Jamie Wolf, jewels at dance step

From stage to laboratory, from paso doble to carats, from exercises at mirror to sketches on paper: Jamie Wolf was a star in two different worlds, that of ballet and, now, that of jewelry. In fact, the designer was a dancer at the New York City Ballet for about ten years, since she was 17. But the world of ballet involves intense commitment, along with long breaks when the show season takes a stop. And during those moments Jamie Wolf began composing jewelry. First with simple models and then more and more professional, which she began to sell to the members of the dance company.

18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Earrings
18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Earrings

Given the success of her second job, in 2006 the dancer left the stage and became a full-time jeweler. Successfully: an engagement ring made by Jamie Wolf ended up on Natalie Portman’s finger. The jewels are handmade in New York, with 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Engagement rings, earrings, classic or floral motifs are also for sale online on various platforms.

Anello in oro 18 carati con tormaline verdi e diamanti
18k gold ring with green tourmalines and diamonds
Orecchini in oro, morganite, tormalina  e diamanti
Earrings in gold, morganite, tourmaline and diamonds
Anello in oro 18 carati con tormalina rosa e diamanti
18k gold ring with pink tourmaline and diamonds
Orecchini in oro, topazio blu e acquamarina
Earrings in gold, blue topaz and aquamarine
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti
18k rose gold and diamond ring

Hearts on Fire’s perfect diamonds

Perfect diamonds and burning hearts. That is the dream of every couple. Like the one formed by Glenn and Susan Rothman, husband and wife, who in 1996 founded Hearts on Fire, a New York company specializing in jewelry with the most loved stone by women. Fast scroll: in 2014 the brand was bought by the largest Chinese jewelery group, Chow Tai Fook, based in Hong Kong. The company then launches several stores in mainland China. But the starting idea, that is to use high quality natural diamonds, transparent and without inclusions, remains the same.

Aerial Sunburst Wrap earrings
Aerial Sunburst Wrap earrings

Diamonds that meet these standards are one-tenth of 1% of rough diamonds mined. Not only that: a particular patented Hearts On Fire cut has been designed to let as much light as possible into the stone and increase its reflections. It should also be added that the diamonds are guaranteed 100% compliant with the Kimberley Process (i.e. of controlled origin also from an ethical point of view). In 2012 Hearts On Fire hired Ilaria Lanzoni as the first official director of Design.
Lu Diamond Band Ring
Lu Diamond Band Ring

How does Hearts On Fire differ from others? The Maison explains that the cutting process of a diamond, which favors the round or square shape, which amplifies the beauty of a diamond, is particularly scrupulous. A precise formula is used for the cut of the diamond, which takes into account the symmetry, proportions and specific shape of each diamond. A process is so rigorous and demanding that it takes four times longer to cut a Hearts On Fire diamond than it takes to cut a diamond in the traditional way.

Orecchini Aurora in oro rosa e diamanti
Aurora earrings in rose gold and diamonds
Pendente Starburst in oro bianco e diamanti
Starburst pendant in white gold and diamonds
Orecchini pendenti in oro bianco e diamanti
Pendant earrings in white gold and diamonds
Bracciale Lorelei in oro bianco e diamanti
Lorelei bracelet in white gold and diamonds
Anello Hof Enticing a tre bande in oro bianco e diamanti
Hof Enticing three-band ring in white gold and diamonds

Jewels and nature with Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas, one of the most imaginative designers, continues her representation of the nature of her native country, Mexico. Among the new features it offers is the Imprints of the Heart collection, dedicated to people or places that leave a mark. It is composed of a series of large evocative pendants that resemble the objects used for stamping, made of gold and semi-precious stones.

Her jewels, conceived and made in Los Angeles, where Daniela Villegas lives and works, are always surprising, like the Papalote earrings, inspired by a type of scorpion. They are crafted in 18k yellow gold, with multicolored gems surrounding kite-shaped amethysts. In fact, the word Papalote means kite in Spanish. They are part of the Chromatic Paradise collection and have been proposed, together with other jewels, in a trunk show on Tiny Gods.

