Anello con zaffiro dello Sri Lanka taglio a cuore di 6,71 carati, diamanti
Anello con zaffiro dello Sri Lanka taglio a cuore di 6,71 carati, diamanti

Picchiotti also makes cocktail rings Xpandable

The Picchiotti Xpandable collection also expands with cocktail rings ♦

The goldsmith’s art is more lavish with imagination than with technical innovation. In 99% of cases, ornaments, stones, shapes follow known paths, perhaps adding some small variant. When, on the other hand, creativity is added to a real novelty also for the architecture and engineering work of a jewel, you have to stand up and applaud. This is the case of Picchiotti’s Xpandable collection. As we explained at the moment of the launch of the collection, these jewels are made with an innovative technology that Picchiotti does not hesitate to define as revolutionary.

Anello con rubino sangue di piccione del Mozambico di 4,10 carati, rubini e diamanti per 3,16 carati
Ring with Mozambique pigeon blood ruby of 4.10 carats, rubies and diamonds of 3.16 carats

A mechanism hidden inside rings and bracelets, in fact, solves the problems of tailoring and comfort. Adaptable and comfortable rings and bracelets, in Sum. But also precious: a jewel that, now, are enjoying success. The response from the public was, in fact, very positive and convinced Picchiotti to expand (it should be said) the line with many new pieces. Combinations of precious stones, designs, cuts and mixes also with elements in white ceramic or black onyx, white or green mother-of-pearl, turquoise or coral. The same collection has also been joined by high jewelery cocktail rings: fancy diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires mounted on rings that are not only exceptional but also comfortable.

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Anello Xpandable con diamanti per 6 carati e zaffiri blu
Xpandable ring with 6 carats of diamonds and blue sapphires
Anello cocktail con tre zaffiri Royal Blue dello Sri Lanka
Cocktail ring with three Royal Blue sapphires from Sri Lanka
Anello cocktail con tre smeraldi dello Zambia
Cocktail ring with three Zambian emeralds
Anello con diamante fancy yellow e rubini birmani
Ring with fancy yellow diamond and Burmese rubies
Anello con diamante fancy yellow VS2
Ring with fancy yellow diamond VS2

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