Pink Tourmaline Sapphire Diamond Pearl 18ct Butterfly Brooch
Pink Tourmaline Sapphire Diamond Pearl 18ct Butterfly Brooch

The bespoke pieces of Fei Liu

The high jewelery by Fei Liu, a Chinese designer who chose England ♦ ︎

Have you ever heard of Chongqing? Probably not, if you are not Chinese. Yet it is a city of central and southern China with a population of about 7-8 million inhabitants, much like London. Perhaps this is why the designer, Fei Liu, when he landed in Britain, chose Birmingham to launch his own brand in 2006. It is a less cyclopic town, that perhaps leaves more room for those who live there and with a good tradition in jewelry.

Orecchini con zaffiri blu, tsavoriti, diamanti
Earrings with blue sapphires, tsavorites, diamonds

And so, Fei Liu in a few years has won a burst of awards. Alongside most of its production, innovative and direct to a vast audience (see also: Fei Liu, China in England), the designer works even at bespoke pieces, such as those on this page. For these pieces, he use platinum, gold and silver, in addition to precious stones, in truly original combinations, such as the white poppy-inspired brooch,with stem made with tsavorite, Australian opal for petals, and diamonds on the stamens like dewdrops, while a jade shines in the center.

Orecchini con topazio blu e quarzo citrino
Earrings with blue topaz and citrine quartz
Orecchini con turchese intagliato
Earrings with carved turquoise
Orecchini con opale e topazio
Earrings with opal and topaz
Orecchini in oro con tormalina verde e malachite
Gold earrings with green tourmaline and malachite

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