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Anello Gulfstream in oro bianco, ornato di uno smeraldo ottagonale  verde brillante  da 3,52 carati proveniente dalla Colombia, zaffiri tondi e baguette, smeraldi tondi, tormaline Paraiba e diamanti taglio brillante

The waves of the sea for Chaumet high jewelery

For over a century, Chaumet has been a pillar of Place Vendôme, the Parisian square that is the temple of high jewelery. The Maison, famous among other things for its […]

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Spilla Soleil Doré in oro bianco, oro giallo, diamanti e diamanti gialli

Among the stars with Chanel in 1932

Time travel has always been a human being’s dream. Together with another fantasy, that of space travel, among the stars. Put these two aspirations together and you can understand the […]

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Bracciale Feuillage in alluminio, diamanti,  tormalina verde da 37,97 carati

A natural woman for Boucheron

A natural woman is not only impervious to prejudices and prepackaged roles, but also sensitive to the elements of nature. The basic ones: wood, sand, wind. Starting from here Boucheron, […]

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L'anello dedicato a Madurai Gapuram dedicato a Shiva aperto. Il serpente in zaffiro rosa simboleggia la semi divinità Naga

The Indian Song by Lydia Courteille

In 1300 there was Marco Polo. Today, there is Lydia Courteille. With one fundamental difference: the first was a merchant who had gone to the East with the aim of […]

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Africa. Spilla in oro bianco, perla naturale conch, zaffiro, granato, onice, diamanti

The wonderful nature according to Mikimoto

Geography lesson according to Mikimoto. What are the five continents of the world? Africa, America, Australia, Eurasia, Antarctica. The new high jewelry collection of the Japanese Maison, famous for its […]

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Il bracciale-orologio Extravagant Touch

Piaget celebrates a luxurious Solstice

In times when sustainability has an increasingly important value, and in which light becomes a precious tool for generating energy, Piaget is on the right wavelength. Okay, that of the […]

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Jessica Chastain con collana e orecchini Gucci

Gucci’s journey to the Hortus Deliciarum

The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hortus Deliciarum, was a medieval manuscript written by Herrad of Landsberg an Alsatian nun from Hohenburg Abbey, better known today as Mont Sainte-Odile. It was […]

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Anello Falbala, oro rodiato nero e spinelli

Philippe Lauras’ fine jewelry ribbons

It’s nice to take flight. Philippe Lauras has produced works for Maison such as Jar, Fred, Harry Winston, Van Cleef et Arpels, Marina Bulgari … At a certain point in […]

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Spilla con zaffiri, diamanti e smeraldi

Dior high jewelry with Print

Victoire de Castellane has the merit of surprising without limitations to the aesthetics of her high jewelry. As is now tradition, Dior presented its couture collections in Paris with a […]

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Anello con petali ricoperti di zaffiri rosa e un diamante da 2 carati all'interno

Chopard high jewelery for the Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, not only films are in competition, but also jewels. There is, however, a Maison that wins every year: it is Chopard, which has been a […]

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Le modelle Qun Ye, Aya Jones e Grace Elizabeth con collane della collezione Graffabulous

Graffabulous, Graff’s magnificent jewels

Puns, puns, are a lovable trait of the British people. The londoner super jeweler Graff also takes part in this hobby, launching his high-end collection under the name of Graffabulous, […]

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La modella Gal Gadot indossa orecchini e collana della collezione Botanica

Tiffany’s Botanica worn by Gal Gadot

Botany is the science that studies plants. But also the new high jewelry collection by Tiffany. Botanica is the name of the Blue Book 2022 line, which brings together the […]

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Anello caratterizzato da uno straordinario rubino birmano cabochon naturale non riscaldato da 20,24 carati e da 6,94 carati di diamanti tondi taglio brillante e incolori a forma di aquilone incastonati in platino

Bayco’s new high jewelery

High jewelery at the event dedicated to high jewelery. It’s obvious, for Bayco. The New York Maison was present among the 18 brands of Haute Jewels Geneva. And, of course, […]

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Anello Nuit d'éternité con zaffiri e diamanti

The incredible jewels by Mad

Mad, but not mad. If anything creative. The Parisian designer Alix Dumas is one of the novelties on the high jewelery stage. In 2020 she founded Mad, her Maison specializing […]

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Bracciale Gran Pheasants in oro bianco, smeraldi, diamanti

The Gilan’s treasures in the city of Topkapi

In Istanbul, the high jewelery of Gilan, which can be compared with the great European Houses ♦ ︎ The city in the past was the capital of three empires (Roman, […]

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Anello Galons Dior,  oro bianco, diamanti, rubini, lacca rossa

The stripes of Dior high jewelry

A galon, in French, indicates a strip of interwoven fabric used as an ornament for clothes or furnishings. For example, stripes that are a hallmark of the ranks worn on […]

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Il collier Le Magnétisme, con uno zaffiro giallo taglio cuscino da 20,29 carati dello Sri Lanka, con due file di tormaline rosa, arancio e gialle, per un totale di 152,86 carati

Louis Vuitton, high jewelry with Bravery II

One way to be appreciated by others is to love yourself. If, then, it is a brand celebrated all over the world, emphasizing its exclusivity becomes almost an obligation. This […]

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Alta gioielleria by Fawaz Gruosi, collana e anello con smeraldi e diamanti

Highest fantasy and high jewelry: Fawaz Gruosi is come back

Years go by but Fawaz Gruosi’s talent is fresh as a rose. The jeweler is one of the few capable not only of creating extraordinary pieces, but also of introducing […]

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Orecchini indossati della collezione Histoire de Style: New Maharajahs

Boucheron, high jewelry is inspired by the maharajas

The jewels of the maharajas are part of the collective imagination. And not only those that the kings of the various states that made up ancient India personally wore but, […]

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Dettaglio del collier di Chanel

A super Chanel necklace preview of the 1932 collection

The high fashion shows serve to show unique pieces, sometimes exemplary of a series of dresses created on a theme. Chanel has decided to adopt more or less the same […]

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