Anelli by Eleonora Giordani
Anelli by Eleonora Giordani

Giving a ring as a gift: 10 mistakes not to make

Are you about to give a ring? Pay attention, because it is very easy to make mistakes. Here are the mistakes you should not commit when choosing a ring ♦

The occasion may be Christmas, or engagement, an anniversary or simply the desire to give a ring. But, attention: despite good intentions, giving a ring is a difficult action. Full of pitfalls. Of traps. And unfortunately, sometimes men make great mistakes: what should have been a moment of happiness turns into a disappointment or, worse, a reason for controversy. In short, attention. Here are the 10 mistakes that you should never commit when you give a ring.

Confezione Tiffany per anello personalizzata
Personalized Tiffany ring packaging

Error number 1: the style. The most feared mistake, both by women and by men, is the choice of a ring that is not in the style of the recipient. Of course, the thought is appreciated, but it is a pity to have spent some money on something that does not please. And this is a mistake that men tend to commit often, because they are not careful observers of what women choose. It is easier to get advice from a jeweler who does understand the style of your partner. The main advice, therefore, is to first carefully observe what kind of jewelry the woman wears to whom she wants to give the ring. In the case, you can take a picture of a jewel worn regularly to show to your jeweler.

Anello con rubini e diamanti di Graff
Ring with rubies and diamonds by Graff

Mistake number 2: poor jewelry. At the top of the ladder of things not to do is the cheap bijoux ring, perhaps bought from a street vendor. The ones that are so cheap that it seems fake. Because they are fake, in fact. Those rings are fine up to age 13. Besides, they are not to be given as gifts, not even as a joke. There is nothing worse for a woman to feel devalued with a ring that costs a few euros, even if the idea is that of a gift for fun. There are, however, also bijoux that do not cost a lot, but have a solid and well finished look.

Gioielleria durante il periodo natalizio
Jewelery shop during the Christmas period

Error number 3: used unsafe. Give a second-hand and ruined ring. Often, to save money, someone accepts the offer of rings that look good but, in reality, are simply cleaned and polished. Stones with scratches, which can only be noticed with a careful examination, small cracks, the metal that has small holes on the surface: these are all signs of a used jewel. And, of course, of little value, unless it is a special piece sold at auction. In that case it must be accompanied by the certified of the auction house that put it up for sale.

Anello vintage in oro giallo, con montato uno smeraldo colombiano di 10,37 carati
Vintage ring in yellow gold, mounted with a 10.37 carat Colombian emerald

Error number 4: inconsistent packaging. The illusion is fatal. Give a small box the size of the container of a classic engagement ring and find inside a jewel that does not correspond to expectations can cause a very strong (negative) emotional reaction. A box covered with satin or velvet, a ribbon that closes it: do not show up with this package if you have not put a ring in it that does not disappoint those who receive it. If the jewel is less noble, its’ ok just a small bag of colored cloth, which is already clear that does not contain an important ring.

Una confezione per anello
A simple ring package

Error number 5: wrong size. She opens the little box anxiously, inside there is the ring she has always wanted … But it is too wide. Or too tight. It is a mistake that ruins the atmosphere created by the gift. Moreover, it is not always possible to tighten or enlarge a ring and, often, it also risks ruining the jewel. Better, therefore, carefully take the size of the ring finger before going to the jeweler. The easiest way is to use the circumference of one of the most frequently used rings. Of course, if you do not live in common is not simple …

le misure degli anelli
Check the ring measurements

Error number 6: do not a gift. If your girl or woman expect to receive a gift ring, the worst thing is to keep putting off the moment. Every birthday or romantic dinner can be complicated by different expectations. Do not delay your gift: it could irreparably ruin the relationship.

È deludente non ricevere il regalo desiderato
It is disappointing not to receive the desired gift

Error number 7: give a ring too expensive. Women (except exceptions) are not so selfish as not to understand that there is a limit to everything. If your name isn’t Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, and the bank account gets thinner at the end of each month, avoid fainting by giving away too expensive a ring. The last thing your partner wants is to give up a holiday or a restaurant to make up for the ring shopping. The cost must be proportionate to the spending possibilities. That is, it should not reduce you to the pavement.

Anello con smeraldo e diamanti
Ring with emerald and diamonds

Error number 8: expect something in return. Especially that thing. When a man gives a ring he expects to stir up an emotion that translates into an open door to the bedroom. The ring can also arouse passion, but expecting the partner to turn into a mattress tiger is a wrong view. It does not work like this.

Anello in oro 18 carati di Marco Bicego
18k gold ring by Marco Bicego

Error number 9: to gift away a ring too soon. There are those who quickly conquer a woman and (if they can afford it) immediately goes into jewelry. There are some woman who might feel flattered, but also those who might have the feeling of being bought. Better not to rush the times before giving a ring of value.

Anello della collezione Amuleti di Nanis indossato
Ring from the Nanis Amulets collection

Error number 10: a ring with fake stone. It is very difficult to distinguish a true stone from a false one. But the moment may come (perhaps for a simple cleaning, or to widen the circle of the ring) that the jewel ends up in the hands of a jeweler, who notices the trick. Making a ring with a false stone is not a good strategy. Better a small diamond, but certified.

Anello in oro bianco e diamante a cuore della collezione Anniversary Love di Recarlo indossato
Anello in oro bianco e diamante a cuore della collezione Anniversary Love di Recarlo

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