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Orecchini in oro giallo 14 carati in filigrana, con diamanti brown e bianchi

The gold of Dabakarov

The green gold and the large colored stones of Dabakarov, the Russian tradition transplanted to New York ♦ ︎ One of the main Russian cities is New York. It seems […]

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Tre anelli della collezione Triple Tiara in oro brunito e diamanti

Anna Sheffield’s sustainable jewelry

She was born and raised in New Mexico, which she remembers every time she cooks a spicy dish. Then, Anna Sheffield studied sculpture and fine arts in San Francisco. But […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Rings for those getting married in New York

Engagement or marriage rings in New York: a tradition for the specialists A. Jaffe ♦ If you’re looking “get married in New York” on Google, you’ll find something like nearly […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati, diamanti, quarzo con taglio smeraldo

Mateo’s American Dream

The American dream applied to jewelry. It is the story of Matthew Harris, born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Son of a seamstress. And, in 2009, founder of the […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati, zaffiri multicolori, tsavorite

Gigi Ferranti in Portofino

Gina Ferranti, an American designer who founded the Gigi Ferranti brand in Brooklyn, New York, has Italian origins. Which she has not forgotten. For this reason, inspired by the land […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo, diamanti e peridoto

Julius Cohen, music in New York

Julius Cohen, a famous Maison of New York directed by the most creative of creative directors. It is among the most renowned design studios of jewelry in America. Based in […]

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Collana con ciondolo

The combinations of Roule

Playing volumes by Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire: a precious Tetris of jewelery ♦ ︎ Maybe Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire are passionate about Tetris, the game that consists of […]

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Ciondolo con il segno della Bilancia

The signs of Zodiac by Verdura

The zodiac signs are one of those themes that jewelry never tires of reproposing, alongside flowers, hearts and eyes that chase away evil spirits. This time it is the Verdura […]

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Collana in oro, diamanti e inserti di ceramica viola

The jewels with the secret of Santo by Zani

She studied jewelry design at Bowdoin College, Maine, and after graduation trained in jewelry design with Cecilia Bauer, known for her classic jewelry making techniques. But then she worked in […]

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Ciondolo in oro con diamanti rosa e cannella

The jewels to be shaken by Renee Lewis

The diamond is mobile with the jewels of the American designer Renee Lewis ♦ ︎ Not all designers are the same. The image that is fashionable now is that of […]

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Bracciale in oro con diamanti, perla, ametista, lapislazzuli, zaffiro, granato, turchese, pietra luna e opale

Doyle & Doyle, vintage jewels in New York

Doyle & Doyle: jewelery in New York specializing in vintage and charming pieces ♦ If you are in New York and go in search of vintage jewelry, straight bets on Doyle […]

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Orecchini in conch, argento ossidato, diamanti bianchi e gialli, onice, pirite, oro bianco 18 carati

The ancient but new jewels by Chris Davies

The unique pieces by Chris Davies, a New York designer who uses ancient techniques for his jewelery ♦ ︎ In New York there is a jewel artist who loves to […]

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Anello per setto nasale in oro bianco, opali, cubic zirconia

The luxury piercing Maria Tash

The jewels and the precious piercing by Maria Tash ♦ Jewels capable of targeting or rather to penetrate: Maria Tash is famous for her precious piercing and, more generally, to the […]

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Fan Marquis Ring, fa parte dell'evoluzione della collezione Sensu. Oro giallo, diamanti e rubino.jpg

Michelle Fantaci, rights and design

Michelle Fantaci was born in New York but studied goldsmithing in Florence. At 15 she designed her first jewelry and honed her expertise at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In […]

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Anello con zaffiro rosa e diamanti

The free diamonds by Glik

From Brazil to New York, vacuum precious stones and furniture by Moritz Glik ♦ For Moritz Glik (don’t be fooled by the German-Polish name: he’s a Brazilian-born jeweler, where he […]

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Anello in oro giallo con perla barocca e diamanti

Pearls and design with Mizuki

The delicate and refined pearls by the Japanese-American designer Mizuki Goltz ♦ The cult of pearls has arrived in the West from the East. In particular, from Japan, where over […]

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Anello in oro giallo e nefrite

Jordan Askill multitasking

Sharks, panthers, but also flowers: Jordan Askill, a New York-based designer, has brought some of the wild spirit of his Australia to the American city. But, in reality, it is […]

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Anello con smeraldi colombiani cabochon e diamanti

The rare jewels of Sabba

Mysterious and refined: the jewels of Alessandro Sabbatini with his Sabba brand ♦ ︎ Very reserved, practically invisible. If there would were no jewels that he produced, about 40 a year, […]

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Orecchini in oro con diamanti

Audrius Kruliš, alien-jewels

From Lithuania to New York: the irresistible rise of Audrius Kruliš, among opals and tourmalines ♦ Down the fences, barriers, borders, at least to design jewelry, the world does not […]

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Collana Tenderness in oro e diamanti

Fair jewelry with Me&Ro

The jewels of the American designer Robin Renzi: wrought gold, black diamonds, pearls. And many good reasons ♦ ︎ Creating jewelry is an affair of state, or rather, it is […]

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