Orecchini Papalote in giallo 18 carati, tormalina, ametista e zaffiri
Papalote earrings in 18k yellow, tourmaline, amethyst and sapphires

Daniela Villegas has always been a passionate observer of nature. In her jewelry she uses organic elements such as beetles, porcupine quills, feathers, shells, pebbles and wood with 18 karat gold in every color mixed with precious and semiprecious stones. But the designer is also inspired by what surrounds nature, even from a cultural point of view. As evidenced by the series dedicated to the English director and journalist David Attenborough, specialized in documentaries on natural life. The necklace is made of 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds and opal.

Collana David Attenborough in oro giallo 18 carati, diamanti champagne, smeraldi, opale
David Attenborough necklace in 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds, opal
Daniela Villegas
Daniela Villegas
Anello con smeraldi
Ring with emeralds
Anelloc Atabey in oro giallo 18 carati, quarzo rutilato, occhio di gatto, tormalina, granati che cambiano colore
Atabey ring in 18k yellow gold, rutilated quartz, cat’s eye, tourmaline, color-changing garnets
Orecchini della collezione Into the Deep, conchiglie naturali, opali d -fuoco, oro rosa e smeraldi
Earrings from the Into the Deep collection, natural shells, fire opals, rose gold and emeralds
Mini orecchini a forma di granchio tempestati di diamanti e incastonati in oro rosa
Mini crab-shaped earrings studded with diamonds and set in rose gold
Collana Say Cheese a forma di macchina fotografica. Oro giallo 18 carati, topazio imperiale, tormalina rosa, verde, verde acqua, anguria, zaffiro rosa, giallo, occhio di gatto, alessandrite, apatite
Say Cheese necklace in the shape of a camera. 18k yellow gold, imperial topaz, pink tourmaline, green, teal, watermelon, pink sapphire, yellow, cat’s eye, alexandrite, apatite

The precious leaves of Michael Aram

Handcrafted worked metal and colored stones in jewelery by Michael Aram ♦ ︎

In Hindi, the word aram means “sweetness, peace, love, and care.” If this is Michael Aram’s mood, it is uncertain. In any case, he emphasizes this semantic affinity. Michael Aram is an American designer and artist, born in New York, where he works. At the end of the 1980s he traveled to India and this trip changed his life: he discovered the tradition of metalworking and created a home and laboratory in New Delhi. From there, the business continued and Aram founded a company that produces home design items. Furniture, design, but craftsmanship. But it also offers jewelry.

Orecchini in argento rodiato nero, oro, diamanti
Earrings in black rhodium-plated silver, gold, diamonds

The passion for ancient traditions has been linked to an entrepreneurial spirit that has transformed it into a signature in its field. But after a few years, Michael Aram has expanded his business to jewelry as well. Of course with collections that have hand-crafted metal their fulcrum. Not only that: Micheal Aram’s jewels, which also appeared at Couture 2017 in Las Vegas, make a large use of precious stones and precious stones, as in the Botanical Leaf collection. This is something that the Indian likes too much.

Collana con perle grigie, ametrine, zaffiri viola
Necklace with gray pearls, ametrine, purple sapphires
Anello in oro, argento rodiato nero e diamanti
Ring in gold, black rhodium-plated silver and diamonds
Anello Butterfly Ginko in oro, argento e diamanti
Butterfly Ginko ring in gold, silver and diamonds
Orecchini Butterfly Ginko in oro, argento e diamanti
Butterfly Ginko earrings in gold, silver and diamonds
Anello Butterfly Ginko, in argento, oro, diamanti
Butterfly Ginko ring, in silver, gold, diamonds
Orecchini a foglia in argento con diamanti
Silver leaf earrings with diamonds

Sorellina loves the daring

The brand in New York Sorellina, by Nicole’s and Kim Carosella’s, born for daring women ♦ ︎

Sorellina is an Italian word meaning little sister, but it is also an affectionate way of expressing a very intimate woman friend. In the case of Sorellina, the two aspects coincide. To use the Italian language are two Sisters of Long Island, near New York, Nicole and Kim Carosella. The surname, indeed, indicates the origin of the family in the country that created the Pisa Tower and invented the pizza (that would be enough for a sympaty for Italy). Their jewels are highly appreciated: Sorellina came first in the Best in Platinum category at the Couture Design Awards in 2023.

