Spilla con diamanti, set Individuality, in oro bianco e diamanti. La gemma principale è a taglio Asscher da 1,06 carati
Spilla con diamanti, set Individuality, in oro bianco e diamanti. La gemma principale è a taglio Asscher da 1,06 carati

De Beers high jewelery with Forces of Nature

In Paris during the week dedicated to haute couture, the jewels of the new De Beers collection, Forces of Nature, were also shown. It is a high jewelry collection that has a double link with Africa. The first is that of the Maison itself, which is synonymous with diamonds, which the company extracts from the deposits in southern Africa. The other connection is that of the exuberant nature found in that part of the world. For this reason the collection is divided into eight sets of 58 pieces, each dedicated to an animal that lives in Africa: buffalo, giraffe, zebra, elephant, kudu, leopard, rhinoceros and lion. Also because De Beers is a partner of a program, Moving Giants, for the protection of wildlife.

Anello con diamanti, set Spirituality. È composta da tre anelli in oro bianco. Il-diamante principale è a forma di cuscino da 2,01 carati
Diamond ring, Spirituality set. It is made up of three white gold rings. The main diamond is 2.01 carat cushion-shaped

The animals represented in the De Beers high jewelery collection are thus transformed into cocktail rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, brooches and hair bands. One example is the brushed titanium chevalier ring with a 2.01-carat dark yellow-green-brown pear-shaped diamond set in a white gold setting. The Fortitude set, however, is dedicated to the rhinoceros: in this case brushed titanium is used to imitate the armor of the rhinoceros, while pear-cut diamonds are inspired by the pachyderm’s horn.
Anello chevalier in titanio spazzolato, con un diamante a pera giallo-verde-marrone da 2,01 carati su oro bianco
Brushed titanium chevalier ring, with a 2.01 carat yellow-green-brown pear-shaped diamond on white gold

The lion that inspired the Protection set could not be missing, with the pieces made with golden beads that recall the mane of the king of the savannah. The headband of this set is an elaboration of a tiara, with a removable brooch representing a lion’s head. The Tenderness set is instead dedicated to elephants, with jewels that resemble two intertwined trunks. The animals’ colorful coat is rendered by sets like Dignity, which is inspired by giraffes and is made with brown rough diamonds, while the Individuality set is inspired by zebras and their black and white stripes.
Anello con diamante a cuore da 3,20 carati, diamanti pavé-e taglio a gradini, diamante ovale rosa fancy
3.20 carat heart diamond ring, pavé-e step cut diamonds, fancy pink oval diamond

Cerchietto-tiara con perline d'oro e un diamante grezzo giallo triangolare di 1,66 carati
Tiara headband with gold beads and a 1.66-carat triangular yellow rough diamond
Orecchini pendenti con diamanti taglio mezzaluna, lacca nera
Dangle earrings with crescent-cut diamonds, black lacquer
Collana con nappa, diamanti bianchi e brown. È scomponibile, composta da tre diverse collane
Necklace with tassel, white and brown diamonds. It is decomposable, made up of three different necklaces

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