La modella Lama AlaKeel indossa orecchini di FerriFirenze
La modella Lama AlaKeel indossa orecchini di FerriFirenze

Thus FerrariFirenze became FerriFirenze

Life is change, a continuous metamorphosis. And this is also the story of FerrariFirenze, an Italian brand known throughout the world which, surprisingly, decided to change its name a few months ago, without fanfare. Now the Tuscan jewelry brand is called FerriFirenze. Not only that: it has chosen the United Arab Emirates as its main market. The change is explained with the idea of shortening the original name, which referred to Giulio Ferrari, a skilled craftsman who founded the company in 2011 together with Ilaria Furlotti.

Pendente della collezione Allegra in oro 18 carati e diamanti champagne, ispirato ai giardini all'italiana
Pendant from the Allegra collection in 18k gold and champagne diamonds, inspired by Italian gardens

FerrariFirenze, now FerriFirenze, is precisely the fruit of the idea of Ilaria Furlotti, who was previously president of another Italian jewelery company, Alfieri & St Johns, then sold to the Damiani group and subsequently to a consortium of Lombard entrepreneurs. Ilaria Furlotti was also CEO of the Damas group, an international Middle Eastern retailer of Damas jewelery and watches: a link that proved invaluable. The birth of FerrariFirenze, based in Villa Corsi Salviati, a 15th century building in Sesto Fiorentino, a few kilometers from Florence, therefore marked a new professional season. Also thanks to an original style of jewellery, which often features mobile elements.
Anello della colelzione Allegra in oro, diamanti, lapislazzuli
Ring from the Allegra collection in gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli

The jewels are still produced entirely in the FerriFirenze laboratory. The company’s leadership, however, resides in Dubai. At the top, and owner of the brand, is now the founder’s daughter, Giulia Callegari, who moved to the shadow of the skyscrapers of the Arab country. A woman with a history that does not completely coincide with that of FerrariFirenze. Graduated in literature with full marks and honours, Giulia Callegari was a freelance journalist for fashion publications, then vice-president, e-commerce and luxury Asia Pacific for the communications giant Ogilvy, based in Hong Kong. Finally, she was marketing manager of Camper and Nicholson, a yachting company based in the Principality of Monaco, for which she still maintains a professional relationship. It is Giulia Callegari who decided to change the company brand and to focus heavily on the market of Arab countries. But without abandoning the connection with Tuscany, where the jewels are still designed and made. A metamorphosis, indeed.

Anello della collezione Soffio in oro e diamanti
Ring from the Soffio collection in gold and diamonds
Anello Emozione in oro 18 carati, diamanti champagne e smalto
Emozione ring in 18k gold, champagne diamonds and enamel
Giulia Callegari
Giulia Callegari

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