La collana in platino, perle, diamanti, zaffiri vincitrice nella categoria Best in Platinum ai Couture Design Awards 2023
The platinum, pearl, diamond and sapphire necklace winner in the Best in Platinum category at the 2023 Couture Design Awards

Nicole and Kim had also as when were little girls, they tell, passion for design, art and, of course, jewels. Nicole studied Fine Arts, but in California, especially photography. Then, he began collecting vintage jewels and studied jewelery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Kim, the youngest, studied art history at the University of New Orleans. Afterwards, he chose to live in Florence, Italy.
After, the experiences of the two sisters have come transformed in Sorellina, which proposes “jewels neither thin nor discrete”. In contrast, Sorellina’s pieces are bold, with a mix of female and masculine, vintage and modern style.

Orecchini in oro, tormalina blu e lapislazzuli intagliati
Carved gold, blue tourmaline and lapis lazuli earrings
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Anello cocktail in oro giallo, tanzanite, zaffiri blu e diamanti
Cocktail ring in yellow gold, tanzanite, blue sapphires and diamonds
Pendente La Papessa Owl in oro giallo, acquamarina intagliata, diamanti
La Papessa Owl pendant in yellow gold, carved aquamarine, diamonds
Pendente La Forza Piccola Tarot Card, in oro giallo, malachite, zaffiro orange e rosa, diamanti
La Forza Piccola Tarot Card pendant, in yellow gold, malachite, orange and pink sapphire, diamonds

Alo Yoga meditation jewels

Yoga jewelry. But it is not necessary to wear them while practicing an asana exercise. The idea comes from Alo Yoga, an American company specializing in clothing dedicated to those who practice the ancient Indian discipline or, more easily, the muscle relaxation technique widespread in the West. In any case, Alo Yoga, alongside leggings and sweatshirts, now also offers a collection dedicated to those who practice yoga or meditation.

Modella con le collane di Alo Yoga
Model with Alo Yoga necklaces

The capsule collection includes four pieces: necklaces composed of spheres of stones such as quartz, tiger’s eye, white turquoise and black onyx. The necklaces are made with 108 beads, a number that should be useful for reciting mantras. In the center is the Be Here pendant in 18k gold-plated palladium. The jewelery is made by an all-female team of Tibetan artisans and a portion of each sale will be donated to the care and education of children at the Manjushree Vidyapeth Orhpanage in the eastern Himalayas. The price is 215 euros or dollars.

Collana con perle occhio di quarzo rosa
Necklace with rose quartz eye beads
Collana con perle occhio di onice nero
CNecklace with black onyx eye pearls

Alison Lou, jewels and smiles

The new amusing jewels of the American designer Alison Chemla and her Alison Lou ♦ ︎

She creates jewelry that is beautiful to wear. But also fun. It is the idea on which the work of Alison Chemla, the founder and designer of the New York brand Alison Lou, is based. As in the Pop Art movement, Alison Chemla is also inspired by popular and contemporary motifs. For example, with his now famous Emoticore collection, which uses expressive icons that all add to smartphone messages.

Bracciali con conchiglie e palme
Bracelets with shells and palm trees

Next to the icons, Allison Lou then added themes like Casino and Secret Garden, but always with the addition of a bit of irony. The Mama Mia collection, instead, was created after a summer trip to Italy: it is an expression that she must have listened to who knows how many times. Finally, in the spring of 2018, Alison launched Loucite, a collection of hoop earrings made of lucite, a material that is polymethylmethacrylate, a plastic, and hand-painted enamel. Although the material is not precious, the jewels of the Loucite collection were worn by Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Celine Dion. They also like jewelry with a smile.

