Gold and stones, De’ Lazzari’s successful marriage

De’ Lazzari Oro Addosso, the story continues with new jewels. ︎ 

After 40 years, the yellow metal continues to be at the center of De Lazzari Oro Addosso (means worn gold). The brand was founded in 1982 in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), in the gold district of Valenza, and has never ceased to represent that type of jewelery that manages to combine a high, but not unattainable, level. In short, a quality compromise between fine jewelery and what is really possible to buy. The brand has thus managed to pass unscathed through fashions thanks to its transformation into an accessory that can always be worn, not only on special occasions, and winks at the world of fashion. And, precisely for this reason, experienced as a dress that can be changed lightly.

Anelli in oro, con prasiolite e due acquamarina
Gold rings, with prasiolite and two aquamarines. Copyright:

Gold and large colored stones are used alongside traditional diamonds.

Lina and Vittorio De Lazzari, therefore, continue on their path, with jewels with precise but also soft geometries, ready to be re-proposed in a different way season after season, mostly sold on international markets. Gold, diamonds, but also colored stones are the classic elements reworked according to the Maison’s own style, which brings with it a bit of the Eighties, as evidenced by the latest pieces offered.

Anelli in oro con prasiolite e acquamarina
Gold rings with prasiolite and aquamarine. Copyright:
Oro Addosso, collana con tormalina, prasiolite, ametista, peridoto. Copyright:
Oro Addosso, necklace with tourmaline, prasiolite, amethyst, peridot. Copyright:
Orecchini a cerchio in oro bianco e diamanti
Hoop earrings in white gold and diamonds
Anello in oro bianco con ametista e diamanti
White gold ring with amethyst and diamonds
Anello in oro rosa, diamanti e tormalina di 10,25 carati
Ring in rose gold, diamonds and tourmaline of 10.25 carats

How to spend a little for a diamond ring

How to spend as little as possible on a diamond ring?

If you want to buy a ring, here are the tips not to spend too much and choose well. When you give at her an engagement ring or, in any case, an important jewel to your partner, girlfriend or wife, you don’t have to be stingy. A jewel lasts over time and is something that she will often look at, and think of you every time (or almost) she wears it. In short, it is better to put your hand in your wallet and choose well. Also, keep in mind that you are going to give (or buy) a precious object: it is a small investment that could become useful in case of difficulty. It will be easier to sell a ring with a beautiful diamond, of good workmanship, rather than a ring of a few euros or dollars.

Anello e orecchino della collezione Diva di Leo Pizzo
Ring and earring from the Diva collection by Leo Pizzo

This, however, does not mean being silly. A purchase can be done intelligently, because you have to spend your money well. So here is some advice on choosing a ring: how to get the most out of your budget and spend as little as possible. That is, spending the right amount without throwing money away. Because there are aspects that you need to consider when buying a diamond ring (but it also applies to another type of jewel). Here are three things to keep in mind.

Crieri, Firmamento collecction worn
Crieri, Firmamento collecction worn

1 The choice of metal. The classic 18-karat white, yellow or rose gold is the most used metal for rings. But if you want to spend less, well polished silver is a good alternative. Of course, bear in mind that it will need maintenance: it must be cleaned often, because it tarnishes more easily and tends to oxidize. And when it turns black or green, silver doesn’t make a good impression. An alternative is to choose a gold ring, but with a lower number of carats: you can go down to 9 carats, the minimum to still be considered gold. The price, in this case, is significantly lower. But it is still gold, even if in a smaller percentage than, for example, 18 carats. 9-karat gold is 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% other metals, such as silver or copper. An 18-karat gold ring, on the other hand, is 75% pure gold. But be careful: in reality, for a diamond ring, the cost of gold affects the total price relatively little, what really costs a lot is the weight of the stone. Another alternative to spend even less is to look for a designer ring that combines a precious stone with an inexpensive metal, such as steel. But in this case the design has to be really special.

Anello con solitario di Conte Diamonds
Conte Diamonds solitaire ring

2 The diamonds that cost less. Let’s say it right away: you shouldn’t choose poor quality stones. A certificate from a gemological institute, which is usually issued for stones weighing more than 0.3 carats, is a guarantee. Also remember the classifications of diamonds to choose well (you can find them here). But it is possible, however, to look for diamonds that are less expensive than others. For example, the brilliant cut (round) is the most used for solitaire rings, the classic engagement rings. However, it is also considered the most expensive cut. A diamond with a less frequent cut could save you up to 20% of the price compared to the brilliant. Two tips: the cushion cut or the Asscher cut yield a lot compared to the carat weight and are more convenient. Cuts such as marquise, oval or emerald can also be less expensive, always considering in proportion to the carat weight. Another tip: choose a weight that is not a simple number. For example, a 0.44 carat diamond will be a little cheaper than a 0.50 carat stone and will have the same effect on the eye.

