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Bracciale friendship

Friends with La Petite Story

It is called La Petite Story, but the success of this brand seems to be large. Launched a couple of years ago by the Morellato group, this line of bijoux […]

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Orecchini della collezione Insieme

Winter Together with Morellato

Jewelery to wear every day, morning, evening or afternoon. Undemanding jewels, with a low price, but which can contribute to your outfit. This is the goal of Morellato’s autumn-winter 2020 […]

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Orecchini della collezione Natura

Flowers and Nature by Morellato

Nature becomes the theme of the new Morellato collection which is called Natura. But it is a floral nature: the stylized petals lead the sign of the 925 silver bijoux […]

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Bracciale groumette con cristalli

Morellato’s groumette format

Back to the Future. To be precise in the Eighties, when large chains were necessarily part of the women’s jewels box. Not that it has changed much, after all: the […]

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Orecchino a borchia

New mono earrings with La Petite Story

La Petite Story is the name of a brand of the Morellato group that uses three different languages: Italian (la), French (petite) and English (story). The international mix works and […]

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Orecchini della collezione 1930

90 years of Morellato with the 1930 collection

Morellato turns 90. An important birthday for the Padua-based brand, which has become increasingly important over the years. To celebrate the birthday, the Maison led by Massimo Carraro launches the […]

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La Petite Story, orecchini lettere

Exigo: 119 earrings with La Petite Story

The world is beautiful because it is varied. Almost like the Exigo collection of the La Petit Story brand of the Morellato group. In fact, with the new extension of […]

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Orecchini con perle e gemme rosa

Gems and pearls with Morellato

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets: light jewels in terms of weight and price: they are those of the new Morellato collection called Gemma Perla. The Venetian brand that offers affordable jewelry […]

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Collana con elementi azzurri

The Fiore collection by Morellato

Spring collection for Morellato. The brand that offers accessible jewelry proposes the Fiore line, which accepts the inspiration of nature for necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the shape of rounds […]

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Bracciale con beads rosa azzurri

Morellato’s tree of life

The jewels of the Morellato, Tree of Life collection, are inspired by the image that has been occurring for centuries between religions and myths of different populations. The tree represents […]

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Bracciale con ciondolo delfino

Animals to protect with La Petite Story

La Petite Story, jewelry brand of the Morellato group, is one of the successes of the last few years. Launched a little muted a couple of years ago, it proved […]

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Negozio D'Amante a Verona

Morellato buys the D’Amante chain of jewelers

First it bought Mister Watch, then the French chain of stores Cleor, and now, in February, it is the turn of the D’Amante jeweler stores: Morellato scored a new impressive […]

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Anelli della collezione Loto

With Morellato the Lotus blossoms again

For Morellato, spring has the flavor of oriental fairy tales with the collection inspired by lotus flowers. Spring marks the rebirth of the natural world and the lotus, after all, […]

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Morellato buys the French store chain Cleor

Morellato buys the French store chain Cleor

The Morellato group acquires the French retail chain Cleor for 50 million. And it pushes towards internationalization ♦ ︎ Morellato with the accent on the final “o”. Pronounced in French. […]

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Orecchini Cuori in argento

The double heart of Morellato

The Cuore di Morellato collection: the classic symbol of love doubles ♦ ︎ Guess what shape the jewels of the Cuore di Morellato collection have? It can only be, of […]

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Bracciale con metallo dorato e perla barocca

Baroque pearls for Morellato

The Oriente collection by Morellato, baroque pearls at super affordable prices ♦ When the world was big and wide for the Westerners the East was mysterious. Now that the world […]

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Orecchini in due colorazioni

The leaves of Morellato

Autumn leaves in the silver collection by Morellato ♦ ︎ Autumn is the season of the leaves. Yes, trees and bushes have them all year in some cases. But it […]

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Morellato, collana in argento 925‰ con pendente PVD rose gold a forma di cuore che racchiude charm a forma di albero della vita. Prezzo: 79 euro

Morellato in a Scrigno d’Amore

The bijoux in the Scrigno d’Amore collection by Morellato: silver and cubic zirconia with a pinch of secret ♦ ︎ A treasure chest always keeps something precious. The exception is […]

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Bracciale tennis con cuore

Tennis for Morellato

Morellato’s silver and cubic zirconia tennis bracelets at an affordable price ♦ ︎ Tennis bracelets have always had the charm of jewelery combined not only with the sport from which […]

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Colette Jewelry, anello chevalier con diamanti champagne

The come back of the chevalier

The chevalier ring is back in fashion. Discover the meaning and what are the characteristics of the chevalier ring ♦ Chevalier in French, signet or pinky ring in English, seal […]

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