Anelli in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond rings
Alison Chemla
Alison Chemla
Anello in oro, smalto e diamanti
Ring in gold, enamel and diamonds
Collana in oro con pavé di rubini
Gold necklace with ruby pavé
Anello Fettuccine, collezione Mama Mia
Fettuccine ring, Mama Mia collection
Anelli in oro e smalto
Gold and enamel rings

The bespoke pieces of Fei Liu

The high jewelery by Fei Liu, a Chinese designer who chose England ♦ ︎

Have you ever heard of Chongqing? Probably not, if you are not Chinese. Yet it is a city of central and southern China with a population of about 7-8 million inhabitants, much like London. Perhaps this is why the designer, Fei Liu, when he landed in Britain, chose Birmingham to launch his own brand in 2006. It is a less cyclopic town, that perhaps leaves more room for those who live there and with a good tradition in jewelry.

Orecchini con zaffiri blu, tsavoriti, diamanti
Earrings with blue sapphires, tsavorites, diamonds

And so, Fei Liu in a few years has won a burst of awards. Alongside most of its production, innovative and direct to a vast audience (see also: Fei Liu, China in England), the designer works even at bespoke pieces, such as those on this page. For these pieces, he use platinum, gold and silver, in addition to precious stones, in truly original combinations, such as the white poppy-inspired brooch,with stem made with tsavorite, Australian opal for petals, and diamonds on the stamens like dewdrops, while a jade shines in the center.

Orecchini con topazio blu e quarzo citrino
Earrings with blue topaz and citrine quartz
Orecchini con turchese intagliato
Earrings with carved turquoise
Orecchini con opale e topazio
Earrings with opal and topaz
Orecchini in oro con tormalina verde e malachite
Gold earrings with green tourmaline and malachite

Gold is transformist with Cadar

Gold through the creativity of Cadar ♦ ︎

It is only few years old, yet a few editions ago it already won a Couture Design Award on its debut and soon after it landed in the retail sales of Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Cadar, founded in 2015 by Michal Kadar, has also collected an award at the Town & Country Magazine Jewelry Awards in 2018. Its stylistic references are Art Deco, Art Nouveau, geometry and Japanese artistic motifs. With a recipe that, in fact, doesn’t have to be very easy to make.

Bracciale in oro 18 carati
18k gold bracelet

Cadar’s jewels are handmade in New York and Italy. In 2019 Cadar’s jewels also appeared on the shelves of Neiman Marcus, with pieces including feathers from the Reflections collection, Endless and the Second Skin collection, to which were added the jewels of the Second Skin Python collection. Gold, so much yellow gold, punctuated by some diamonds. And many original solutions, like the Fur collection ring that really looks like a tuft of fur.

Bloom cocktail ring
Bloom cocktail ring
Orecchini a cerchio in oro e diamanti
Hoop earrings in gold and diamonds
Orecchini Feather in oro 18 carati
Feather earrings in 18k gold
Orecchini Heart in oro 18 carati
Heart earrings in 18k gold and diamonds
Anello Reflection in oro 18 carati e diamanti
Reflection ring in 18k gold and diamonds
Anello Heart in oro rosa 18 carati
Heart ring in 18k rose gold
Bracciale Wings of Love in oro 18 carati
Wings of Love bracelet in 18k gold
Orecchini python in oro giallo 18 carati
Python earrings in 18k yellow gold

Hannah Martin, pride and Rock N ‘Roll

The limited edition of fine jewelry by Hannah Martin, in London ♦

The Central St Martins School in London deserves a medal (in gold, of course) to be an inexhaustible factory of high-level designers. One is Hannah Martin (almost the same name of the school, coincidentally), who started working as a consultant for other luxury brands in Paris, Place Vendôme area. Inevitably, then she harnessed her capacity with a brand that bears her name, along with business partner, Nathan Morse.

Piercing in oOro giallo 18 carati con perla marrone di Tahiti e diamanti champagne
Piercing in oOro giallo 18 carati con perla marrone di Tahiti e diamanti champagne

In 2005 she founded in London her brand. Her philosophy, a little ‘surprise, it’s based on three pillars which at first glance are not all connected with the jewelry: authenticity, creativity and honesty. Three important values, as essential stylistic choices, combined with the focus on the technical aspects of implementation. Many pieces are made to order, others are limited editions. Each piece is handmade by the best craftsmen in London, in the laboratory of the company or through an intricate network of specialists in Hatton Garden “We are unabashedly proud of our direct link with the historic nature of the trade,” is the comment by Hannah Martin. The results give the reason. As the It’s Only Rock N ‘Roll collection, which has its references from the idea of ​​a youth style.

