3.20 ct Colombian emerald without clarity enhancement, sets the stage for this striking 3 stone emerald cut ring
3.20 ct Colombian emerald without clarity enhancement, sets the stage for this striking 3 stone emerald cut ring

Deheres, the maximum without borders

High jewelery in Hong Kong, Italy, France and Belgium: the international history of Dehres ♦ ︎

Living in Edinburgh, but staying in Hong Kong, traveling to New York, stopping in Antwerp, working in Tel Aviv. This strange global combination is the normal status of Dehres, an important global supplier of large diamonds, but also of high-end jewelery. The company is owned by the Zion family. By the way: if you wonder what the name Deheres means, know that it is simply the acronym of the initials of the Zion family: Daniela, Ephraim (the founder), Hannah, Ronen, Erez and Simon.

Working in the large diamond trade has given jewelers an advantage in making big jewels.

Anello con zaffiro padparadscha e diamanti
Ring with padparadscha sapphire and diamonds

But there are not only diamonds: even the classic precious stones, as long as they are of exceptional quality and size, are the heritage of Deheres, who has design and manufacture of jewels in France and Italy, as well as in Hong Kong, where the company is based in Edinburgh Tower Landmark. Needless to add that jewels of this type are at the top not only for quality, but also for price. The style of the jewels is the classic one: gold, impeccable cuts, no savings on the price.

Spilla art déco con diamanti e zaffiri dello Sri Lanka
Art deco brooch with diamonds and sapphires from Sri Lanka

Ephraim Zion started in Israel as a diamond cutter. He then moved to New York to become one of the most sought after diamond cutters known. In 1971, at the age of 25, he joined his family in the Asia-based diamond and gemstone trade. The company has become one of the largest suppliers in Asia in just a few years.

Anello con tormalina fucsia e diamanti
Ring with fuchsia tourmaline and diamonds
Collana con diamanti bianchi e pendente con diamante rosa
White diamond necklace and pink diamond pendant
Anello con un raro diamante blu circondato da diamanti rosa e gambo di diamanti bianchi
Ring with a rare blue diamond surrounded by pink diamonds and a shank of white diamonds
Orecchini con diamanti gialli
Earrings with yellow diamonds
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti
Earrings with emeralds and diamonds
Orecchini con zaffirie diamanti
Earrings with sapphires and diamonds

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