.

Collana a catena con lucchetto, pavé di diamanti
Chain necklace with padlock, pavé diamonds by Zoë Chicco

A key, on the contrary, symbolizes the power to open the heart, therefore access to love and feeling. Or to close off access to other competitors in love. Always among the symbols of love, there are occasionally two shaking hands: they are not the sign of a deal just concluded, but a symbol of loyalty, friendship, alliance in life. But this symbol is used more rarely.

Pendente a forma di chiave in platino e diamanti
Key-shaped pendant in platinum and diamonds from Tiffany

The snake
The snake symbol has different meanings. In the ancient Greek and Roman world it meant a guardian, but also a symbol of wisdom, fertility and creative life force. More recently, however, a snake bracelet has had the meaning of eternal love in the Victorian period. Symbol of sin for the Christian religion, the snake has also become a symbol of carnal passion, of desire.

Bracciale Serpente di Bulgari con turchesi e diamanti
Bulgari Serpente bracelet with turquoises and diamonds

Lucky symbols
Since ancient times, jewels have also been used as amulets. Therefore, jewels with symbols to ward off the evil eye or as a good luck charm abound. It does not appear that a jewel of this type can win the lottery, but the fact is that a large number of people who hope to find luck wearing a necklace or a bracelet. The four-leaf clover is traditionally one of the most used symbols. In fact, luck is as rare as a four-lobed clover leaf.

Anello in oro bianco e diamanti
Four-leaf clover-shaped ring in white gold and diamonds by Recarlo

Another symbol of protection from bad luck is the eye. It is a symbol that dates back to classical Greek antiquity. The idea is that the eye protects from the malevolent gaze of enemies. The horseshoe is also a symbol often used for pendants, although their use is controversial: some think it brings good luck when turned up, but bad luck when turned down. But others think otherwise. In Italy, especially in the South, a small horn is considered a good luck charm.

Collana anti malocchio della Maison Aya
Anti-evil eye necklace from Maison Aya

Today it is less common, but every now and then some jeweler proposes a pendant or a ring with the shape of a scarab. The meaning comes from ancient Egypt, when these insects were considered a symbol of renewal and regeneration. Later the scarabs were also considered a sign of resistance of the soul.

Anello triplo grande Luna in oro giallo 14K con uno scarabeo di Labrodorite verde e diamanti bianchi taglio brillante
Luna ring in 14k yellow gold and scarab with labradorites and white diamonds by Lito

Moon and tree of life

It has no meaning related to the stars. The crescent moon, however, symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship, with the hope that the couple will consolidate over time. Another symbol that refers to nature, but also to the origin of life is the tree. And in addition to representing the cycle of biological life on Earth, in the tradition of the Christian religion the tree of life is a tree that God placed in the Garden of Eden, together with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Anello con luna crescente, oro, diamanti
Ring with crescent moon, gold, diamonds by Anthony Lent

The hand of Fatima
Called Hamsa or Khamsa in Arabic, the hand it is an amulet characteristic of the Muslim and Jewish religions. For the Jews it is the Hand of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron. For popular Islam, the hand represents an infallible remedy against the evil eye and negative influences in general. But the hand of Fatima was also a sign of freedom for women: according to legend, a woman named Fatima sacrificed her hand to be free. Today the hand of Fatima is also used to indicate spaces dedicated to women.

Anello con ciondolo mano di Fatima
Swarovski, ring with hand of Fatima pendant

Symbol of peace

The peace symbol, also called “make love, not war”, dates back to 1958: it is an idea by the American designer and pacifist Gerald Holtom. It became popular in the 1960s and 1970s during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. Although for some the symbol is a graphic representation of the physical love between man and woman, Holtom explained that in reality the graphic sign refers to the semaphore alphabet used in nautical signaling: it would represent the letters N and D, which stands for Nuclear Disarmament. In any case, it has become the universal symbol of peace and love more generally.

Il simbolo della pace
Symbol of peace

The loving asymmetry of Kavant & Sharart

Love at first sight, jewels forever. The romantic story of Kavant & Sharart is signed by two designers based in Bangkok: Nuttapon Yongkiettakul, aka Kenny, and Shar-Linn Liew. The two met in 2004 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Raised in a family of jewelers Nuttapon Yongkiettakul has design in his blood. After graduating from university, the couple moved to California: Kenny attended courses at the Gia, while Shar-Linn completed his studies in the financial sector. Until she was infected with a passion for jewelry. Once married, Kenny and Shar returned to Bangkog and their work attracted the attention of jewelry aficionados.

Anello Origami in oro, diamanti e tsavorite
Origami ring in gold, diamonds and tsavorite

Kavant & Sharart’s style has nothing oriental about it. Rather, it is inspired by original, modern geometries, with a splash of art deco. The couple also won the debut award at the 2016 Couture Show. Gold, precious stones, but above all a predilection for curves that suddenly stop at acute angles, with volumes that are sometimes deliberately asymmetrical: the Maison’s jewels are also sold from big luxury stores like Harrods, because together with love, business triumphed.

