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Pendente portafortuna Sole e Luna in oro 18 carati, smalto e vetro colorato

Carol Kauffmann plays cards

Everyone hopes, sooner or later, for a stroke of luck. Even those who do not believe in luck hope so and then, perhaps, bet on something, or make superstitious gestures. […]

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Orecchini in ottone placcato argento e oro

The bijoux by Katerina Psoma

Innovative bijoux by the Greek designer Katerina Psoma, between fashion, design and classicism ♦ When she was 15 Katerina Psoma loved spending time in her mother’s fashion boutique in Athens. […]

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Spilla Soleil Doré in oro bianco, oro giallo, diamanti e diamanti gialli

Among the stars with Chanel in 1932

Time travel has always been a human being’s dream. Together with another fantasy, that of space travel, among the stars. Put these two aspirations together and you can understand the […]

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Ciondolo in oro 14 carati con crisoprasio

The present in the past of Storrow Jewelry

Looking for jewelry and then realizing that it is more fun to make it yourself. It is the story of Jennifer Koche, who founded Storrow Jewelry in Brooklin, New York. […]

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Collana con ciondoli di Mark Davis, Michelle Fantaci, Lito, Suzanne Syz, Sylva & Cie e Marlo Laz. Catena di Michelle Fantaci

Designer in chorus for Have a Heart

Who knows if we are facing a revolution in the world of jewelry. The novelty concerns a marketplace, that is an online store that offers jewels of different brands. The […]

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Messika, collier indossato Akh Ba Ka, del set Beyond The Light. Photo: Marin Laborde

Messika gives wings to high jewelery

Pharaohs, pyramids, sphinx: ancient Egypt is a myth. And diamonds are also a myth, companions desired by women. A myth among myths, Valérie Messika has decided to combine the Egyptian […]

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Anello Ascending Shadows in oro bianco, diamanti centrali fancy, titanio e alluminio

New alchemy of light by De Beers

For years, De Beers has entered the synthetic diamond market with the Lightbox brand. But The Alchemist of Light is, instead, the name of the high jewelery collection that obviously […]

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Collana con diamanti e tsavorite di 65,26 carati

The precious Spirit of Louis Vuitton

What distinguishes a high jewelry collection from another? The design, the stones used, the style of those who conceived it. Agree. But there is more. A jewel is unmistakable only […]

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Bracciale Raspberry in oro 14 carati, zaffiri, opale

Joie DiGiovanni’s joys

Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome and colitis. It doesn’t seem like a particularly pleasant picture. But the consequences of an old car accident were, paradoxically, the spring that pushed Joie […]

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Orecchini di diamanti lunghi circa 12 centimetri (4 pollici): sulla superficie sono incastonati diamanti per 12,84 carati

Fall in color with Stephen Silver

In Silicon Valley, in addition to the giants of the digital world and hundreds of start-ups, there is also a place for traditional jewelry, which also metaverse managers like. To […]

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Anello Glaucus in oro rosa con acquamarina, zaffiri, diamanti

Daniela Villegas at the sea

Jewels in the shape of crabs and fish by Daniela Villegas: the charm of the sea and exotic minerals ♦ ︎ «I started Early – Took my Dog / And […]

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Bracciale Pearl Spoke in oro giallo, diamanti, perle Akoya

The jewelry by Mindi Mond

Mindi Mond describes herself as a devoted wife and mother and a dedicated board member of the Thanc Foundation (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer). But she is better known, however, […]

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Anello in oro rosa, diamanti e zaffiri blu

Do not miss Netali Nissim’s eyes

A special look at the jewels of the milan designer Netali Nissim ♦ ︎ The Eye of Providence, the evil eye, the divine eye … But how many times the […]

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Anello della collezione Eclipse in oro bianco, smalto, diamanti

The luxurious lightness of Mike Joseph Jewelery

Mike Saatji is the creative director of Mike Joseph Jewelery, a young brand, which has achieved good results. Mike Saatji came first in the Gold Jewelery Below $ 20,000 category […]

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Pendente con profumo in argento

Veronique Gabai, a necklace for perfumes

French, born and raised among the perfumes of the French Riviera, Veronique Gabai does what she loves: to enclose the fragrances of Antibes-Juan les Pins in glass bottles. In short: […]

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Anello con importante diamante fancy intense yellow

Extraordinary Bomare

The extraordinary stones byBomare, brand founded in Geneva by Marc Boghossian ♦ ︎ Before Boghossian was Boghossian, that is a high-end jewelry brand admired all over the world, there was […]

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Pendente Palloncino in oro bianco e giada

Palloncino by Vhernier also around the neck

If you like something, why change it? Right. Vhernier, however, has chosen to introduce some innovations in his longest-running collection, Palloncino (means balloon). Now, in fact, the balloon is transformed […]

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Collana con oro, legno di vite e gemme di Pierre d'Alexis

From the vine to the jewel with Pierre d’Alexis

There are wines that are considered jewels. But there are also jewels made in symbiosis with the origin of the wine, the vine plant. But not only. The idea of […]

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Charlbi Dean Kriek, attrice e modella sudafricana, indossa gli orecchini della collezione Fantasy di Fawaz Gruosi. Photo: German Larkin

Chains with Fantasy for Fawaz Gruosi

If there is one thing that Fawaz Gruosi does not lack, it is fantasy. In his new Maison, created in his image and likeness, the jeweler unleashes his proven experience, […]

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Collana con perle di tanzanite

Gold and good feelings for Gumuchian’s jewelry

Three women of Armenian origin: Anita Gumuchian and her daughters Myriam and Patricia. It was they who continued the centenary history of the family in jewelry. Jewelry designed by women […]

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