Anello Teardrop in oro
Gold teardrop ring
Piercing Teardrop in oro
Gold teardrop piercing
Ciondolo in oro bianco e diamanti
White gold and diamonds
Hannah Martin a GemGenève
Hannah Martin. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Bonbons from Falcinelli

If you are in France, you can choose bonbons with a fruit center and nougat, dragee or caramel in the center. More generally, bonbons are small candies, but they can vary according to different countries in flavor and shape. In Tuscany, for example, bonbons are not eaten, but worn. At least that’s what Falcinelli thought with his Les Bonbons collection. Which was then joined by the Les Petit BonBons line. It is a series of cocktail-like rings, colorful, cheerful and that do not go unnoticed. They are made with a mix of gold, diamonds and hydrothermal stones, i.e. created in the laboratory. Lively, but don’t try to taste them, though.

Anello in oro rosa e bianco 18 carati, quarzo rosa con cristallo di rocca nella parte centrale
Ring in 18k rose and white gold, rose quartz with rock crystal in the central part

The Falcinelli jewelery house was founded in 1968 in Arezzo, Tuscany, by Fabrizio Falcinelli, son of the founders of the established goldsmith company. Fascinated by design from a very young age, Falcinelli has also conquered a space in fine jewelry, with collections that are always very original and also appreciated abroad, on which a large part of the production converges. The idea is to carry the charm of Tuscan history into the world of jewelry, with a bridge towards modern taste. A sweet prospect like bonbons.

Les Petit BonBons, anello in oro rosa, quarzo fumé pavé di diamanti, oro bianco e topazio azzurro
Les Petit BonBons, ring in rose gold, smoky quartz pavé with diamonds, white gold and blue topaz
Les Petit Bonbons, anello in oro rosa, onice verde e pavé di diamanti
Les Petit Bonbons, ring in rose gold, green onyx and pavé diamonds
Les Petit Bonbons, anello in oro rosa, onice verde, pavé di diamanti, ametista
Les Petit Bonbons, ring in rose gold, green onyx, pavé diamonds, amethyst
Anello in oro rosa e bianco 18 carati, topazio azzurro e peridoto, quarzo verde, tormalina paraiba
Les Bonbons, ring in 18k rose and white gold, blue topaz and peridot, green quartz, paraiba tourmaline
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, ametista idro e quarzo verde, con pavé di topazi rosa
Ring in 18k rose gold, hydro amethyst and green quartz, with pink topaz pavé
Anello in oro bianco e rosa 18 carati, con-quarzo azzurro e cristallo di rocca al centro, tormalina paraiba
Ring in 18k white and rose gold, with blue quartz and rock crystal in the centre, paraiba tourmaline

The precious passions of Selim Mouzannar

Almost all jewelers spend their time making jewelry. Almost. Some, like Selim Mouzannar, also engage in civil battles. The Beirut-based jeweler, in fact, is part of the Executive Committee of Achrafieh2020, a citizen-led environmental initiative to reinvent the Lebanese city’s historic Ashrafieh neighborhood as a sustainable and liveable space. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of Right to Nonviolence, an NGO engaged in legal activism and defense. Mouzannar, tells his biography, was involved in the non-violent revolution of the cedars of 2005 which forced the Syrian army to leave Lebanon.

Bracciale con diamanti rose-cut
Bracelet with rose-cut diamonds

But, of course, his main activity remains that of jewelry. He comes from a family of artisans originally from Damascus, and learned the art of working precious metals and gems in his father’s jewelry in the souk of Beirut, during the heyday of the cosmopolitan city. In 1980, during the civil war, Mouzannar went to study in Paris, where he graduated in mineralogy and gemology. He then worked for a jeweler based in Saudi Arabia and he moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where he dealt with gems.

