Beauvince Burma Floral Suite (79.44 ct Diamonds & Rubies) in White Gold
Beauvince Burma Floral Suite (79.44 ct Diamonds & Rubies) in White Gold

Diamonds and fantasy with Beauvince

Iconic jewellery, that is, symbols of beauty: this is the goal that every high-end collection aims to achieve. Like The Iconics, the new high jewelry collection signed by the New York brand Beauvince. Yellow diamonds set in yellow gold, combined with white diamonds set in platinum, precious and colored stones are the ingredients of The Iconics menu. On the other hand, Beauvince is the fusion of the words beauty and winning, combined to mean that with beauty you conquer.

Anello Wizard of Oz con diamanti e uno smeraldo di 6,3 carati
Wizard of Oz ring with diamonds and a 6.3-carat emerald

The collection includes a matching necklace and earrings adorned with a striking collection of oval and pear-shaped yellow diamonds, totaling 24.43 carats (necklace) and 8.36 carats (earrings). The gems are paired with a set of marquise-cut and pear-shaped diamonds. The ring uses an 8.85-carat fancy yellow diamond, with an additional 2.87-carat yellow diamonds set in platinum and 18k yellow gold. The Radiance Diamond stud earrings feature yellow and white fancy diamonds, totaling 7.58 carats. The one-of-a-kind Butterfly Fall ring has a vibrant array of orange, green, yellow and brown fancy diamonds, totaling 3.80 carats, with a butterfly, a universal symbol of transformation and metamorphosis, at the center of the design .
Orecchini Radiance con diamanti per 7,587 carati su platino
Radiance earrings with diamonds for 7,587 carats on platinum

Our 2023 Iconics collection is all about color. We love diamonds and this season we wanted to explore the interaction of warmer yellows with classic white. We always play with colors in our clothes. Why not in our jewels?
Komal Bajaj Sankar

Orecchini con diamanti gialli per 23,86 carati e smeraldi su oro giallo
Earrings with 23.86 carats of yellow diamonds and emeralds on yellow gold

Beauvince Jewelry was founded by second-generation designer and jeweler Komal Bajaj Sankar, who earned his Diamonds Graduate degree from GIA in 2006, AJP in 2009, and MBA from Columbia Business School in 2015. Komal Bajaj Sankar has more than decade of experience in the sector thanks to his family roots, which have allowed him to aim high. Furthermore, its years of experience in the production of fine jewelery have allowed it to personalize and adapt, where possible, its finished jewelery offerings.

Anello Butterfly in oro bianco e diamanti gialli per 4,95 carati
Butterfly ring in white gold and yellow diamonds for 4.95 carats

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