Collana in bronzo e argento 925‰. Finiture in blu, bronzo e oro rosa
Collana in bronzo e argento 925‰. Finiture in blu, bronzo e oro rosa

Pianegonda Tecum for mom

Who doesn’t want to spend a long time with his mother? The holiday dedicated to the most important woman in everyone’s life is celebrated all over the world. And Pianegonda, the silver jewelery brand of the Bros Manifatture group, is relaunching the Tecum collection for the occasion, a Latin word that means with you. With mom, exactly. The collection also features some new features, such as the necklace which, alongside silver, uses links blue, bronze and rose gold finishes. Or the ring which, alongside the 925 silver, features a pavé of white cubic zirconia crystals, also used for other pieces in the collection.

Bracciale rigido in argento
Silver bangle

There is also a large rigid bracelet with a hidden opening system, which allows for easier use. The special design used for the links of the necklaces should be highlighted, with rings that can be composed of one, two or three bands. The collection also continues to include pieces that use stones such as amethyst, topaz or black agate for earrings or rings.
Anello in argento con cubic zirconia
Silver ring with cubic zirconia

Bracciale in argento 925
925 silver bracelet

Bracciale in argento della collezione Tecum
Silver bracelet from the Tecum collection

Anello in argento della collezione Tecum
Silver ring from the Tecum collection

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