Orecchini con perle South Sea, zaffiri rosa e smalto
Earrings with South Sea pearls, pink sapphires and enamel
Pendente con zaffiri viola e blu
Pendant with purple and blue sapphires
Pendente con zaffiri viola e blu
Rose gold ring with diamonds and enamel
Orecchini Le Phoneix con diamanti bianchi e neri
Le Phoneix earrings with white and black diamonds
Anello Origami in oro bianco diamanti e zaffiri
Origami ring in white gold, diamonds and sapphires
Orecchini Origami in oro e diamanti
Origami earrings in gold and diamonds
Bracciale Talay Wave Twist in oro bianco e diamanti
Talay Wave Twist bracelet in white gold and diamonds

Jennifer DeMoro, California dreamin’

California. Sun, beaches, waves. And a fashion that loves comfort and the informal. In this context Jennifer DeMoro found inspiration for her jewels, which have the seventies as their ideal, when California was the dream of young people all over the world. But Jennifer DeMoro’s jewels are not necessarily to be attributed to a hippy atmosphere or the current Coachella Festival. The designer’s brand is based in southern California, in San Clemente, a seaside town just below Los Angeles. The beach lifestyle in her jewels is transformed into many colored semi-precious stones, which adapt to shiny gold and which remind the designer of the sunsets and intense shades of her territory.

Anello in oro 14 carati con topazio azzurro, smeraldo, ametista, zaffiro arancio e rosa, granato, citrino
14k gold ring with blue topaz, emerald, amethyst, orange and pink sapphire, garnet, citrine

The stones often have special cuts and the colors are chosen to express strong contrasts, with clear geometric shapes: sapphires, rubies, garnets, spinels, emeralds and amethysts are worked with cuts that include baguette, princess, round and marquise. Jennifer DeMoro also finished a Jewelry Design course at Gia.

Jennifer Demoro
Jennifer Demoro
Pendente in oro 14 carati con topazio azzurro, smeraldo, ametista, zaffiro arancio e rosa, granato, citrino
14k gold pendant with blue topaz, emerald, amethyst, orange and pink sapphire, garnet, citrine
Anello in oro 14 carati con ametista, zaffiro rosa e arancio, smeraldo, topazio azzurro
14K gold ring with amethyst, pink and orange sapphire, emerald, blue topaz
Orecchini in oro 14 carati e zaffiri rosa
Earrings in 14 carat gold and pink sapphires
Orecchini in oro 14 carati e smeraldi
14k gold and emerald earrings
Orecchini in oro 14 carati con ametista, zaffiro rosa e arancio, smeraldo, topazio blu
Earrings in 14k gold with amethyst, pink and orange sapphire, emerald, blue topaz
Anello con 4 pietre taglio baguette: topazio, ametista, citrino, zaffiro rosa
Ring with 4 baguette-cut stones: topaz, amethyst, citrine, pink sapphire

The art applied to jewels by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Sculptor, gemologist, artist. But above all jeweler with roots in the USA and based in Bangkok for 22 years: Matthew Campbell Laurenza alternates the creation of jewelry with that of sculptures with his brand Mcl Design. The jewels have an eclectic style, capable of mixing Thai craftsmanship with art nouveau flourishes and occasionally even a hint of Gothic. In short, jewels that stand out, made of gold, but also silver and precious and semi-precious stones. Made in Thailand, the jewels are then sold in luxury stores mainly in the US.

Anello in argento con cupola a mosaico con smalto rosa avorio e zaffiri misti
Mosaic dome silver ring with ivory pink enamel and mixed sapphires

Each piece of jewelry is a miniature sculpture. Matthew Campbell Laurenza, in fact, before becoming a jeweler he graduated in Fine Arts at Bellarmine University, in Kentucky. But he is also a master goldsmith, counter jeweler, as well as having worked extensively in ceramics, stone, bronze and wood. His pieces are found in private collections and have been shown in exhibitions around the world, from Asia, Russia and the Middle East, to Europe and the United States and are sold in luxury stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Liberty of London, Lane Crawford, On Pedder, Gallerie Lafayette and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as being worn by Rihanna, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Queen Rania of Jordan, Prince Albert of Monaco, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Meryl Streep and Iris Arpel.

