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Bracciale Mini Bowl con argento e lava

Giovanni Raspini between silver and lava

The hammered silver balls of Giovanni Raspini’s Mini Bowl bracelets ♦ ︎ Spheres, balls, globes: which other geometric element is more used in jewelry? Maybe the ring. If you then […]

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Giovanni Raspini, anello in argento

Giovanni Raspini with Paillettes

The Paillettes collection by Giovanni Raspini: silver to offer a moment of lightness ♦ Sequins, or paillettes in lingua francese, are associated with parties, moments of fun, frivolity. Therefore, it’s […]

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Collana rigida in argento

The Panthers by Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini’s panthers: silver becomes a shining sculpture ♦ ︎ Sometimes the jewels roar. The big cats, in fact, are among the favorite subjects of designers, artisans or big Maison. […]

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Collana in argento, opali, cristallo di rocca della collezione Nautilus

Giovanni Raspini at the sea with the Nautilus

The sea seen through the Giovanni Raspini Nautilus collection: silver, opal and rock crystal ♦ ︎ You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess what is the leitmotif […]

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Bracciale della collezione Maui

Giovanni Raspini in Hawaii

Giovanni Raspini’s Maui line: silver with mother of pearl and quartz for iridescent colors ♦ ︎ Giovanni Raspini always plays the same instrument, but notes and music are different. As […]

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Da sinistra, Matteo Marzotto, Lorenzo Cagnoni, Ugo Ravanelli, ad di Ieg

VicenzaOro, among the news there is the farewell of Marzotto

The vice president of Ieg, Matteo Marzotto, leaves the company with controversy, while they preparing the edition of VicenzaOro January ♦ ︎ There are already the first changes for the […]

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Orecchini della collezione Super Bowl

Giovanni Raspini in the field with the golden Super Bowl

New pieces of the Super Bowl collection by Giovanni Raspini: there is also a golden version ♦ ︎ In the USA the Super Bowl is the final of the National […]

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Bracciale della collezione Amazzonia

Giovanni Raspini in the Amazon

A trip to the Amazon with the new jewelry collection designed by Giovanni Raspini ♦ ︎ If you love nature you are certainly fascinated by the mysterious Amazonia. A plant […]

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Pendente Vanitas del Mare in argento dorato e pietre naturali montate in fusione

Giovanni Raspini Vanitas

The Vanitas collection by Giovanni Raspini: burnished or gilded silver to represent ironic skulls ♦ ︎ Vanitas, Latin word which means vanity. Needless. Because life is short and everything passes. […]

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Bracciale con citrini

Giovanni Raspini in Drops

Giovanni Raspini’s Gocce (Drops), silver and natural stones to cool the summer ♦ ︎ Drops of rain, drops of the sea waves, drops of a cold drink on a summer […]

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Giovanni Raspini, bracciale The Queen

The Queen of Giovanni Raspini

A collection of silver jewelery by Giovanni Raspini dedicated to the queen. Which? But to the British one, of course ♦ ︎ It is no coincidence: the opening of the […]

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Giovanni Raspini, bracciale in argento

Silver tree for Giovanni Raspini

Leaves and branches silver in the Tree of Life collection by Giovanni Raspini ♦ ︎ The jewels of Giovanni Raspini have silver as their common denominator. Indeed, the white and […]

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Collana a cinque fili di Giovanni Raspini

Raspini for three

The mini collection Village signed by Giovanni Raspini: silver and transparent natural stones ♦ ︎ A mini collection, but with something new to say. For a specialist like Giovanni Raspini, […]

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Collana della collezione Via Lattea

The Milky Way of Giovanni Raspini

The Milky Way seen by Giovanni Raspini: a silver and labradorite collection ♦ ︎ There are five new collections for the winter 2017-2018 by Giovanni Raspini. The florentine company specializing […]

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Bracciale in argento con pasta di corallo e cristalli Swarovski

Raspini opens a store in London and dives in Ibiza

The Tuscan brand Raspini (silver jewelery) opens the first store in London and presents the Ibiza collection ♦ ︎ Giovanni Raspini is a name that in Italian also has a […]

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Orecchini della collezione Blue Note

Giovanni Raspini plays with Blue Note

The Blue Note collection by Giovanni Raspini: silver, but golden. Images and prices ♦ The blue note is a very special note that you find found in jazz and blues. From […]

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Giovanni Raspini, bracciale  in argento

Giovanni Raspini blooms

Fiori d’Alba: a new collection by silver jewelry designer Giovanni Raspini. Spheres that resemble those white balls sprouting in the meadows, with a corolla that is lost when you blow (in […]

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Milan Unchained

Milan Unchained

Chains, chains, chains: 150 jewelry made with interlaced rings in the exhibition Scatenata (Unchained), in Milan. If you love jewelry made with chains, Homi has opened in Milan Scatenata (Unchained), […]

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Anello grande Oceano

Raspini on waves of the Oceano

The new Oceano collection by Giovanni Raspini: silver reflections of the sea with light blue and blue stones. If you think about the sea waves have silver brushstrokes. The foam […]

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Collana Bambù

Raspini, bamboo to wear

The new silver jewelry of Giovanni Raspini: the Bamboo collection. He who loves silver wants to feel its texture, admire the shine, and feel it. And there are even those who […]

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