Bracciale in acciaio con finitura color oro
Bracciale in acciaio con finitura color oro

Breil’s Valentine’s Day jewels

The metaphor is that of the knot, symbol of a close and indivisible bond, imagined to be consciously accepted in the couple’s relationship: with this idea Breil proposes the Tie Up line in view of Valentine’s Day 2024. The Valentine’s Day, marked by special evenings, perhaps combined with a gift for your partner, it therefore takes on a symbolic value even in the choice of jewellery. The Tie Up collection, like the previous B&ME Knot Love line, still focuses on the concept of the shape of the metal that curves to form a knot, but not only that. Another element that marks the collection concerns a reworking of the chain.

Bracciale in acciaio
Steel bracelet

Necklaces and bracelets in this case are attached with elongated elements. In the case of necklaces, the adjustable closure allows you to easily change the size. Breil jewelery is made of polished steel, also in the version with a gold-coloured finish. The price of the necklaces is 119 euros, the bracelet 79 euros, for the ring it drops to 45 euros.
Anelli della linea Tie Up
Rings from the Tie Up line

Collana in acciaio con finitura color oro
Steel necklace with gold-colored finish

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