Anello con ametista e zaffiri multicolori
Ring with amethyst and multicolored sapphires
Anello in argento con smalto, zaffiri ghiaccio e moldavite
Silver ring with enamel, ice sapphires and moldavite
Anello in argento con smalto arancione e zaffiri colorati
Silver ring with orange enamel and colored sapphire
Collana in argento, zaffiri verdi, ematite
Silver necklace, green sapphires, hematite
Pendente Robot in argento, smalto blu e zaffiri
Robot pendant in silver, blue enamel and sapphires
Orecchini a cerchi in argento placcato oro con zaffiri rosa misti
Hoop earrings in gold-plated silver with mixed pink sapphires
Orecchini in argento, zaffiri e smalto
Earrings in silver, sapphires and enamel

The occasions of Amàli

Among the inhabitants of Astoria, a corner of Queens, New York, there are also Sara Freedenfeld and her husband Daniel Tishbi. Sara is the founder of Amàli, a jewelry brand named after the designer’s grandmother. Yet it was not her grandmother Amalia who pushed Sara Freedenfeld to pursue a career in jewelry, self-taught. It was the case. Or, better, a theft suffered in her youth, while she was walking through the streets of Chile with her backpack. Left without money, Sara began to see bijoux made with braided rope, a skill she acquired in Valparaiso. From that rudimentary activity she moved on to metalworking, learned with the help of a Venezuelan goldsmith. In short, a strange story, which could fit well in a sliding door series.

Anello con pietra luna intagliata
Carved moonstone ring

The fact is that at 26, after returning to the United States, the designer put into practice what she learned during her travels and in 2006 she founded Amàli. The Maison’s jewels are in 18-karat yellow gold, dressed with precious and semiprecious stones, in particular opal and tourmaline. Necklaces, rings and earrings are all handmade.

Anello in oro con opale etiope
Gold ring with Ethiopian opal
Bracciale in oro con diamanti neri
Gold bracelet with black diamonds
Collana con opale messicano
Mexican opal necklace
Orecchini con opali boulder
Boulder opal earrings
Orecchini con tormalina
Tourmaline earrings

Orecchini con opale lavanda e tanzanite
Earrings with lavender opal and tanzanite

Anello Galaxy con opale boulder
Galaxy ring with boulder opal

Marei’s mix art

Angie Marei, designer born in New York from an Egyptian-Dominican family. The designer has a degree in communication design and an eclectic background of studies ranging from sculpture, illustration, painting, art history and architecture. You made your jewelry debut with a brand that didn’t go unnoticed: Diaboli Kill. But she later changed her name to a more classic choice: Marei. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the jewelry brand presents itself as something different, very personal, alternative.

Anello Ayala Arabesque in oro giallo,diamanti e uno zaffiro di Ceylon taglio marquise
Ayala Arabesque ring in yellow gold, diamonds and a marquise cut Ceylon sapphire

But, in addition to having many interests, it is also active on many fronts. For example, alongside her work as a designer she has been a creative direction consultant at a number of agencies working across a variety of verticals, with a particular focus on luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands. The range of clients and projects includes everything from creative direction, photography direction, campaign and presentation design, visual design, social media campaigns and content, e-commerce design, storyboarding, video editing, print design, packaging design . For example, you design watches for brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar De La Renta and Fossil.

Angie Marei
Angie Marei

Her style is quite eclectic: Marei has rediscovered her love of jewelry by tracing back her Egyptian family tradition and family tradition of collecting gold jewelry. She studied jewelry school with her in New York, discovered a true passion for wax modeling and metalworking, and began building a gemstone archive. The result is a mix of Art Deco and archeology to create what she calls brooding opulence.

Anello in oro, smalto, diamanti,
Ring in gold, enamel, diamonds
Anello in oro, tormalina, tsavorite
Gold ring, tourmaline, tsavorite
Anello talismano in argento e onice a forma di corno
Talisman ring in silver and onyx in the shape of a horn
Collana con perle di Tahiti, oro e diamanti
Necklace with Tahitian pearls, gold and diamonds

Games Without Borders by Maison Tjoeng

A cultural cocktail composed of an exotic recipe: Maison Tjoeng is a jewelry brand launched in 2016 by designer Yasmin Tjoeng. A creator who has European and Chinese roots, but also Australian ones. She but she grew up in Papua New Guinea and lives in Singapore. She also attended Somerset College and Bond University in Australia with a degree in Architectural Interior Design. You lived in Beijing to study Mandarin, and then in Hong Kong. She until she arrived in Paris, where she met a jewelry designer who marked a new path forward, thanks also to a diploma in jewelry design at the Raffles College of Design and Commerce of the Asian city-state.

Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati Selene
Selene 18K yellow gold earrings

Her jewels reflect the designer’s entire background, between European traditions and Asian influence, with the addition of the inspiration she finds in the art of Melanesia, where she spent her childhood and which fascinated and influencing her her her style. Her jewels can be purchased online on platforms such as Moda Operandi.

