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Orecchino singolo Hanabi in oro giallo e diamanti

From New York to Tokyo with Milamore

Milamore was founded in 2019 by the CEO and creative director George Root. The brand, Milamore, is a tribute to Root’s grandmother, Milagros, word which in Spanish means miracle. But […]

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Anello Interwin in oro 18 carati, rubini e zaffiri rosa

Gemella’s jewels

Twins have a special relationship with each other. And it is the same for Anna and Rachel Aschendorf, who founded the Gemella brand, written in Italian. Even though they live […]

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Orecchini in argento brunito e topazi

Coomi’s eclectic shapes

From Mumbai to the States. There are many Indian jewelers who have chosen to work in America. Among them is Coomi Bhasin, who in 2022 celebrates her special birthday: she […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rodio nero, diamanti

Palwer, precision in Venice

Among the beautiful things in Venice there are also the jewels of the designer Alessandro Palwer. Here are some examples ♦ Gold, diamonds and rope in the bracelets and necklaces […]

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Collana in oro 14 carati e sfera di quarzo bianco

Cyril’s spheres

New York City is one of the places on Earth with the highest concentration of jewelry designers. Among these is Leila Du Mond, who founded the Cyril brand five years […]

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Spilla con cameo in argento su onice

Eredi Jovon, cameos and coral of Venice

Personalized cameos and coral jewelry from the Rialto bridge, in Venice, with Eredi Jovon ♦ ︎ Do not be fooled: in addition to bijoux for tourists, the jewelry Eredi Jovon, […]

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Anello oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti rotondi taglio brillante colore G purezza VVS

The precious carats by Luca Carati

The collections by Luca Carati, Maison di Valenza, which continues the tradition of great craftsmanship jewelery ♦ In Valenza and around the jewelry is the queen: the area is teeming […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rosa 18 carati, diamanti bianchi e neri, granati verdi, zaffiri rosa, gialli e blu

Flora and fauna by Mio Harutaka

Mother jewelry designer, daughter jewelry designer and owner of two brands: Bijude M (which she considers prêt-à-porter) and Mio Harutaka, which is also her name. Japanese, with an international soul […]

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Anello scomponibile Vice Versa in oro rosa 14 carati

Vice Versa wearable rings

The expression in Latin, vice versa, can be translated as “the story changed, the order changed” or “the other way around”. And if these two words are adapted to the […]

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Orecchini Snake in oro 18 carati con rame, azzurrite, diamanti gialli, fluorite, smeraldi

Boundless jewels for Jan Leslie

Jan Leslie is not the only woman who at some point in her life left the arid world of corporate balance sheets to dive into jewelry. She is, however, certainly […]

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Iris Van der Veken

Kering and Cartier focus on sustainability

The French group Kering, which controls brands such as Gucci, Boucheron, Qeelin, Pomellato, Dodo and Girard-Perregaux (as well as those in the fashion sector) focuses on sustainability, a value increasingly […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati, smalto, topazio

Surfing with Tara Hirshberg

Art and economics, post-war painters and market trends: what does all this have to do with jewelry? This question can be answered by Tara Hirshberg, who studied at UCLA (University […]

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Collana Hexagon in oro 18 carati e argento ossidato

Scent of the Orient with Chandally

From Yemen to New York, with a thread that binds two countries so far away: the jewels. Sharon Chandally, born in the States, founded Chandally in 2009. Her grandfather, brothers […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti

Tabayer’s jewels, modern and fair

She recently got married to Justin Chen in Villa Balbiano, on Lake Como, with a fairytale ceremony. But Nigora Tokhtabayev, founder of the young jewelry brand Tabayer, lives and works […]

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Anello in oro bianco con opale e diamanti

Goshwara, drops of perfection

A drop of perfection in the jewelry of Goshwara, a bit of India in New York ♦ In ancient Persia and India, the word Goshwara indicated the perfect shape of the […]

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Anello con opale nero e spinelli rossi

Katherine Jetter, from kangaroos to the Big Apple

The jewels of the Australian designer, based in New York, Katherine Jetter ♦ ︎ In which part of the world can a designer be born who describes a ring just […]

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Anello Karò in oro 18 carati e diamante

Feeling of the tropics with Beck Jewels

The island of Curaçao (and surrounding area) was a Dutch colony in the Caribbean until 1954. But it is best known as a tourist resort, known as a diving and […]

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Orecchini in oro 18 carati, perla nera e tsavorite

Heting’s high jewelery

Hè Tíng (鶴 庭) is a Chinese word that is part of the «Water pavilion of the Hermit Lin» (林 處 士 水亭), an ancient poem of the Song dynasty, […]

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Medaglia Mi soffermo in possibilità

The new medals of Erica Molinari

Italian name, inscriptions in Latin and in Italian on the jewels. But Erica Molinari is American, she works in New York and has competed in the Olympic sledding team with […]

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Best in Diamonds above $ 20.000: Gismondi 1754

The winners of the 2022 Couture Design Awards

Every year the Couture in Las Vegas stops with bated breath: who is the winners of the Couture Design Awards? The award ceremony, which this year was decided by a […]

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