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Anello eternity con topazio

The affordable luxury of Dana Rebecca

Third generation of jewelry designers, Dana Rebecca Gordon seems to have precious stones in her DNA. And in fact, she debuted with a line at just 16 and right after […]

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Anello Dulcis con cristallo Swarovski

The candy jewelry from Swarovski

Hypothesis 1: the creative director of Swarovski, Giovanna Engelbert, is on a strict diet. She has forced herself not to eat sweets and is in terrible pain. Hypothesis 2: the […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con diamanti e zaffiri

Jacquie Aiche’s new boho-chic jewels

With an Egyptian father, but born in the USA, Jacquie Aiche is a strange mix of hippie culture (she also organizes yoga classes in her boutique), boho-chic and luxury. She […]

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Anello Heart in oro rosa 18 carati

Gold is transformist with Cadar

Gold turns into fur, feathers and leather through the creativity of Cadar ♦ ︎ It is only six years old, yet a few editions ago it already won a Couture […]

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Strawberries and cream ring, con  rodocrosite e zaffiro bianco

The timeless sweets of Cora Sheibani

Sweets and ice cream by Cora Sheibani. The London-based designer created over ten years ago a jewelry collection called Copper Mold and which is inspired by old, metal cake molds, […]

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Anello con granato mandarino e zaffiri rosa

Adam Foster, gems on the Mississippi

The work of Adam Foster, jeweler and designer from the American Midwest ♦ In the collective imagination (for those who do not know it) in the city of St. Louis […]

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Anello in oro bianco, con perla dei Mari del Sud, granato e diamante

The Bauhaus by Alexandra Jefford

The Bauhaus and the design of the thirties revive in the jewels of Alexandra Jefford ♦ ︎ Alexandra Jefford has been making and designing jewelry for years. In short, she […]

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Orecchini in alluminio riciclato, oro, tormaline paraiba, zaffiri, spinelli, opali e diamanti sintetici

A little mermaid for Anabela Chan

New jewels by Anabela Chan, with stones created in the laboratory next to the natural ones ♦ ︎ According to an analysis by research firm Knight Frank, who developed the […]

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Collana in oro rosa con tormaline tonalità pastello e diamanti

The precious passions of Selim Mouzannar

Almost all jewelers spend their time making jewelry. Almost. Some, like Selim Mouzannar, also engage in civil battles. The Beirut-based jeweler, in fact, is part of the Executive Committee of […]

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Anello Eye of Chrona in oro 18 carati, argento rodiato, zaffiri verdi, diamanti grigi

The design of Vram

The wearable sculptures of Vram, a Los Angeles jewelry brand with a Couture Award ♦ ︎ In 2018 he won one of the Couture Awards in the Best in Debuting […]

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Anello in oro e spinello

The noble jewelry of Pippa Small

Social activity and jewelery: this is how Pippa Small got a the title of Lady of the Order of British Empire ♦ She creates jewelry, but is also a Member […]

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Anello Jodhpur in oro 22 carati, smeraldo e smalto

The new jewels by Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini’s new jewels: the Indian tradition of enamel ♦ ︎ Among the descriptions of herself that Alice Cicolini provides, there is this: former director of Arts & Culture for […]

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Anello petalo di diamanti in oro 18 carati

The intelligent minimal of Elena Sardo

Minimal made in Turin: Elena Sardo is a new contribution from the Piedmontese city to the design jewel. Graduated in architecture, designer, the founder of the brand that bears her […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati, ceramica, diamanti brown

The new balances of Etho Maria

High jewelry and even higher design with Etho Maria, the Greek Maison that loves to communicate little and even less wants to dress its collections with bombastic adjectives, stories, marketing. […]

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Collezione Link to Love by Gucci

Link to Love, Unisex line by Gucci

Even Gucci has decided that unisex is the password to enter the world of jewelry. Or, more precisely, to be in the trendy area of ​​the jewelry world. The Maison […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati con diamanti e cristallo di rocca

Ananya’s design

Ananya’s jewels, one of the best Indian designers who came to the Couture ♦ ︎ She surprised everyone at the Couture Design Awards 2019, where she was among the finalists […]

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Collana in oro con perle, diamanti e zaffiri

All the singularities of Alexander Laut

Alexander Laut is a special type. Born in 1967 in Russia, jeweler in Hawaii, he loves water and loves to swim. He once explained that his surname translates into Indonesian […]

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Spilla a forma di giglio, con un raro diamante bianco a forma di cuore di 55,75 carati

Anna Hu and Moussaieff, high jewelery for two

It is not often that great jewelers and designers collaborate together. This is what happened with the high jewelery collection that Anna Hu created for Moussaieff. The Taiwanese designer has […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco 18 carati con ametista, smeraldo, turchese e diamanti

Alexia Gryllaki’s kaleidoscope

For centuries, men have been able to express their creativity, together with absolute power. Things change. Alexia Gryllaki, a Greek born in Athens, has a degree in philosophy and history […]

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Collana con zaffiri multicolori

Tenzo, spells of a gem-hunter

The magic of Tenzo, a Russian gem hunter able to excite with his jewels ♦ There are those who call him a gem-hunter, a sort of Indiana Jones in search […]

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