Ring by Giorgio Visconti
Ring by Giorgio Visconti

3 The color of money. Money has a color when it comes to diamonds. If you want to spend a lot, choose colored stones: yellow, pink diamonds, up to red and blue ones if you have a bank account with nine zeros. Colored diamonds, so-called fancy, are impressive, but they are very expensive. But the colorless ones are also very expensive, especially brilliant cuts, if they are of good quality. However, there are diamonds that cost less than others. For example, the brown, champagne, gray, black ones (the heated ones, we explain it here). Their cost is up to 40% lower than the more transparent and colorless white diamonds. Also in this case, however, take into account the famous «4 Cs»: in addition to the color, the degree of clarity and the type of cut chosen also count. Again: if you want a colorless diamond at all costs, you can choose those classified as color G or H. Compared to those D, E or F, those G and H cost less and used on a jewel they are indistinguishable from those who are not a expert gemologist.

Anelli indossati con diamanti by Messika
Rings worn with diamonds by Messika

Vak’s amazing jewels

The new jewels by Vak, the Indian Maison specializing in surprising high jewelery

Vak is the fruit of a family inheritance. Yet, even if it is inspired by the ancient, the tradition, the Maison of Mumbai founded by Vishal Kothari, focuses everything on innovation. A graduate of the Gia in New York, the Indian designer does not limit himself to designing fine jewelry, but emphasizes creativity guided by a technique that is often surprising. Also because he also dreamed of being a fashion designer, or a musician. Instead he has become a great jewelry signature. The diamonds that make up the petals are cut and mounted so that they are flexible, but at the same time firmly on a ring or a pair of earrings. Vak’s jewels are patiently awaited by a host of fans, who contain jewels produced with the dropper. Also because the Maison only creates around 120 unique pieces a year for its high jewelery collection.

Orecchini chandelier con diamanti
Chandelier earrings with diamonds

On the other hand, it is not easy to make jewelry like the Desert Rain Ring: a cloud of rose-cut diamonds that seems to fall on a brushed gold surface, like rain on sand. It is a shock cocktail ring but, they explain to Vak, it is in fact a desired promise, like rain in the desert. But, alongside pieces sold to collectors, Vak now also offers high-end jewelry, but sold through online platforms such as Moda Operandi. They are always jewels that cost several thousand dollars or euros, but are closer to the general public.

Desert Rain Ring, rose cut diamonds, su oro rosa spazzolato
Desert Rain Ring, rose cut diamonds, on brushed rose gold
Anello con diamanti e spinello burmese esagonale
Ring with diamonds and hexagonal Burmese spinel
Anello Arch of Heaven con diamanti e uno zaffiro burmese non scaldato
Arch of Heaven ring with diamonds and an unheated Burmese sapphire
Orecchini Architectural Splendor, con diamanti, spinelli e rubini birmani
Architectural Splendor earrings, with diamonds, spinels and Burmese rubies
Bracciale in oro rodiato nero, diamanti e smeraldo di 5,36 carati
Bracelet in black rhodium-plated gold, diamonds and emerald of 5.36 carats
Anello Elephant Pop con diamanti e rubini
Elephant Pop ring with diamonds and rubies
Orecchini Black Constellation in oro rodiato nero e diamanti
Black Constellation earrings in black rhodium-plated gold and diamonds
Orecchini Green Baroque con diamanti, oro rodiato brown, smeraldi dello Zambia
Green Baroque earrings with diamonds, brown rhodium-plated gold, Zambian emeralds
Orecchini Summero Bllom, con smeraldi intagliati e diamanti
Summer Bloom earrings, with carved emeralds and diamonds

The gears of Ludovica Andrina

The tiny gears of Ludovica Andrina make new, but also traditional, jewelery ♦ ︎

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, Italy, is famous for cars and chocolate. But also for craftsmanship and, in particular, for the noble goldsmith’s art. It is no coincidence that a few kilometers away is the pole of Italian high jewelery, Valenza, for which grandfather of Ludovica Andrina works. Introduction that serves to explain why Ludovica Andrina is perfectly at ease in Turin, where she was able to create the brand that has her name and an activity able to offer satisfaction.

Orecchini Amore, argento placcato oro
Love earrings, gold plated silver

Unlike those who deny tradition and are inspired by models from other countries, Ludovica Andrina looks for inspiration in the past for the future. In short, her jewels are the result of an evolution, not a break. Although new ideas are not lacking, such as when she using microscopic gears of wristwatches to make rings or bracelets: a fun but also aesthetically pleasing idea. And the demonstration that she can remain faithful to tradition, also innovating a lot. As in the case of the new collections, with silver rose gold plated, silver and small natural stones.
Anello multibanda in argento, oro 9 carati, con pavé di diamanti
Multiband ring in silver, 9 carat gold, with pavé diamonds

Orecchini in argento placcato oro con figure tratte da monete dell'antica Roma
Gold-plated silver earrings with figures taken from ancient Roman coins
Anello in argento placcato oro con diamanti grigi
Gold plated silver ring with gray diamonds
Collana in argento placcato oro
Gold plated silver necklace
Collana di perle barocche con chiusura in argento placcato oro
Baroque pearl necklace with gold-plated silver clasp
Anello Marine in argento placcato oro
Marine ring in gold-plated silver

Jewels and nature with Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas, one of the most imaginative designers, continues her representation of the nature of her native country, Mexico. Among the new features it offers is the Imprints of the Heart collection, dedicated to people or places that leave a mark. It is composed of a series of large evocative pendants that resemble the objects used for stamping, made of gold and semi-precious stones.