Pendente Capri Postcard in oro e smalto
Capri Postcard pendant in gold and enamel
Collana Arcadia in oro 18 carati
Arcadia necklace in 18-karat gold
Anello Maar in oro 18 carati e diamanti
Maar ring in 18K gold and diamonds
Orecchini Meridian in oro 18 carati e diamanti
Meridian earrings in 18k gold and diamonds
Anello Adagio in oro 18 carati e diamante
Adagio ring in 18K gold and diamond
Orecchini Gold Pacific Moon in oro, diamanti e turchese
Gold Pacific Moon earrings in gold, diamonds and turquoise
Yasmin Tjoeng
Yasmin Tjoeng

Kloto curves

From the carpenter’s bench to the jeweler’s bench. It is not an easy leap taken by Senem Gençoğlu, the designer who founded his brand, Kloto. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she was born into a family with a long tradition in Turkish jewelry. But she, a design lover, wanted to design and make furniture. Simple, linear Scandinavian design objects were her passion. Thus she found herself working seriously in a carpentry shop in Istanbul and in interior and design companies such as Lee Broom, Marcel Wanders, but also for the jeweler Sevan Biçakçi in London, New York, Amsterdam and Istanbul. Then, however, the idea of combining the two aspects prevailed: the Nordic design of objects, with the specialty of the house, jewellery: a decision which is also the fruit, she says, of a childhood spent many days at the Grand Bazaar, studying art and working in the ateliers in the summer, with his father, uncle and brother working in the jewelery shop, specializing in handmade chains.

Arya earrings 18k gold, diamonds
Arya earrings 18k gold, diamonds

The synthesis of this path is the Kloto brand, which offers jewels with a simple but refined design, innovative ideas, 18-karat gold and diamonds, but also silver for a more accessible price range. Round and sinuous volumes, unusual solutions, smooth surfaces are the characteristics of the style of the brand, which has also landed at the Couture in Las Vegas.
Drop Earrings 18K Gold & Diamonds
Drop Earrings 18K Gold & Diamonds

Geo ring 18K gold & diamonds
Geo ring 18K gold & diamonds
Night ring 18k gold & diamonds
Night ring 18k gold & diamonds
Raya earrings 18K gold and silver
Raya earrings 18K gold and silver
Senem Gençoğlu (Facebook)
Senem Gençoğlu (Facebook)
Volution ring 18K gold & diamonds
Volution ring 18K gold & diamonds

Miseno in Italy with Ischia

Miseno, an Italian brand born in 2014 and which has developed mainly on the American market, also extends its proposal to its origins. The brand is presented at Vicenzaoro September 2023 and extends to the Italian market: it is currently distributed in the USA by Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales and selected retailers. And the first collection that Miseno presents in Italy is called Ischia: a reference to the origins of the Maison, founded by the Neapolitan Antonio Cardamuro. Ischia is one of the two islands (the other is Capri) not far from Naples.

Anello in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiro blu, smeraldo
Ring in white gold, diamonds, blue sapphire, emerald

Ischia is also called green-island, due to its luxuriant vegetation. And the Miseno collection is inspired by leaves and flowers with rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made in 18-karat white gold with diamonds, blue sapphires and emeralds. Gemstones add a pop of color to jewelry that has three lobes of diamonds and one of green or blue gemstones. There is also a version of the set with a pavé of diamonds only.

Anello in oro bianco con diamanti, smeraldo e zaffiro collezione Ischia
White gold ring with diamonds, emerald and sapphire Ischia collection
Collana indossata
Necklace and earrings worn
Bracciale della collezione Ischia
Bracelet from the Ischia collection
Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti
Earrings in white gold and diamonds
Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiro blu e smeraldo
Earrings in white gold, diamonds, blue sapphire and emerald

Jewelery and security at the airport

Do you can wear jewels when passing through the airport security check? Are there jewels that are considered dangerous? Here are all answers to your doubts ♦ ︎

Journey and jewelery: one of the most delicate moments is the security check in the airports. How to behave with necklaces, rings and bracelets? Do you have to wear or leave home? Do you must put it in plastic boxes that go under the control of x-ray scanners to not make the alarm of metal detectors ring? Who has the habit of wearing several jewelery, in addition to the watch, will be asked how should you adjust. The answer is provided by the TSA blog, the Transportation Security Administration, the official site of the US Department of Homeland Security. Please note that those published are advice, not absolute rules. So there may be different behaviors.

Controllo dei bagagli in aeroporto
Baggage check at the airport

Wear the jewels. In essence, however, TSA recommends wearing jewels. There are, however, exceptions: if the jewel is bulky it could be inspected. A large ring or necklace with a maxi pendant could hide dangerous substances. In this case, a specific check will be required. Another solution is to remove jewels before checking them and put them in hand luggage: bag, backpack or small suitcase under the x-ray control. Of course, if you are inexpensive jewelry you can easily put them in the trays along with your smartphone and coins.

Controllo al body scanner
Body scanner check

Piercing. Metal piercing can cause a metal detector alarm. This, in some cases, may suggest operators further control. You may also be asked to remove the piercing from the body, obviously in the closed room. It is, however, a waste of time.

