Anello in oro bianco con rubini birmani e diamanti
Anello in oro bianco con rubini birmani e diamanti

The art of Carlo Luca della Quercia

Carlo Luca della Quercia, a story behind in the form of a snake ♦ ︎

A century of history that get revival: it is 27 years Carlo Luca della Quercia, brand born in the last century and rebuilt by Giovanni along with Carlo and Gian Luca in the eldorado of the Italian jewelery, Valenza, in 1997.
Carlo della Quercia studied gemmology at the Gia of New York and N.Y. University. Gian Luca studied in Milan and London with artistic title. This luggage has enabled the revival of historic jewels of the early twentieth century and art deco, preserved in the archives of the Maison. Among the jewels that more than others have found in the story of Carlo Luca della Quercia, there is the Serpenti series, one of the most famous jewel forms.

Bracciale Serpente con madreperla
Snake bracelet with mother of pearl

But that, to be realized as it should be, it needs a careful and expert working. Snakes are extensible bracelets of varying lengths, which can vary in length: from one lap to several laps. All are made entirely by hand, each single flange is connected to the next with retractable pins and with the introduction inside two gold springs extending in the opposite direction and they contribute to giving the maximum extension to the bracelet. Snake bracelets can only be gold in enamelled warm in different shades of gold in gold-plated mother of pearl, enriched with gemstones embedded in pavé on the head and beads in the eyes.
In short, in order to succeed it need have a great deal of expertise. And in fact, part of the company’s business takes place on behalf of major international Maison, which entrusts to their laboratory the realization of their own jewels.

Insomma, per riuscirci bisogna possedere una grande perizia. E infatti, parte della attività dell’azienda si svolge per conto di grandi Maison internazionali, che affidano al loro laboratorio la realizzazione di propri gioielli.

Anello in oro 18 carati, con zaffiro birmano, acquamarina e diamanti
18k gold ring, with Burmese sapphire, aquamarine and diamonds
Anello anni Sessanta con zaffiro di Ceylon di 18,16 carati e diamanti
1960s ring with 18.16 carat Ceylon sapphire and diamonds
Collana di smeraldi e ametista
Emerald and amethyst necklace
Anello serpente in oro, smalto, diamanti
Snake ring in gold, enamel, diamonds

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