Her jewels, conceived and made in Los Angeles, where Daniela Villegas lives and works, are always surprising, like the Papalote earrings, inspired by a type of scorpion. They are crafted in 18k yellow gold, with multicolored gems surrounding kite-shaped amethysts. In fact, the word Papalote means kite in Spanish. They are part of the Chromatic Paradise collection and have been proposed, together with other jewels, in a trunk show on Tiny Gods.

Orecchini Papalote in giallo 18 carati, tormalina, ametista e zaffiri
Papalote earrings in 18k yellow, tourmaline, amethyst and sapphires

Daniela Villegas has always been a passionate observer of nature. In her jewelry she uses organic elements such as beetles, porcupine quills, feathers, shells, pebbles and wood with 18 karat gold in every color mixed with precious and semiprecious stones. But the designer is also inspired by what surrounds nature, even from a cultural point of view. As evidenced by the series dedicated to the English director and journalist David Attenborough, specialized in documentaries on natural life. The necklace is made of 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds and opal.

Collana David Attenborough in oro giallo 18 carati, diamanti champagne, smeraldi, opale
David Attenborough necklace in 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds, opal
Daniela Villegas
Daniela Villegas
Anello con smeraldi
Ring with emeralds
Anelloc Atabey in oro giallo 18 carati, quarzo rutilato, occhio di gatto, tormalina, granati che cambiano colore
Atabey ring in 18k yellow gold, rutilated quartz, cat’s eye, tourmaline, color-changing garnets
Orecchini della collezione Into the Deep, conchiglie naturali, opali d -fuoco, oro rosa e smeraldi
Earrings from the Into the Deep collection, natural shells, fire opals, rose gold and emeralds
Mini orecchini a forma di granchio tempestati di diamanti e incastonati in oro rosa
Mini crab-shaped earrings studded with diamonds and set in rose gold
Collana Say Cheese a forma di macchina fotografica. Oro giallo 18 carati, topazio imperiale, tormalina rosa, verde, verde acqua, anguria, zaffiro rosa, giallo, occhio di gatto, alessandrite, apatite
Say Cheese necklace in the shape of a camera. 18k yellow gold, imperial topaz, pink tourmaline, green, teal, watermelon, pink sapphire, yellow, cat’s eye, alexandrite, apatite

The 10 most worn rings

Which ring to choose? Each shape of this jewel has its own meaning and its own name. Read what are the 10 kind of rings most worn and what they symbolize ♦

There are many types of rings: there are not only those for engagement or marriage. The shape of a ring also depends on which finger of the hand to wear it or on which occasion is more appropriate, because many types of rings also have a symbolic meaning. Not surprisingly, jewelers offer their rings with a precise definition, such as eternity, trilogy, solitaire, cocktail … Here are the 10 most requested ring models and what the different shapes of this jewel mean.

Anello in oro rosa con calcedonio della Namibia
Rose gold ring with Namibian chalcedony

1 Solitaire. It is the most popular and popular engagement ring: it has a diamond mounted on its own, with no other stones around it, on a metal band. Symbolic meaning: one diamond, one love. The stem can be in gold, most of the time white, or platinum, very rarely in silver or titanium. The solitaire ring symbolizes the commitment of a woman who agrees to marry the man who gives her the jewel. But, worn over time, it remains the sign of exclusive love. The solitaire can also be worn after marriage, together with the wedding band.

Tiffany Harmony, anello solitaire
Tiffany Harmony, solitaire ring

2 Eternity. Ring with a metal band (usually white gold) and a continuous line of gems (usually diamonds, but they are also offered with different stones, such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires). As the name indicates, eternity symbolizes love that never ends. It is a ring often given by a husband to his wife on an anniversary, usually after ten years of marriage. If the diamonds set do not follow the entire circumference, but only a part (also to make it more comfortable to wear), it is also defined as half-eternity. But in this case the concept is the same: eternal love (and even a minor expense).

Anello Live Diamond con diamanti prodotti in laboratorio
Live Diamond eternity ring with laboratory-produced diamonds

3 Wedding ring. It is the classic wedding ring, the most used. It is characterized by a usually smooth metal, most often yellow gold. The width is variable, it depends on your tastes. The ring offers the possibility to engrave the wedding date or the name of the wife or husband inside. Introduced by the ancient Romans, the wedding ring symbolizes the commitment made to marriage. The wedding ring is generally worn on the left hand on the ring finger, while in Central-Eastern Europe, and also in the Iberian Peninsula (except Catalonia), it is used to put it on the right.

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Anello di Damiani con piccolo diamante all'interno
Damiani ring with small diamond inside

4 Toi et Moi. It is a ring with two similar, but not necessarily the same, stones set facing each other. A contrast, but also a union of two different personalities, which complement each other. It is a ring that symbolizes a close relationship between two people. Giving this ring as a gift is a bit like saying: always carry me with you. It is also a ring that allows designers and jewelers to test their imagination: rings of this type can be made with two simple stones, or with the choice of bold combinations.