Gioielli al controllo passaporti
Jewelry at passport control

Glasses. Eyeglasses can be worn while passing to the metal detector: they should not cause the sound of the alarm. In any case, it is always better to wear them than to walk without seeing anything or almost.

Con i bagagli verso l'imbarco
With the luggage towards the boarding
Verso il gate
To the gate
Le code ai controlli di sicurezza possono essere snervanti
Queues at security checkpoints can be unnerving
In aeroporto
At the airport

Also jewelry for Metrocity

The Korean brand Metrocity also expands its offer to jewelry. After entering for the first time in Europe, in Milan, with a flagship, the company has expanded its catalog from bags to clothing and now also jewelery is arriving in Europe. Metrocity has Italian origins: it was founded in 1992 in the Braccialini Group. It has been present in Korea since 1997 and is now part of Mt Collection, a Korean company that has developed 130 Metrocity single-brand stores at home.

Gioielli Metrocity indossati
Gioielli Metrocity indossati

The 14-karat gold jewelery line is characterized by the brand’s letter M and on four motifs: Tubular, Frame, La Rosa Bianca, and Cuore. The jewels with Tubular motif, handmade, are offered in different variations with respect to the original distinctive logo of the house, the Tubular Circle which embeds an M in the center. The cornice motif has a rounded rectangle shape. The White Rose, flower and identifying symbol of the brand, is reinterpreted through small three-dimensional roses with overlapping petals. Finally, the Heart motif was conceived with the intention of describing eternal love. Metrocity has already opened two boutiques dedicated exclusively to jewelry collections in South Korea.

Bracciale con oro 14 carati
Bracelet with 14 karat gold
Collana in argento
SIlver necklace
Orecchini argento colore oro rosa
Rose gold tone silver earrings
Orecchini argento colore oro giallo e cubic zirconia
Yellow gold-colored silver earrings and cubic zirconia
Orecchini argento
Silver earrings

For Inesa Kovalova jewels between brush and computer

If you can’t own a great jewel, design it. It can be a great satisfaction, explains Inesa Kovalova. However, in addition to drawing them with delicate brushes and tempera colors, she creates real jewels. The Ukrainian designer Inesa Kivalova alternates the production of jewels with an innovative shape and made with equally tech methods, with teaching.

Anello The Arch
The Arch ring

She graduated in architecture, she followed a learning path at Central St. Martins in London and at the Creative Academy, the private design school of the Richemont group in Milan. There she worked on real projects for Richemont brands such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Vacheron Constantine, Roger Dubuis and others, followed by an internship in the design department of Van Cleef and Arpels in Paris.

Inesa Kovalova. Copyright:
Inesa Kovalova. Copyright:

Since 2016 Inesa has been teaching all over the world. For her masterclasses she has collaborated with various art and design institutions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, or for the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. In addition, she offers online jewelry design courses. Her jewels are full of personality: they have a geometric, modern design, created thanks to the use of 3D printing. Like the titanium brooch, with beryl and diamonds that she wears herself.

Gioiello di Inesa Kovalova
Jewel by Inesa Kovalova
Orecchino pendente Cube
Cube earring

One Thousand and One Nights with Noudar

The Perfumes of the One Thousand and One Nights in the Noudar Jewels collections ♦

The perception of uses and customs associated with the Arab world is conditioned by the chronicle and, sometime, preconceptions. In fact, the world, even the Arabic one, is not all the same thing. As you can see with the Noudar Jewels brand, the word derives from the ancient Arabic word meaning gold. Images from the Noudar catalog are enough to display a different image of the woman from what she usually circulates. You can see the pictures on this page.

Sofia Vergara con gioielli Noudar
Sofia Vergara con gioielli Noudar

To found the Maison, of which he is a designer, is Noor Al Fardan. As you can easily predict, jewels combine the curls and oriental volutes, with a luxury that also wants to be appreciated in the West. In short, the heritage of Arabic and Islamic culture, in particular of Oman’s traditional patterns, reminiscent of mosaics and drawings at henna, along with much simpler and more sober jewels, in classic yellow or pink gold, along with diamonds or emeralds . Imagine them in the famous cave of Aladino in One Thousand and One Nights.

Choker in oro rosa e diamanti brown
Choker in rose gold and brown diamonds
Doppio anello in oro rosa e diamanti
Double ring in rose gold and diamonds
Orecchini in oro rosa con zaffiri, diamanti, rubini e smeraldi
Rose gold earrings with sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds
Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti
Bracelet in white gold and diamonds
Anello in oro giallo e diamante e smeraldo
Ring in yellow gold and diamond and emerald

At the sea with Guita M

Color, precious stones, but also shells. A series of jewels by Guita M, a New York brand that stands out for its ability to break the mold, but without abandoning the pleasure of imaginative luxury, are dedicated to the marine theme. Very special earrings. Like those with fossilized starfish with cabochon deep green emeralds and heart-shaped emerald on 18k yellow gold. Or those with black jade starfish, deep red fire opals and white diamonds on rose gold. Jewels that are not easy to make and, before that, to conceive.

