Pendente La Papessa Tarot Card, 18k yellow-gold, angelite, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, moonstone, diamonds
Pendente La Papessa Tarot Card, 18k yellow-gold, angelite, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, moonstone, diamonds

Sorellina loves the daring

The brand in New York Sorellina, by Nicole’s and Kim Carosella’s, born for daring women ♦ ︎

Sorellina is an Italian word meaning little sister, but it is also an affectionate way of expressing a very intimate woman friend. In the case of Sorellina, the two aspects coincide. To use the Italian language are two Sisters of Long Island, near New York, Nicole and Kim Carosella. The surname, indeed, indicates the origin of the family in the country that created the Pisa Tower and invented the pizza (that would be enough for a sympaty for Italy). Their jewels are highly appreciated: Sorellina came first in the Best in Platinum category at the Couture Design Awards in 2023.

La collana in platino, perle, diamanti, zaffiri vincitrice nella categoria Best in Platinum ai Couture Design Awards 2023
The platinum, pearl, diamond and sapphire necklace winner in the Best in Platinum category at the 2023 Couture Design Awards

Nicole and Kim had also as when were little girls, they tell, passion for design, art and, of course, jewels. Nicole studied Fine Arts, but in California, especially photography. Then, he began collecting vintage jewels and studied jewelery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Kim, the youngest, studied art history at the University of New Orleans. Afterwards, he chose to live in Florence, Italy.
After, the experiences of the two sisters have come transformed in Sorellina, which proposes “jewels neither thin nor discrete”. In contrast, Sorellina’s pieces are bold, with a mix of female and masculine, vintage and modern style.

Orecchini in oro, tormalina blu e lapislazzuli intagliati
Carved gold, blue tourmaline and lapis lazuli earrings
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Anello cocktail in oro giallo, tanzanite, zaffiri blu e diamanti
Cocktail ring in yellow gold, tanzanite, blue sapphires and diamonds
Pendente La Papessa Owl in oro giallo, acquamarina intagliata, diamanti
La Papessa Owl pendant in yellow gold, carved aquamarine, diamonds
Pendente La Forza Piccola Tarot Card, in oro giallo, malachite, zaffiro orange e rosa, diamanti
La Forza Piccola Tarot Card pendant, in yellow gold, malachite, orange and pink sapphire, diamonds

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