Anello in oro bianco toi et moi con diamanti
Toi et moi white gold ring with diamonds by Shay

5 Phalanx ring. This ring has a smaller diameter than a normal ring: in fact, it is worn on the first or second phalanx of the finger. Used in antiquity, it is back in fashion now. But you need to pay attention to the size: it must be the right size so as not to risk losing it. It is usually very thin, light, often made of metal only, without stones.

Anelli firmati Ella
Rings signed Ella

6 Trinity. Ring designed by Cartier in 1924 and heavily imitated. It consists of three different metal bands of different colors and with different symbologies: pink gold indicates love, yellow gold is chosen as a sign of fidelity (because it recalls the wedding ring) and, finally, white gold signals friendship. The three metal bands intersect to form a single ring. Much appreciated especially by young people. It is also proposed with some variations, for example, with the use of stones set in the metal.

Trinity ring di Cartier
Trinity ring by Cartier

7 Trilogy. Not to be confused with the trinity ring. The trilogy ring indicates a metal band with three stones mounted, usually diamonds. It looks like a solitaire ring, but multiplied by three. The meaning? Well, if you search on Google you will find quite a few. But the real thing is: my dear, I can’t spend on one large diamond ring, but with three small ones I get (almost) the same effect. And that’s right.

Anello trilogy di Recarlo
Recarlo trilogy ring

8 Ring with secret. In fashion in the Middle Ages (they were also used to hide poison), they are now small and complex works of art. This type of ring came back into fashion in the Victorian era, because the secret compartment could be used to hold a message, a small portrait of the lover, or a symbol. It sounds unbelievable, but at that time there were no messages on Whastapp. They are bulky rings and the secret compartment today often reserves surprises.

Anelo con segreto di Theo Fennel
Ring with secret by Theo Fennel

9 Cocktail ring. Born during the years of Prohibition in the United States, these were worn by women at banned alcohol-based parties. Large, showy, with colored stones, they are afternoon or early evening rings. They symbolize, as the name indicates, the desire to have fun and a little to transgress. Given the size and bright colors, however, they are not easy to match with the dress.

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Jacob, anello cocktail
Jacob, cocktail ring

10 Halo. The name indicates a ring with a diamond or other central stone and a crown of smaller gems around it. It is a gimmick of jewelry designers that serves to increase the visual impact of the stones, without having to resort to a larger and more expensive gem. It is a type of setting widely used for both demanding and less expensive rings.

Blue NIle, halo ring
Blue Nile, halo ring

The colors of Gioielliamo

Gioielliamo is the name of a small but lively company that produces jewelry near Arezzo, one of the traditional areas of Italian goldsmith production. Founded by Massimo Scortecci, the company aims to reach a young audience who want to wear bright, but not bizarre, jewelry. It is not a haute couture production, of course, but simple but interesting rings, bracelets and necklaces. One of the new Gioielliamo collections is called Emma and is made of rose gold and diamonds.

Anello in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione Emma
Rose gold and diamond ring from the Emma collection

But other collections use semi-precious stones, such as Caramelle, made of pink gold, small brilliants, and a series of natural quartz, or amethysts, which are mounted in cabochons, but with an oval cut reminiscent of candies, with the beveled edges. The colors of the stones are purple, green, pink. The diamonds follow the outline of the stone forming a small crown. But in some cases they also form a pavé which replaces the main stone. For the earrings, there are also pairs with the colors of the stones different from each other. The Geometrie collection, on the other hand, uses faceted quartz surrounded by a pavé of sapphires.

Anello a fascia in oro rosa e diamanti
Band ring in rose gold and diamonds
Bracciale della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracelets from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Collana della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Necklace from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Orecchini della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Earrings from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Anelli della collezione Caramelle
Rings from the Candies collection
Anello con quarzo azzurro e pavé di zaffiri della collezione Geometrie
Ring with blue quartz and sapphire pavé from the Geometrie collection

Ingo Henn, luxury and surprises

Stones, volumes, romanticism and rationality: the jewelry of Ingo Henn with his Henn of London ♦

Ingo Henn belongs to the category of those who wanted to design jewelry since childhood. Not only that: as a child he loved the big colored stones. And he made it a profession. The designer, of German origin, but transplanted to London, uses precious stones with unique colors. Let’s face it all: it is the son of Hans-Jürgen Henn, one of the main gem dealers. As a good German, Ingo has done things right: he studied the profession of goldsmith (gemmology has learned at home), has traveled, has known techniques and designers at the highest level.

Anello con tormalina paraiba del Mozambico, diamanti, platino
Anello con tormalina paraiba del Mozambico, diamanti, platino

In the mid-nineties he decided to have learned what was necessary and founded his brand in the jewelery district of Hatton Garden, in London. The jewelry is right next to the offices of the company that trades in gems. Germanic rationality. But this does not prevent Ingo Henn from developing some of the most romantically eclectic jewels of our century, with his Maison, Henn of London. Precious stones of refined color and quality, but combined with a precious design for the combination of colors and surprising use of volumes. His jewels are unique pieces, designed around the color and type of stone used.