Orecchini con stelle marine di corallo fossilizzato, con cabochon di smeraldi verde intenso e smeraldo a cuoresu oro giallo 18 carati
Striking fossilized coral starfish earrings with deep green emerald cabochons on emerald heart top in 18kt yellow gold

Perhaps the pyrotechnic story of the designer, Guita Mortinger, has provided fuel for the creative capacity. The designer founded her jewelry brand Guita M in 2007, in New York, after a career as a lawyer, president of a menswear brand or of the organic cosmetics company Oloff Beauty, when she still went by the surname of the first husband, Dovas. She then remarried the financier Christian Mortinger and decided to change her life. But she must also be told that she was born in Iran, from where she fled with her family after the revolution of the ayatollahs. In short, an adventurous life.

Colored aqua Tourmaline fan earrings with red rubelite heart on white chalcedony shell in 18kt white gold
Colored aqua Tourmaline fan earrings with red rubelite heart on white chalcedony shell in 18kt white gold earrings

Maybe for this reason too she hasn’t given up on traveling, from Egypt to India, to find stones and elements to use in her collections, such as miniatures on shells or beetles, but even hands to be transformed into pendants. Her jewels, however, are all made in New York.

Pendente con corallo fossile, opale di fuoco e tormalina paraiba su oro bianco
Grey fossilized coral starfish pendant with orange fire opal and green paraiba tourmaline white diamonds in 18kt white gold
Orecchini con stelle marine di giada nera, opali di fuoco e diamanti su oro rosa
Flawless black jade starfish earrings with deep-red fire opals and white diamonds in 18kt rose gold
Orecchini con agata multicolore, tormaline intagliate a ventaglio, diamanti e oro giallo
Faceted multi-colored agate earrings with tourmaline fan on diamond prongs in 18kt yellow gold
Orecchini con quarzo intagliato stella marina, diamanti, rubellite, oro giallo
Hand carved quartz starfish earrings with white diamonds on strikingly red rubelite cabochon in 18kt yellow gold
Orecchini con agata verde acqua e zaffiri lavanda
Fancy laguna agate starfish earrings with lavender sapphires earrings
Orecchini con tormalina azzurra, calcedonio intagliato oro 18 carati
Colored aqua tourmaline spike earrings on white chalcedony shell in 18kt white gold

The new amazing design A.Win Siu

In just a few years, China has become one of the countries with the highest concentration of jewelery designers. But not only. In addition to the many jewelers who more or less follow the classical tradition, creative designers such as Xiao Xintong have taken the stage, choosing A.Win Siu as the name of her Maison. The designer, who participated in GemGèneve, is a jewelry artist, but also an illustrator. Fantasy-themed designs are a source of inspiration for equally imaginative jewelry. The latest theme of her collections is called Light. But the light is seen through the colors of the gems and titanium, a metal which, in addition to being light, also allows us to take on surprising shades.

Candy brooch with carved topaz, titanium, enamel. Copyright-jewelrys
Candy brooch with carved topaz, titanium, enamel. Copyright:

Xiao Xintong uses her imagination to create jewels such as candy-shaped brooches, which contain precious gems inside them. Or a titanium ring, with spessartite, and mother-of-pearl inspired by ancient petroglyphs discovered in China.

Lightning bolt earring, with spinels and diamonds. Copyright:
Lightning bolt earring, with spinels and diamonds. Copyright:

The designer founded her own jewelry brand in November 2017 and a year later she has designed over one hundred pieces with a very personal style. In 2019 she went to France to follow courses in goldsmith craftsmanship and luxury brand management. She was invited to participate in the China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo) in May 2021 and launched a co-branded jewelry collection with Korean artist Kim Jung Gi. Her bio also mentions her participation in the special fashion and design exhibition Peridot – The Gift of Hope, hosted by the Shenzhen Jewelry Museum in August 2022 and her contribution to The Joy of Color – The Evolution of Jewelry in the Era of the Metaverse and Nts’s in 2023.

