Sacred Heart, cuore ispirato alla tradizione medioevale ucraina
Sacred Heart, cuore ispirato alla tradizione medioevale ucraina

Organic Jewellery, design for freedom

Iryna Karpova is an architect and goldsmith art designer, who deserved the title of Knight of the Orders of the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation. But, above all, she is Ukrainian, with everything that she means today. Since 2018 she has left Kyiv to live and work in Basel, Switzerland. But she without turning her back on her country of origin. After the Russian invasion, for example, she created heart-shaped pendants with a symbolic trident designed by the Ukrainian artist Vova Vorotniov. The trident is a symbol of Ukraine which was originally the symbol of Prince Volodymyr in the Middle Ages, when Ukraine was called Ruthenia.

Pendente con topazio
Topaz pendant

Iryna introduced a style in jewelry called Romantic Avant-Garde. The designer works on the evolution of traditions, restoring ancient techniques and weaving them into the aesthetics of modern jewelry. She also founded a school of goldsmith practice based on a series of unique artistic and technical devices. You have taken part in dozens of exhibitions in Ukraine, France, the United States, Monaco and the United Kingdom. After Karpov&Karpova Jewellery, Iryna founded Organic Jewelery together with the CEO Jan Bangert, an international lawyer. Organic Jewelery is supported by the Strong & Precious Art Foundation, an association that supports Ukrainian goldsmithing and has been present at GemGenève for a couple of years.
Anelli con ametista
Rings with amethyst

Anello in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond ring
Anello in oro e rubino
Gold and ruby ring
Orecchini in oro, diamanti, pavé di zaffiri e rubini
Earrings in gold, diamonds, pavé of sapphires and rubies
Pendente a forma di cuore in oro e smalti
Heart-shaped pendant in gold and enamel

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