Pendente in oro giallo, con granati mandarino, diamanti e smalto
Pendente in oro giallo, con granati mandarino, diamanti e smalto
Pendente in oro bianco con tanzanite intagliata a mano da 57,45 carati, diamanti, smalto
Pendente in oro bianco con tanzanite intagliata a mano da 57,45 carati, diamanti, smalto
Pendente con topazio rosa, diamanti, smalto, oro bianco
Pendente con topazio rosa, diamanti, smalto, oro bianco
Pendente con acquamarina Santa Maria intagliata (non riscaldata), diamanti e oro bianco
Pendente con acquamarina Santa Maria intagliata (non riscaldata), diamanti e oro bianco
Orecchini con tanzaniti ovali, diamanti, smalto, oro bianco 18 carati
Orecchini con tanzaniti ovali, diamanti, smalto, oro bianco 18 carati

Sovrani’s bijoux

Silver and gold-plated brass are the elements that make up the menu of Sovrani, an Italian brand of bijoux and jewelry at an affordable price. Chains, stones and crystals, simple and immediate geometries are used for collections that can immediately meet the favor of the public are the distinctive elements of the brand. The jewels are made in Recanati, a town in the Marche region (Italy) is famous as the homeland of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, but also for its production of silver objects and jewels.

Orecchini della collezione  Fashion Mood
Earrings from the Fashion Mood collection

Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique
Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique

Sovrani was born in 1996 becoming in a few years the reference for gift items in 925 silver and, from 2010 also for bijoux, with its first collection of silver jewels. In 2013, then, the entrepreneurs Sandro and Silvano Bravi, brought together three companies from the sector in the sector (Valenti, Mida and Sovrani) under the same roof, with integrated back-office, production, logistics and distribution activities. An operation that has made Sovrani a more competitive company.

Collana della linea Fashion Mood
Necklace from the Fashion Mood line
Bracciale della linea Cristal Magique
Bracelet from the Cristal Magique line
Orecchini della linea Cristal Magique
Earrings from the Cristal Magique line
Collana della linea Cristal Magique
Necklace from the Cristal Magique line

Sorellina loves the daring

The brand in New York Sorellina, by Nicole’s and Kim Carosella’s, born for daring women ♦ ︎

Sorellina is an Italian word meaning little sister, but it is also an affectionate way of expressing a very intimate woman friend. In the case of Sorellina, the two aspects coincide. To use the Italian language are two Sisters of Long Island, near New York, Nicole and Kim Carosella. The surname, indeed, indicates the origin of the family in the country that created the Pisa Tower and invented the pizza (that would be enough for a sympaty for Italy). Their jewels are highly appreciated: Sorellina came first in the Best in Platinum category at the Couture Design Awards in 2023.

La collana in platino, perle, diamanti, zaffiri vincitrice nella categoria Best in Platinum ai Couture Design Awards 2023
The platinum, pearl, diamond and sapphire necklace winner in the Best in Platinum category at the 2023 Couture Design Awards

Nicole and Kim had also as when were little girls, they tell, passion for design, art and, of course, jewels. Nicole studied Fine Arts, but in California, especially photography. Then, he began collecting vintage jewels and studied jewelery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Kim, the youngest, studied art history at the University of New Orleans. Afterwards, he chose to live in Florence, Italy.
After, the experiences of the two sisters have come transformed in Sorellina, which proposes “jewels neither thin nor discrete”. In contrast, Sorellina’s pieces are bold, with a mix of female and masculine, vintage and modern style.

Orecchini in oro, tormalina blu e lapislazzuli intagliati
Carved gold, blue tourmaline and lapis lazuli earrings
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Anello cocktail in oro giallo, tanzanite, zaffiri blu e diamanti
Cocktail ring in yellow gold, tanzanite, blue sapphires and diamonds
Pendente La Papessa Owl in oro giallo, acquamarina intagliata, diamanti
La Papessa Owl pendant in yellow gold, carved aquamarine, diamonds
Pendente La Forza Piccola Tarot Card, in oro giallo, malachite, zaffiro orange e rosa, diamanti
La Forza Piccola Tarot Card pendant, in yellow gold, malachite, orange and pink sapphire, diamonds

Alo Yoga meditation jewels

Yoga jewelry. But it is not necessary to wear them while practicing an asana exercise. The idea comes from Alo Yoga, an American company specializing in clothing dedicated to those who practice the ancient Indian discipline or, more easily, the muscle relaxation technique widespread in the West. In any case, Alo Yoga, alongside leggings and sweatshirts, now also offers a collection dedicated to those who practice yoga or meditation.

Modella con le collane di Alo Yoga
Model with Alo Yoga necklaces

The capsule collection includes four pieces: necklaces composed of spheres of stones such as quartz, tiger’s eye, white turquoise and black onyx. The necklaces are made with 108 beads, a number that should be useful for reciting mantras. In the center is the Be Here pendant in 18k gold-plated palladium. The jewelery is made by an all-female team of Tibetan artisans and a portion of each sale will be donated to the care and education of children at the Manjushree Vidyapeth Orhpanage in the eastern Himalayas. The price is 215 euros or dollars.