Spilla con granato, smalto, madreperla, zaffiri
Brooch with garnet, enamel, mother-of-pearl, sapphires
Spilla in titanio, con diamanti, occhio di gatto cabochon, smalto
Brooch in titanium, with diamonds, cabochon cat’s eye, enamel
Pendente con peridoto
Peridot pendant
Anello in oro, diamanti, smalto
Ring in gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel
Xiao Xintong. Copyright:
Xiao Xintong. Copyright:

Bijoux et oursons gommeux par Lauren X Khoo

The jewels of the Lauren X Khoo brand, a mix of cultures, traditions and high jewelery ♦ ︎

She is of Chinese culture and origin, but born in Singapore, Lauren Khoo is also at home in Hong Kong and New York, the city where she lives and where her jewels are distributed, as well as on Moda Operandi. Not only: auction house Phillips has just presented 17 innovative fine jewelry pieces by designer Her style has nothing to do with those sprawling Chinese fantasies that translate into often very elaborate pieces, with dragons and peach blossoms. On the contrary, the jewels of her brand, Lauren X Khoo, have an international aesthetic, and in some cases even wink at the works of Jeff Koons, in her series of animals inspired by the Chinese zodiac. It is no coincidence that she lives in the US, studied in New England and graduated from Brown University, as well as in gemology at the Gia.

Her style ranges from geometric and rational design to that with oriental influences.

Collana di perle di Lauren X Khoo
Collana di perle di Lauren X Khoo

Born into a wealthy family in Singapore, the designer promised herself when she was a girl (today she is 35), to wear different jewels from those classic Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels worn by her mother and her grandmother. She works indifferently with gold, precious stones and pearls, which he wants to interpret in a more modern way.

Orecchini con la forma di foglie di albero di castagno
Orecchini con la forma di foglie di castagno
Orecchini blu di forma concava
Orecchini concavi
Collana in oro e tsavorite a forma di orsetto
Collana in oro e tsavorite
Collana con pendente con orsetto e cane
Collana con pendente con orsetto e cane

Anello in oro e diamanti a forma di orsetto
Anello in oro e diamanti con orsetto

Orecchini con la forma di castagne nel loro riccio
Orecchini con la forma di castagne nel riccio

The Renaissance of Temple St. Clair

The jewels of Temple St. Clair, from Virginia to Florence, passing through the Renaissance and the nature ♦ ︎

From Florence she started over 30 years ago. And in Florence she has just returned, right on the Ponte Vecchio, with her first Italian store. The Temple St. Clair fine jewelery brand, founded in the Tuscan capital in 1986, has arrived in the historic center of the city thanks to a partnership with the Florentine jewelers family Vettori. Born in Virginia (USA), after studying in Switzerland, Temple St. Clair has discovered in the Florentine artisans the ability that is the result of a centuries-old tradition. Thanks to their teaching, the designer founded her company in 1986 in Florence.

Anello in oro 18 carati con pietra luna cabochon
Anello in oro 18 carati con pietra luna cabochon
She loves the Tuscan city: she has a degree in Italian studies at Smith College and a master’s degree in Italian Renaissance literature at Middlebury College. But she also loves nature: for November she decided to donate 20% of revenues of e-commerce sales to the Big Life Foundation in Africa: it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting a vast territory of nature wilderness in East Africa employing hundreds of local Maasai rangers in its anti-poaching programs, among other conservation initiatives.

But besides the ability to work with gold, Temple St. Clair has a particular sensitivity in the use of stones.

Bracciale Sassini in oro 18 carati con tanzanite e rubellite
Bracciale Sassini in oro 18 carati con tanzanite e rubellite

She loves the translucent, elusive colors, like those of the moonstone used in the Silk Road collection. But it also seeks rare gems, such as the Australian black opal Lightening Ridge, Paraiba tourmaline, tsavorite. In 2017, Temple St. Clair was chosen, along with myths such as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Alexander Calder, as the third American designer of jewelry represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in Paris. Need to add more?

Orecchini pendenti in oro 18 carati, pietra luna e diamanti
Orecchini pendenti in oro 18 carati, pietra luna e diamanti
Anello in oro, pietra luna, zaffiri, tsavorite, rubini
Anello in oro, pietra luna, zaffiri, tsavorite, rubini
Orecchini in oro con citrino, peridoto, tormalina, berillo giallo, ametista, iolite, rodolite, diamanti
Orecchini in oro con citrino, peridoto, tormalina, berillo giallo, ametista, iolite, rodolite, diamanti
Anello in oro con granato mandarino
Anello in oro con granato mandarino
Collana di alta gioielleria con acquamarina, morganite, berillo, diamanti
Collana di alta gioielleria con acquamarina, morganite, berillo, diamanti

Anello Athena in forma di gufo, in oro 18 carati, tormalina, pietra luna, diamanti, zaffiri, smeraldi
Anello Athena in forma di gufo, in oro 18 carati, tormalina, pietra luna, diamanti, zaffiri, smeraldi

Beware of jewels that are easily damaged

Did you know that light and heat can ruin your jewelry? Yet it is so. There are many jewels that can be compromised due to continuous exposure to light and too high a temperature. And it is not a question of the flame of a fire, but of simple solar heat. Here, then, which jewelry you need to protect your jewelry from light and heat.

