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Lavorazione di un anello Toi & Moi by Messika

Moi & Toi, story of a mythic ring

Moi et Toi, a shape of ring that is timeless. Like love. Here are some of the most fascinating rings Moi et Toi ♦ Two diamonds are better than one, […]

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Picchiotti, white and yellow gold earrings. White gold fancy yellow diamond (19.92 ct) and diamond (4.48 ct) earrings set in white and yellow gold

Other delicious Picchiotti Classics

New pieces of fine jewelry signed Picchiotti. At the center there are always stones out of the ordinary ♦ ︎ Among the Italian Maison that are located in the Olympus […]

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Picchiotti, anello in oro bianco con rubellite di 10,85 carati taglio cuscino e diamanti

Dazzling Essentially Color by Picchiotti

The great jewels of Picchiotti’s Essentially Color collection are back: extraordinary stones for equally exceptional pieces ♦ Picchiotti’s great jewelry is back in style with the Essentially Color collection. It […]

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White gold pink sapphire (7.39 ct), blue sapphire (1.32) and diamond (7.65 ct) earrings set in white gold

Picchiotti Classics, breathtaking jewelery

Four exceptional pieces of fine jewelry presented by Maison Picchiotti ♦ ︎ There are jewels that are like novels: observing, scrutinizing them, reading their history is tantamount to evading (almost) […]

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Picchiotti orecchini Pyramis

Choose the perfect earrings

The characteristics that must have the earrings to be perfect. Here’s how to choose the right earrings ♦ ︎ What are the most beautiful earrings in circulation? Obviously it is […]

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Picchiotti, platinum ring, diamond oval cut natural color fancy intense yellow SI1, 10,10 carati

Three precious yellow for Picchiotti

Among the rings destined for engagement, marriage or anniversary by Picchiotti, emerge three exceptional diamonds fancy yellow ♦ ︎ Love does not want compromises. Especially for those who can afford […]

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White Gold Octagonal Emerald and Baguette and Round Diamond Ring

Picchiotti, new luxury Xpandable

New expansion of Picchiotti’s Xpandable collection: flexible rings with exceptional stones surrounded by diamonds ♦ ︎ Xpandable is one of Picchiotti’s most popular collections. The high-end jewelry Maison in Valenza […]

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Cushion green tourmaline (8.38 ct) peridots (1.99 ct) and diamond (3.32 ct) ring set in white gold

The color world of Picchiotti

The nuances of unique stones in Picchiotti’s Essentially Color collection ♦ ︎ Light is essentially color. And color forms the world through our eyes. So, in a logical sequence, the […]

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Ingresso alla messe

Baselworld: win or flop?

Baselworld 2018, number of visitors unchanged. Here’s who is happy and who is puzzled among jewelers ♦ ︎ It depends. The final judgment on Baselworld 2018 can be summarized as […]

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Ingresso principale allo spazio espositivo di Baselworld

Baselworld 2018, selection and news

Baselworld 2018 starts with the selection. But news jewelry are not lacking ♦ ︎ “The world is changing fast. Faced with this challenge, there are only two alternatives: to grow […]

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Anello in platino con diamanti baguette e diamante taglio cuscino

Picchiotti, brilliant to bridal

The new Picchiotti bridal collection, all diamond and precious stones ♦ ︎ The celebrations for the first 50 years of Picchiotti continue with a special new collection dedicated to the […]

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Las Vegas, Jck Show

Las Vegas plays jewelry

Las Vegas is the capital of jewels with Jck Show and Couture: there is also a piece of Italian jewelery industry ♦ In Las Vegas is the time of the Jck […]

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Picchiotti, bracciale in oro rosa con diamanti e onice

Picchiotti expands Xpandable

The Xpandable collection by Picchiotti expands with new colors, stones and materials ♦ The goldsmith art is more easy than technical innovation. Ornaments, stones, shapes, follow in 99 percent of the […]

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Anello L'Anfiteatro: rubino e diamanti su platino

The Amphitheatre by Picchiotti

Debuts at Baselworld the Amphitheatre ring, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Picchiotti brand. But not only. Few Italian brands summarize the ability to interpret the jewelry with a […]

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Anello con zaffiri rosa

Picchiotti blooms again

The Picchiotti work in progress: the best jewelry does not feel the passing time and evolves, as in the Rose collection. It is often said (a bit too often, in […]

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Xpandable, bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti e smalto nero

Picchiotti becomes more expansive

The tradition embraces the 21st century in the Xpandable collection by Picchiotti. A wide range of rings band and bracelets, to suit all sizes of wrists and fingers thanks to a […]

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Modelle con i gioielli Picchiotti

Larry Jewels and Picchiotti

In Hong Kong it was held a small wedding (at limited time) between Larry Jewels and Picchiotti. The Italian brand, in fact, was hosted to showcase their best pieces, presented […]

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Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

There will also be the designer Marco Dal Maso with its brand Marco Ta Moko, among jewelers selected from Neiman Marcus for The Italian Jewelry Festival, dedicated to the jewelry […]

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Picchiotti, orecchini con smeraldi

Picchiotti emerald colour

As we reported, Picchiotti, a leading brand of jewelery of Valenza, has focused on Hong Kong to present some of the most valuable pieces of its production (http://gioiellis.com/hong-kong-capitale-del-gioiello). As seen […]

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Unique Art Collection, collana di rubini e diamanti

A royal necklace for Picchiotti

As every year since 2007 Picchiotti unveils the Unique Art Collection, the top of its production of fine jewelry and for 2015 the best of the best is a necklace […]

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