Collana con perle occhio di quarzo rosa
Necklace with rose quartz eye beads
Collana con perle occhio di onice nero
CNecklace with black onyx eye pearls

The sinuous jewels of Marta Paolillo

Destiny is a curved line, often with a tortuous path that turns into small labyrinths, curls, broken circles. The curves are those designed by Marta Paolillo, one of the Italian design signatures, based in Rome. She is one of the few capable of proposing something different, and also one of the few who can boast a starred pedigree. Meanwhile, her birthplace is on her side: the family has been working with stones and jewels since 1880. And with her father, a diamond and precious stone trader, she has traveled the world and boasts first-hand knowledge of the market. But she also graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and founded the IGL, Gemmological Analysis Laboratory with which she carries out appraisal reports.

Orecchini in oro bianco, zaffiri e diamanti
OEarrings in white gold, sapphires and diamonds

In short, for her the stones have no secrets. However, it is the use she makes of it that makes her proposal special: the jewels have a linear and at the same time baroque style, they are rich, but at the same time sober, they are large, but at the same time light. She is also attentive to new technologies and she uses materials such as titanium, carbon steel, Stingray leather (galuchat), alongside the classic 18k gold. Collections like Snake, which takes up the classic snake motif, are the height of sinuosity. Others, like Jaipur, combine the convolutions of the metal with the color of the stones. And there is no shortage of surprising proposals: such as the deck of (flexible) playing cards in gold.
Anello in oro 18 carati
18k gold ring

Orecchini in oro
Gold earrings
Orecchini pendenti in oro bianco, zaffiri, diamanti
Pendant earrings in white gold, sapphires, diamonds
Marta Paolillo
Marta Paolillo
Anello serpente in oro e diamanti
Snake ring in gold and diamonds

The art of Carlo Luca della Quercia

Carlo Luca della Quercia, a story behind in the form of a snake ♦ ︎

A century of history that get revival: it is 27 years Carlo Luca della Quercia, brand born in the last century and rebuilt by Giovanni along with Carlo and Gian Luca in the eldorado of the Italian jewelery, Valenza, in 1997.
Carlo della Quercia studied gemmology at the Gia of New York and N.Y. University. Gian Luca studied in Milan and London with artistic title. This luggage has enabled the revival of historic jewels of the early twentieth century and art deco, preserved in the archives of the Maison. Among the jewels that more than others have found in the story of Carlo Luca della Quercia, there is the Serpenti series, one of the most famous jewel forms.

Bracciale Serpente con madreperla
Snake bracelet with mother of pearl

But that, to be realized as it should be, it needs a careful and expert working. Snakes are extensible bracelets of varying lengths, which can vary in length: from one lap to several laps. All are made entirely by hand, each single flange is connected to the next with retractable pins and with the introduction inside two gold springs extending in the opposite direction and they contribute to giving the maximum extension to the bracelet. Snake bracelets can only be gold in enamelled warm in different shades of gold in gold-plated mother of pearl, enriched with gemstones embedded in pavé on the head and beads in the eyes.
In short, in order to succeed it need have a great deal of expertise. And in fact, part of the company’s business takes place on behalf of major international Maison, which entrusts to their laboratory the realization of their own jewels.

Insomma, per riuscirci bisogna possedere una grande perizia. E infatti, parte della attività dell’azienda si svolge per conto di grandi Maison internazionali, che affidano al loro laboratorio la realizzazione di propri gioielli.

Anello in oro 18 carati, con zaffiro birmano, acquamarina e diamanti
18k gold ring, with Burmese sapphire, aquamarine and diamonds
Anello anni Sessanta con zaffiro di Ceylon di 18,16 carati e diamanti
1960s ring with 18.16 carat Ceylon sapphire and diamonds
Collana di smeraldi e ametista
Emerald and amethyst necklace
Anello serpente in oro, smalto, diamanti
Snake ring in gold, enamel, diamonds

Alison Lou, jewels and smiles

The new amusing jewels of the American designer Alison Chemla and her Alison Lou ♦ ︎

She creates jewelry that is beautiful to wear. But also fun. It is the idea on which the work of Alison Chemla, the founder and designer of the New York brand Alison Lou, is based. As in the Pop Art movement, Alison Chemla is also inspired by popular and contemporary motifs. For example, with his now famous Emoticore collection, which uses expressive icons that all add to smartphone messages.

Bracciali con conchiglie e palme
Bracelets with shells and palm trees

Next to the icons, Allison Lou then added themes like Casino and Secret Garden, but always with the addition of a bit of irony. The Mama Mia collection, instead, was created after a summer trip to Italy: it is an expression that she must have listened to who knows how many times. Finally, in the spring of 2018, Alison launched Loucite, a collection of hoop earrings made of lucite, a material that is polymethylmethacrylate, a plastic, and hand-painted enamel. Although the material is not precious, the jewels of the Loucite collection were worn by Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Celine Dion. They also like jewelry with a smile.

