Orecchino della collezione Lampedusa
Orecchino della collezione Lampedusa

The bijoux of Lolli G

The very Milanese bijoux of Lolli G, a brand founded by Lorenza Guerzoni ♦ ︎

If there is one thing that identifies Milan, in addition to fashion, design and panettone, it is the diminutives and endearments that have accompanied many Milanese since birth. For example, the original names change to Bibi, Dodo, Dado and so on. Or Lolli. Like that of Lorenza Guerzoni who, after studying media languages, in 2018 chose the path of bijoux. In short, Lolli Bijoux, which later transformed into Lolli G, was born with a Milanese imprinting like the Duomo or the saffron risotto, even if the bijoux that she proposes have an international imprint.

Anello della collezione Lampedusa con argento placcato oro e cubic zirconia
Ring from the Lampedusa collection with gold-plated silver and cubic zirconia

Without neglecting the quality of the materials used, I wanted to give shape to a line that could be accessible to everyone. In fact, I believe it is important for women of any age to allow themselves the luxury of having more jewellery, to wear depending on the occasion and the mood of the day.
Lorenza Guerzoni

The bijoux, with a typical entrepreneurial attitude also very Milanese, are sold online. The collections are all handmade in 925 silver, with 18k yellow and rose gold plating and semi-precious stones, the style is modern, of sure impact for a young audience. And the prices are affordable.

Bracciale Lampedusa Queen in argento placcato oro e cubic zirconia multicolori
Lampedusa Queen bracelet in gold-plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia
Collana in argento placcato oro e cubic zirconia multicolori
Necklace in gold plated silver and multicolored cubic zirconia
Piercing set
Piercing set

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