Bracciale Chakra Serpente

New Chakras by Brosway

Chakra is probably the most successful Brosway collection, so much so that it is periodically re-proposed with new jewellery, which looks like amulets. In fact, the very name of the collection refers to the world of oriental spirituality, even if the word chakra has nothing to do with amulets and lucky charms, but with esoteric ideas and concepts on physiology and psychic centers that emerged in Indian traditions.

Due collane della collezione Chakra
Two necklaces from the Chakra collection

In any case, the novelties of the Brosway Chakra collection this time are centered on the shape of the snake, synonymous with transformation and rebirth, as well as symbol of the house of Slytherin in the Harry Potter saga. The jewels in the collection are made of 316L steel in two versions: with a natural finish, or 14-karat gold PVD. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from the line also use small crystals placed in the position of the snake’s eyes. The prices are, as always, very low: a necklace is offered for sale at 34 euros.
Bracciale in acciaio con finitura pvd oro
Steel bracelet with gold PVD finish

Orecchini in acciaio Chakra
Chakra steel earrings
Bracciale rigido in acciaio con finitura pvd oro
Rigid steel bracelet with gold PVD finish
Bracciale in acciaio Chakra
Chakra steel bracelet

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