Collana con acquamarina e pietre dure
Collana con acquamarina e pietre dure

The jewels at risk with light
First of all, it is better to clarify: not all jewels are sensitive to light and heat and, even those that are, have different degrees of criticality. An 18K gold bracelet will not have too many problems. The jewels most at risk, on the other hand, are those that use stones or other delicate materials: just like the skin or fabrics, the sun’s rays can compromise their color, which can fade. Too much light (beyond what is necessary for a simple use of the jewel) can also seriously damage their structure. The jewels at risk are those with delicate materials such as amber, ivory, pearls. But also with precious stones such as amethyst, kunzite, topaz, or cameos made with the engraving of a shell. Pearls and ivory, for example, are elements that turn whiter when exposed to extreme light. For a colored pearl, such as the black ones from Tahiti, the light can cause considerable damage. On the contrary, amber becomes darker if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Le perle sono tra i materiali più delicati
Le perle sono tra i materiali più delicati

The jewels at risk with heat
So much heat and then sudden cold, for example in the summer when you go from the beach to an air-conditioned room, is a risk factor for stone jewelry. Sudden changes in temperature, in fact, can crack stones or more delicate materials. Pearls, for example, could dry out, break and discolor if they lose the moisture they need. But even stones like opals can change color and suddenly turn white or dark, and tiny cracks can appear on the surface, which in the long run can compromise the structure of the stone itself. There is also another reason to fear the heat. Many colored gemstones, in fact, are subjected to strong heat to improve the color and, in some cases, to make them even more transparent. Not only that: they are also often treated with solvents, steam and ultrasonic cleaners. These treatments can make the gem more attractive, but also more delicate. In short, don’t leave a stone ring in the sun for a long time.

I rubini sono stati messi in un recipiente al centro del fuoco, dove vengono riscaldati
Birmania, i rubini sono stati messi in un recipiente al centro del fuoco, dove vengono riscaldati per ravvivarne il colore

These are the most delicate gems
According to the ranking drawn up by Gia, among the stones most susceptible to heat and temperature changes, regardless of whether they are treated or not, there are tanzanite, feldspar (sun stone and moonstone), fluorite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli , malachite, opal, topaz, turquoise, zircon.

Riparazione di un gioiello con pietra danneggiata
Riparazione di un gioiello con pietra danneggiata
Gli opali sono pietre particolarmente delicate
Gli opali sono pietre particolarmente delicate
Orecchini con cammeo su conchiglia sardonica
Orecchini con cammeo su conchiglia sardonica

U.S. Polo Assn. with Hub in Italy

Hub, a communication agency based in Milan founded by Paola Varani, was chosen by the U.S. Polo Assn. to take care of media activities in Italy. U.S. Polo Assn. is the official brand of the United States Polo Association, one of the oldest non-profit sports organizations, founded in 1890, in the United States. Hub will follow the communication for the jewelery proposals.

Anelli di U.S. Polo Assn.
Anelli di U.S. Polo Assn.

The proceeds generated from the sales of U.S. Polo Assn. help fund the growth of the association and the development of sport, not just polo, in the United States and around the world. The fashion jewelry of the U.S. Polo Assn. includes affordable bijoux alongside watches.
Collana e orecchini indossati di U.S. Polo
Collana e orecchini indossati di U.S. Polo

Collana e orecchini Skyler indossati
Collana e orecchini Skyler indossati

Diamonds and jewels up for auction with Bolaffi

About 500 lots with jewels from the nineteenth century to the present day and very diversified auction bases. This is what is included in the catalog of the spring auction of jewelery by Aste Bolaffi on March 28, scheduled in Milan, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (via Andegari 9), while on March 29 it will be in live internet mode on the Aste Bolaffi. www.astebolaffi The sale is preceded by the exhibition open to the public from Friday 24 March until the day of the auction (Sunday excluded) at the Bolaffi headquarters (via Manzoni 7).

Spilla in corallo, diamanti e zaffiro blu di Cartier
Spilla in corallo, diamanti e zaffiro blu di Cartier

The selection of diamonds includes the top lots of the sale, including an unmounted 9-carat diamond, F color, VVS2 clarity, accompanied by a Gia certificate (lot 298, starting price 260,000 euros) and a diamond necklace of 36 total carats of exceptional color and purity (lot 297, base 65,000 euros). Also in the catalog are Tiffany, Bulgari, Cartier and Pomellato jewels and an interesting collection by Orisa Torino from the 1940s to the 1960s.
Collana con zaffiri colorati e diamanti
Collana con zaffiri colorati e diamanti

Collana in oro giallo 18 carati di Pomellato
Collana in oro giallo 18 carati di Pomellato

Girocollo con diamanti, zaffiri, rubini e smeraldi intagliati a forma di foglie
Girocollo con diamanti, zaffiri, rubini e smeraldi intagliati a forma di foglie

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