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Damiani’s mimosas

Damiani’s mimosas

Masterpiece Mimosa collection by Damiani: goldsmiths virtuosity for jewels that flower on your body ♦ ︎ A mimosa is not only given on March 8, the day of the women’s […]

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Bracciali in oro bianco, lapislazzuli, malachite, lapislazzuli, madreperla e diamanti

Damiani has a new D.Side

Damiani renews the D.Side collection designed by Brad Pitt in 2001 ♦ ︎ Created in 2001 by Brad Pitt, Damiani’s D.Side collection has been a classic for 15 years. Now, […]

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Damiani, anello con un round-cornered rectanguale fancy blue da 2,52 carati è montato su oro rosa e completato da diamanti bianchi e brown

Damiani’s butterflies

The butterflies € 1 million price signed by Damiani fly to the Venice Film Festival ♦ ︎ The Venice Film Festival is a stage for actors and actresses. And there […]

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Alessio Boschi, orecchino Palio, chiuso

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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Bloody Mary (1986). Maria Tudor ispira questo collier che ricorda le antiche gorgiere elisabettiane. La variazione cromatica dell'oro brunito e dell'oro giallo, i 1121 diamanti taglio brillante e a taglio baguette, per un totale di 88 carati, interpretano l'intreccio di tessuti e ricami. Una lavorazione molto impegnativa ha modellato l'oro come onde sulle quali sono incastonate le pietre: il metallo sembra una soffice stoffa

Damiani looks for goldsmiths and setters. Here’s where to send your request

Jewelers in career: Damiani organizes courses for setters and goldsmiths at the desk. You are interested? Then write to… ♦︎ Do you want to become gem setters? Would you like to […]

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Jérôme Favier

Jérôme Favier will leads Damiani

At the head of the Damiani group a new CEO arrives, Jérôme Favier, will push on the internationalization ♦ ︎ Space for managers. Damiani, the largest Italian jewelery group, introduces […]

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Da sinistra, Giorgio Damiani, Silvia Damiani e Guido Grassi Damiani

Damiani, new production center in Valenza

Damiani expands itself and acquires the Valenza trade fair: it will become a productive center ♦ ︎ Damiani buys a fair. But not to organize fairs: the 12,000 square meters […]

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Damiani, anello della collezione D.Icon

Damiani pink with D.Icon

An extra pink ring in Damiani’s D.Icon collection. Here are pictures and prices ♦ ︎ Damiani expands the D.Icon family, the collection of the Piedmontese brand that uses the marriage […]

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Silvia Damiani riceve l'onorificenza dal console d'Italia, Marcello Fondi

(Italiano) La Stella per Silvia Damiani

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Lydia Courteille, anello doppio, Bracciale in oro rosa, rodocrosite, spinelli, zaffiri orange, rubini, diamanti neri

How to wear the two fingers ring

How to wear two fingers ring: they are fashionable, they are beautiful, they are showy. But the contraindication is … ♦ ︎ A ring for two fingers. It seems a […]

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Paula Crevoshay, spilla a forma di fiore con zaffiri orange e gialli

Flower power jewelry

Jewels and flowers: an eternal bond, but that each jeweler interprets in his own way. Here are the jewels of flower power ♦ The link between flowers and jewelry is […]

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Fabrizio Riva, oro rosa 18 carati, con diamanti bianchi e brown

Fabrizio Riva, design without end

The jewels of the designer with many passions Fabrizio Riva ♦ Milan, the capital of the design and point to start Fabrizio Riva, long-time designers and not just jewelry. He has […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo e diamanti fancy

On the Moon with Damiani

Damiani’s Spicchi di Luna collection is divided into many versions as the crescent moon, each for a different woman ♦ ︎ If the woman has been approached to the moon […]

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Damiani, particolare dell'orologio

A masterpiece among Damiani’s Margherita

In Paris Damiani presents the enriched Margherita collection and a watch-bracelet, a unique piece masterpiece ♦ High fashion, high jewelery: the wedding is consumed every year in France, on the […]

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Anello Battito di Salvini

Valentine’s Day with Battito

Salvini for Valentine’s Day proposes Battito, a ring with diamond. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Valentine’s Day arrives, comes the right-duty to give a jewel, it’s time to choose. On […]

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Damiani, Minou, anello solitario in oro bianco. Prezzo: a partire da 1490 euro

Damiani, the 10 least expensive rings

The ten cheapest rings for marriage or engagement signed Damiani ♦ ︎ Lunch, invitations, guests, decorations, organization, relatives, friends, colleagues and… Marriage can be transformed (and often happens) into a […]

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La boutique Rocca di via Roma

(Italiano) Rocca brilla a Torino

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Damiani, croci scomponibili della collezione Belle Epoque

Damiani, Belle Epoque detachable

The Belle Epoque of Damiani is enriched with a detachable collier. Here are images and prices of collection ♦ Belle Epoque is not just that of the late nineteenth century, […]

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Bracciali della collezione Segni di Salvini

The Signs of Salvini

Salvini’s Segni collection for anyone who wants to communicate something besides wearing a jewel ♦ ︎ Life is made of signs. Everyone wears signs with the choice of their clothing, […]

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Unoaerre, bracciale in bronzo dorato Venus

Jewelry, financial statements between gold and lead

Jewelery financial statements are not all gold according to Pambianco ♦ The 2016 was not a golden year for jewelery, but not too bad. A round of informal phone calls […]

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