Anello in argento e cubic zirconia
Anello in argento e cubic zirconia

Sovrani’s bijoux

Silver and gold-plated brass are the elements that make up the menu of Sovrani, an Italian brand of bijoux and jewelry at an affordable price. Chains, stones and crystals, simple and immediate geometries are used for collections that can immediately meet the favor of the public are the distinctive elements of the brand. The jewels are made in Recanati, a town in the Marche region (Italy) is famous as the homeland of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, but also for its production of silver objects and jewels.

Orecchini della collezione  Fashion Mood
Earrings from the Fashion Mood collection

Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique
Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique

Sovrani was born in 1996 becoming in a few years the reference for gift items in 925 silver and, from 2010 also for bijoux, with its first collection of silver jewels. In 2013, then, the entrepreneurs Sandro and Silvano Bravi, brought together three companies from the sector in the sector (Valenti, Mida and Sovrani) under the same roof, with integrated back-office, production, logistics and distribution activities. An operation that has made Sovrani a more competitive company.

Collana della linea Fashion Mood
Necklace from the Fashion Mood line
Bracciale della linea Cristal Magique
Bracelet from the Cristal Magique line
Orecchini della linea Cristal Magique
Earrings from the Cristal Magique line
Collana della linea Cristal Magique
Necklace from the Cristal Magique line

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