Anelli in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond rings
Alison Chemla
Alison Chemla
Anello in oro, smalto e diamanti
Ring in gold, enamel and diamonds
Collana in oro con pavé di rubini
Gold necklace with ruby pavé
Anello Fettuccine, collezione Mama Mia
Fettuccine ring, Mama Mia collection
Anelli in oro e smalto
Gold and enamel rings

Burato with simplicity and nature

Burato is a brand founded by designer Marta Burato in 2015. The designer has a long experience in the jewelry sector behind her: her parents opened a jewelery and watch boutique in Jesolo in 1969. Passionate about art, Marta Burato chose the path of simple design and essential, which allows us to offer jewelery at affordable prices: 18-karat gold pieces with simple and elegant lines that can be worn every day. As for Amuleto, one of the latest collections. The brand underlines the importance of respecting the environment: Burato jewels are made with materials coming only from controlled supply chains.

Amuleto Satin Pink Bracelet
Amuleto Satin Pink Bracelet

But not only that: the attention to nature is also demonstrated by initiatives such as the weeping willows donated to the city of Jesolo (Venice), and the project in support of Arte Sella, after the effect of Storm Vaia, which at the end of October 2018 it destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forest in Trentino and Belluno. Arte Sella is an exhibition of contemporary art in nature, which takes place in Val di Sella, in the municipality of Borgo Valsugana (Trento). Burato’s project is called #iloveartesella and consists of a 23-carat gold leaf that you glue on your favorite tree.
Bracelet Amuleto Pink Gold Chain
Bracelet Amuleto Pink Gold Chain

Hoop Linea Full Diamonds Pink Earring
Hoop Linea Full Diamonds Pink Earring
Element Amuleto Full Diamonds White
Element Amuleto Full Diamonds White Gold
Cufflinks Amuleto Yellow Gold
Cufflinks Amuleto Yellow Gold

Stackable rings with Acredo

Many rings to overlap in original combinations. It is the formula of Ringstack of Love, stackable rings by Acredo, a German brand based in the jewelery district of Pforzheim. The rings are made of 100% recycled white and red gold, platinum and silver. The rings are also enriched with small diamonds set in the metal and are proposed as jewelery for engagements, weddings, as well as for the classic Valentine’s Day gift, for a birthday, etc.

Anelli indossati
Rings worn

Founded in 2008, Acredo is the expression of Egf Manufaktur, a German company in the jewelry sector headed by the Binder family, specializing in 100% personalized wedding and bridal rings. The rings can be customized with a configurator. The company is attentive to the ethical aspect and in March 2017 Egf Manufaktur received the first RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) certificate. In the EGF factory in Pforzheim, more than 100,000 rings are produced per year and around 300,000 diamonds are set.
Anelli in oro e platino
Gold and platinum rings

Anello di fidanzamento
Engagement ring

How narrows or widens a ring

You can tighten a ring, or enlarge it: read when and how you can do it ♦

What to do when the favorite ring has become too narrow or too wide? You can ask at the goldsmith to return the gold eliminated in this operation? Because the cost is so different between one ring and another? Here are six questions and six answers.

1 How do you enlarge a ring?

The goldsmith opens the circumference with a saw very thin. Then he picks up (if it has to tighten) or add a piece of metal similar to that of the ring. With pliers, joins the two pieces. At this point welding the ring and then proceeds with different polishing phase with brushes previously immersed in three different abrasive pastes, up to obtain the desired surface.

Anello da allargare
Ring to enlarge

2 It should be every time added another gold to enlarge a ring?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If the ring has only need to widen up to less than a quarter of its original size and the metal is often, the jeweler may be able to modify your ring working on a mandrel and using the hammer to jeweler. But it is not likely to occur. Usually the ring is expanded with the addition of a small piece of gold or platinum. The ring is then welded again and polished.

Anello da stringere
Ring to tighten

3 How do you resize more little?

To resize a ring, a small section of the circular band is removed. Then the ring is shaped again and then welded. If there are stones on display, they must be tightened again in the griffe. There is a limit: if the stones can not be tightened there is the risk to falling out from the metal support.

Laboratorio orafo Cazzaniga Nobili
Cazzaniga Nobili goldsmith workshop

4 You may retrieve the gold deleted when you resize a ring?

The amount of gold that is removed in the reduction process is usually so small that it wouldn’t make sense for a refund. Also, sometimes the ring must be polished and the gold is transformed into a fine powder which is sucked. The reduction of a ring requires a lot of skill: the milligrams of gold to the jeweler who remain, are largely discounted by the price of his labor.

Decisamente da stringere
Definitely to tighten

5 Why is it more expensive to widen or tighten some rings than others?

The cost of labor depends very much on the amount of work and by the size of the ring, on the weight and type of metal. To work the platinum is more expensive than gold, because it takes more heat and more attention. It is usually more expensive also work on rings with stones, that need special care. For example, only diamond, sapphire, ruby can withstand the heat of a welding flame. Other gems or should be removed from the ring, or require the use of a laser, because if they are heated, they burn and are hopelessly ruined. The more work and equipment needed for these rings raise the cost of the operation.

Controllate le misure della dita
Check your finger size

6 The size of the finger is different from store to store. Why?

Rings and fingers are measured with spindles. Between one and the other can be a different calibration and, therefore, may be a different measure of the circumference. The variation is usually between 1/4 and 1/2 of the size. In addition, the fingers can also change size depending on weather conditions (shaking with the cold, the heat swell), or due to the condition of health, or weight, and even the time of day.

