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Anello Be Here in oro 14 carati e diamante

Alo Yoga meditation jewels

Jewelry for yoga. But it is not necessary to wear them while practicing an asana exercise. The idea comes from Alo Yoga, an American company specializing in clothing dedicated to […]

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Anello Flower Power in oro 9 carati, smalto e topazio

Flower Power for Bea Bongiasca

At the end of her studies in London, at Central Saint Martins College, Bea Bongiasca made her debut with the No Rice, No Life jewelry collection, which emphasized the green […]

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Anello Brio in oro giallo satinato e diamanti

Chimento launches the rings that fit the finger

The new Chimento presents a new patent: Size-Fit, a mechanism that serves to ensure a greater fit of the rings. Size-Fit, claims Chimento, allows you to extend the diameter of […]

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Helix, anello con diamante da 16,23 carati

Jessica McCormack plays with Livewire

There is an old game, widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world, called Buzzwire. It consists of guiding an electrically controlled metal circle along a cable that has an irregular path. It […]

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Anello in argento rodiato, oro e diamanti

Ring Around the Rosie with Spinelli Kilcollin

Spinelli Kilcollin‘s mission: to stay in the center of the circle ♦ Like Barack Obama, Yves Spinelli was born in Honolulu. But he, the son of Italian hairdressers, instead of […]

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Anelli acciughe in bronzo dorato

The micro zoo of Bona Calvi

Anchovies, giraffes, ladybugs, whales, bears, octopuses, elephants: if you don’t like animals, you won’t even love the jewels of Bona Calvi, a goldsmith and designer, but also a sculptor and […]

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Collezione Una, orecchino in oro bianco 18 carati e smeraldi

Mary Esses, samba in New York

The jewels of the Brazilian Mary Esses with her collection Between Heaven and Earth ♦ The Brazilian designer Mary Esses (but is living in New York) creates high jewelery unique. […]

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Fan Marquis Ring, fa parte dell'evoluzione della collezione Sensu. Oro giallo, diamanti e rubino.jpg

Michelle Fantaci, rights and design

Michelle Fantaci was born in New York but studied goldsmithing in Florence. At 15 she designed her first jewelry and honed her expertise at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, oro giallo, opale, diamanti bianchi, zaffiri blu, tsavoriti, perla di Tahiti

The galaxies of Bibi van der Velden

According to quantum mechanics, the incredibly small things (the elementary particles that make up everyday reality) have some analogies with the incredibly large, such as the behavior of black holes […]

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Anello Tabi in versione dorata

The boot-shaped rings of Maison Margiela

There are many fashion brands that occasionally extend their proposal to jewelry. Usually these are fashion jewelry, that is, undemanding jewelery, as in the case of the Maison Margiela. The […]

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Anello con un diamante fancy yellow al centro e  244 diamanti bianchi

Leonori high jewelry with Victoria

When a jewel remembers a person, it offers something more. When an entire collection is a tribute to a small human being, the value still increases. This is the case […]

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Set di tre anelli in oro rosa, giallo e bianco, con zaffiro blu, rosa e diamanti

Imogen Belfield on a rock stage

The rock jewels of Imogen Belfield, among gold, silver and the lunar design ♦ She’s like a rock band, and he also happened (he won the first prize in the […]

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Anello con smeraldi colombiani cabochon e diamanti

The rare jewels of Sabba

Mysterious and refined: the jewels of Alessandro Sabbatini with his Sabba brand ♦ ︎ Very reserved, practically invisible. If there would were no jewels that he produced, about 40 a year, […]

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Anello con zaffiro blu e diamanti

Daring Sarkisyan

The irresistible career in the jewelry store of Arman Sarkisyan ♦ If you have a few thousand dollars (or euro, does the same) and you want break free of desire […]

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Orecchini in oro, diamanti, quarzo, cristallo di rocca, agata bianca

The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston

The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston in New York: high quality jewelry among Hieronymus Bosch and the Sixties ♦ ︎ She has been defined as one of the emerging […]

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Anello in oro giallo, argento, diamanti, onice

The high spheres of Elie Top

His jewels are reminiscent of the romantic atmospheres of the mid-nineteenth century, between devices to scan the sky, mechanical dolls, the first scientific laboratories: Elie Top has the merit of […]

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Anello in oro giallo, acquamarina, smeraldi, tanzaniti, diamanti

Carol Kauffmann, Brazil with rigour

Art, architecture and a lot of Brazil in the colors and geometries of the jewels of Carol Kauffmann ♦ ︎ It is true that art and creativity have no passport, […]

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Anello intagliato in onice con oro giallo, rubini e diamanti

The unique rings of Bleecker & Prince

On May 15 2020 Leehe Segal became a mother. This news may not be related to the work of Leehe Segal, that is the creation of jewelry with the Bleecker […]

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Anello in oro, agata e piccolo diamante

The stellar jewelry by Brooke Gregson

The Los Angele designer based in London Brooke Gregson: high-end jewelry with a mysterious flavor: from astrology to Nefertiti ♦ Buy a jewel of Brooke Gregson and you see the […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Hulchi Belluni, diamonds and Feng Shui

The jewels in the Chinese spirit of Feng Shui by Hulchi Belluni: born in Belgium, but are produced in Italy ♦ ︎ Martine Hul is a specialist in diamond pavé. […]

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