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Collana in metallo Ip gold

Breil in golden chain

The slightly transgressive girl grows up and also changes style. Or rather, she adjusts it to her new status. The new Breil collection, Hyper, abandons the dark tones of the […]

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Collane trasformabili della collezione Kaleido

Breil’s steel with the colors of Kaleido

Invented in the early nineteenth century by the Scotsman David Brewster, the kaleidoscope derives from the ancient Greek word kalos, beautiful. The kaleidoscope instrument, which has also become a game […]

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Collane della collezione Breil Magnetica System

Breil becomes modular

Breil Magnetica System is a suite of four basic elements that can be combined in seven models, five styles and many combinations. The new proposal from Breil, a Binda Italia […]

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Massimiliano Bonoli (immagine da Pinterest)

Jewels and secrets of Massimiliano Bonoli

Drawings, secrets and innovations by Massimo Bonoli, winner of Andrea Palladio as The Best Italian Jewelery Designer 2018. It is the “pencil” of Mattia Cielo, Breil, Recarlo … ♦ ︎ […]

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La collezione New Snake, indossato

The new Snakes by Breil reach up to 2 meters in length

A snake is forever, like diamonds. Breil, the brand of the Binda group, thinks like so, and a couple of seasons ago it launched with successful the Snake collection. They […]

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Tre anelli della collezione Rockers di Breil

Jewelry for Rockers with Breil

The world of music, young and uninhibited, in the Rockers Ext collection by Breil ♦ ︎ The world of Breil is composed of beautiful girls, young men ready for transgression, […]

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Il bracciale New Snake Steel

New Snakes in the Breil family

New bracelets from Breil’s Snake collection: here are the features and prices ♦ ︎ The Breil snake family is expanding. The newcomer is a maxi-size snake: longer, but with a […]

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Micro bracciale con 8 sfere in shungite e con elementi in acciaio Ip gold

Unisex Breil

From Breil unisex rings and bracelets in steel and with the addition of the black shungite ♦ ︎ Gender fluidity is in vogue: fashion shows are often characterized by glacial […]

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Orecchini in pvd black

Breil for charming witches

Necklaces, earrings, ring and bracelet from Breil’s B Witch collection, images and prices ♦ ︎ Once the witches were banned. A few centuries later, perhaps thanks to the Harry Potter […]

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Breil, bracciale-collana

Breil lengthens Snake

Breil extends the Snake collection with Blue Denim colors and with the unisex version Gent. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Take away everything to her, but not his Snake. As […]

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Bracciale in acciaio con pendente ed elementi  IP gun

Love weights kilos with Breil

Jewels for lovers according to Breil: love is weighed with the Kilos of Love collection ♦ All right, love is a feeling. But why not weigh it? After all, it […]

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New Snake intrecciato

The temptation of the Breil snake

New Snake, a metallic snake of Breil wraps around the wrist, neck, waist and … ♦ Adopt a serpent for a friend. This is suggested by Breil, a brand of the […]

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Breil, collezione Stones

A tailor-made Valentine’s Day for Breil

The Valentine’s Day by Breil with the Stones collection. Images and price ♦ ︎ For San Valentino Breil proposes his idea of ​​success, Stones. As the name suggests, it is […]

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Raz Degan con gioielli Breil

(Italiano) Sono Breil i gioielli di Raz Degan

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Breil Stones do-it-yourself

Breil Stones, steel jewelry with interchangeable stones in 2000 combinations: images and price. Think about a steel bracelet or a necklace. Think about a double magnet. It also you think at […]

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Breil Skyfall,  bracciale in acciaio lucido con catene di diverso stile e chiusura a moschettone. Prezzo: 71 euro

Cascata di acciaio per Breil 

Toglietemi tutto, ma non la mia parure Skyfall di Breil. È composta da luminose catene in acciaio per orecchini, bracciale e due modelli di collana: una più corta, che si accorcia come uno […]

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Una precedente edizione del corso per designer di gioielli

Come diventare designer di gioielli

Volete diventare designer di gioielli? Ecco il corso che fa per voi: a gennaio 2015 inizia la nuova edizione (la nona) del Corso di Alta Formazione in Design del Gioiello, […]

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Breil, collana Back to Stones

Esclusivo: la nuova collezione Breil

Si chiama Back to Stones. È la collezione di Breil composta da sei collane di diverse dimensioni, un pendente, due orecchini, un anello e tre bracciali. Celebra il ritorno alle […]

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Breil in cinque colori

Breil in cinque colori

Acciaio e un pizzico di colore (e di segreto) per Breil. Il brand lancia la collana e pendente Secretly. Il gioiello è composto da due elementi in acciaio bilux, che […]

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