The ancient tradition of Agemina Jewels

Agemina Gioielli, with the Agemina Jewels brand, is one of the companies that were born and raised in the goldsmith district of Marcianise, in Campania (Italy): the base is located in the OroMare consortium, in the goldsmith center that brings together several companies. Agemina was founded in 2002 by three brothers: Michele, Rosario and Giacomo Esposito. The name Agemina comes from an ancient goldsmith art technique. The agemina, in fact, is a word that derives from the Arabic agamī, (foreign) and is also called damascinatura. This process consists of engraving in the metal in the subsequent interlocking of small parts of metals of various colors, generally gold on silver, to obtain a polychrome object.

Anello in oro e diamanti stile Ottocento
Anello in oro e diamanti stile Ottocento

With these premises Agemina Gioielli creates pieces that have a flavor of other times, alongside collections more linked to the modern style. Silver and gold, together with gems, are often used to compose jewels that seem to have come directly from the Renaissance or from the Baroque tradition, very popular in Southern Italy. Jewelery that Agemina also offers on foreign markets, where it has found many admirers.

Anello a fascia in stile antico. Oro giallo 14 kt e argento 925. Sfere in corallo rosso e diamanti taglio rosa
Antique style band ring in 14 kt yellow gold and 925 silver, red coral and rose-cut diamonds
Pendente con rubini e diamanti
Pendant with rubies and diamonds
Anello con opale e smeraldi
Ring with opal and emeralds
Pendente a forma di croce in oro 14 carati, argento, diamanti rose cut
Cross-shaped pendant in 14k gold, silver, rose cut diamonds
Pendente a forma di croce in oro 14 carati, argento, diamanti rose cut, opale
Cross-shaped pendant in 14k gold, silver, rose cut diamonds, opal
Anello in oro giallo 18 carati, smalto
18k yellow gold ring, enamel

Marcello Bread literally

Marcello Pane, the ancient Neapolitan tradition in modern key with the Letters collection ♦︎

The ancient tradition of Neapolitan jewelery also goes through the Marcello Pane brand. The company boasts an ancient birth in 1899. Today the company is led by Ettore and Marcello Pane, descendants of the founder of the small house. Meanwhile, it has moved from the crafts to the industrial scale: the jewels of the Marcello Pane collections are made in the goldsmith’s center of Caserta, near Naples. This shift from craft to one with more modern machining means has allowed to reduce costs.

Anello con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential
Anello con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential

The Marcello Pane collections follow two roads: the most traditional one with gold jewelry, and the most affordable price with silver, along with pearls, while the diamonds alternate with the crystals. One of the most popular collections, for example, is one that uses the most alpha alphabet letters in the most classic ways to make names or simply initials. The Essential and Itaca collections use silver with a particular sandblasted finish that enhances the surface of the jewels, with or without gold plating.

Bracciale in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Orecchini della collezione Essential
Orecchini della collezione Essential
Orecchini in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Orecchini in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale rigido in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale rigido in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Girocollo Ellisse
Girocollo Ellisse
Collana con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential
Collana con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential

Neha Dani, rhodium, titanium and fireworks

The precious jewels with flowers and leaves of the Indian designer Neha Dani. Also with Titanium Collection ♦

From her office in New Delhi to the boutiques of Europe and the US: Neha Dani is a designer (but perhaps it would be better to call an artist of jewelry), which has succeeded in becoming an international signature. Take a look at the jewels on this page and you’ll understand why. Someone wrinkles the nose to the use of rhodium to give particular nuances to the metal, but in reality this is just a detail of what is the creative process of Neha Dani.

Anello Amishi ispirato alle fronde delle palme. I dettagli sono incisi nella cera dall'artista, aggiungendo e scolpendo il materiale fino a ottenere la forma finale perfetta dell'anello
Amishi ring inspired by palm fronds. Details are etched into the wax by the artist, adding and sculpting material until the perfect final shape of the ring is achieved

The jewels created are unique pieces which exalt the precious stones used around the 18-carat gold structure. Although the shapes may appear abstract, the themes of the natural world and human emotions are present in each piece: dried leaves and petals of flowers are among those that occur most often in the creations of Indian designers. The contours of necklaces or rings are flexed, as if they were bent by the wind: a choice that gives lightness to even the most elaborate jewels. Dani is a member of Gemological of England and has a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. The price of her jewelry starts at about $ 18,000.

Bracciale Bonita in oro 18 carati con rodio blu, diamanti e zaffiri blu
Bonita bracelet in 18k gold with blue rhodium, diamonds and blue sapphires
Orecchini Talia con zaffiri blu e diamanti
Talia earrings with blue sapphires and diamonds
Orecchini Erith in oro rosa, con diamanti brown di diverse sfumature
Erith earrings in rose gold, with brown diamonds of different shades
Anello Nerida in oro bianco e diamanti, con al centro un diamante taglio rosa di 4,21 carati
Nerida ring in white gold and diamonds, with a 4.21 carat rose-cut diamond in the centre
Orecchini con diamanti e oro brunito
Earrings with diamonds and burnished gold
Anello Myra in oro rodiato verde, diamanti e tsavorite
Myra ring in green rhodium-plated gold, diamonds and tsavorite
Neha Dani
Neha Dani
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