Yoko London, Aurora necklace
Yoko London, Aurora necklace. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The Northern Lights by Yoko London

The dawn is a time of day that has inspired poems, prayers, novels. It is inevitable that it can also inspire jewellery, such as those presented by Yoko London. The Aurora suite, composed of a magnificent necklace, earrings and ring, however refers to a rare and fascinating atmospheric phenomenon, the Northern Lights. Those who have visited the North of the world with a bit of luck have been able to admire the luminous bands in the night sky, which take on a wide range of shapes and colors, rapidly changing in time and space, usually of red-green tones. blue, also called auroral arches. The phenomenon is caused by the interaction of particles of solar origin with the Earth’s ionosphere. Upon meeting, the particles emit light of various wavelengths.

Anello Aurora con perle di Tahiti, South Sea e diamanti
Aurora ring with Tahitian, South Sea pearls and diamonds

Even the jewels in this small high jewelery set have the same slightly psychedelic effect. Yoko London, a maison specializing in pearls, uses spheres of different colors for this collection. The mix is made up of Tahitian and South Sea pearls, as well as freshwater pearls. Spheres that are illuminated by small diamonds mounted on white gold.
Orecchini Aurora
Aurora earrings

Collana aurora indossata
Aurora necklace worn

Michael Hakimian, Ceo di Yoko London. Copyright gioiellis.com
Michael Hakimian, Ceo Yoko London. Copyright gioiellis.com

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