Anello tartaruga
Anello tartaruga

Color rings for Giovanni Raspini

Silver in color: Spring 2024 brings four new shades to the Maison Giovanni Raspini. Among the new collections proposed by the Tuscan brand, rings that use the contrast between metal and colored gems stand out. It is no coincidence that the mini collection is simply called Anelli Color. The jewels use burnished silver, the house specialty, cast with the ancient lost wax technique, together with hydrothermal quartz: that is, they are synthetic stones created in the laboratory based on the model of natural ones.

Anello serpente
Snake ring

There are four Color Rings and they fit into Giovanni Raspini’s animalier trend. The jewels show four different decorations, which embrace the stone and above the settings, embellished with a vegetal frieze. The Leopard (along with citrine-colored quartz), the Snake (amethyst-colored quartz), the Sea Turtle (aquamarine-colored quartz) and the Crocodile (green-colored quartz) are represented. The rings are available in different sizes and are sold for 340 euros.
Anello leopardo
Leopard ring

Anello coccodrillo
Crocodile ring

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