Collana Basilik serpent in oro e diamanti taglio rotondo
Basilik serpent necklace in gold and round cut diamonds

In 1990 Mouzannar returned to Paris, where he acquired further skills in mineralogy from the Institut National de Gemmologie. Finally, he opened his Maison in Beirut, and in 2012 received a certification in Jewelry Design from the GIA Gemological Institute of America, followed by a certificate from the École supérieure des affaires (Beirut) Lebanon) in Marketing De Luxe in 2014. The jeweler is known for his crafting technique, known as Falamenk (means Flemish in Arabic), which combines rose-cut diamonds and silver-backed bezels.

Colla o bracciale in oro rosa, smalto, diamanti, zaffiri
Necklace or bracelet in rose gold, enamel, diamonds, sapphires
Collana in oro rosa con tormaline tonalità pastello e diamanti
Rose gold necklace with pastel-tone tourmalines and diamonds
Pendenti in oro rosa, smalto, diamanti, zaffiri rosa e tormaline
Pendants in pink gold, enamel, diamonds, pink sapphires and tourmalines
Anello in oro rosa, smalto, tormalina verde e acquamarine
Ring in rose gold, enamel, green tourmaline and aquamarines
Anello in oro rosa diamanti, tormalina verde
Ring in rose gold diamonds, green tourmaline
Selim Mouzannar
Selim Mouzannar

Jacquie Aiche’s new boho-chic jewels

With an Egyptian father, but born in the USA, Jacquie Aiche is a strange mix of hippie culture (she also organizes yoga classes in her boutique), boho-chic and luxury. She loves hammered gold according to Middle Eastern influences, but also amulets, an informal approach, long and thin necklaces, hard and colored stones, like those of her latest creations. And many celebrities love her, starting with Rihanna, who years ago chose to wear (also) her jewelry and launched this designer who works in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the right place to have customers flocking to newspapers and websites. websites dedicated to entertainment and gossip.

Gioielli di Jacquie Aiche indossati
Jewelry by Jacquie Aiche

Her success, however, is above all the result of her ability to combine a cheerful and unconventional spirit with luxury. And that’s part of her attitude: when she was eight, she told, she painted small rocks that she sold to neighbors. Then, she decided to go into fashion and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. She worked a bit in the fashion industry, in her family’s Sunset Boulevard fashion boutique, until she realized that the thing she did best was making jewelry. She loves opals, tourmalines and turquoise, which accompany the gold threads with small diamonds. In addition to classic jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, she has also designed body ornaments to be worn around the hips or small chains that follow the outline of a bra.

Anello Sophia in oro con rubino e pavé di diamanti
Sophia ring in gold with ruby and pavé diamonds

Anello in oro 14 carati a forma di uccello
14k gold bird-shaped ring
Anelli Wave in oro e diamanti
Wave rings in gold and diamonds
Jacquie Aiche
Jacquie Aiche
Orologio Timex x Jacquie Aiche High Life collection
Timex x Jacquie Aiche High Life collection watch

The timeless sweets of Cora Sheibani

Sweets and ice creams, or flower vases and cacti for Cora Sheibani. The London-based designer has created jewelery collections inspired by the most diverse motifs. One is called Copper Mold and is inspired by old, metal cake molds, periodically renewed. It seems made especially for those who love to indulge in the pleasure of a slice of cake or pudding. The molds seem to generate a series of desserts of various kinds, from ice cream to puddings, which in reality are hand-carved hard stones such as opal, tiger’s eye obsidian, on which in some cases other small stones are applied as if they were decorations on a cake . Creams and chocolate, in short, become elegant rings that have the only flaw of stimulating the appetite. And not in a manner of speaking: the designer has also published a recipe book to accompany the collection (she, however, maintains an enviable silhouette).

Cupcake RIng, con oro rosa, opale rosa e spinelli
Cupcake RIng, with rose gold, pink opal and spinels

Another collection, however, takes inspiration from the flower vases admired during a trip to Italy. Yet another to thorny plants such as cacti, or to dinosaur eggs. In short, the motifs are truly unusual and the result is surprising.
Cactus cocktail ring, in oro bianco e granati viola
Cactus cocktail ring, in white gold and purple garnets

Cora Sheibani, in fact, knows the world of sweets well, since she was born in Switzerland, a country considered the homeland of chocolate. But thanks to the family environment in which she grew up (with her art dealer parents) she was surrounded with a passion for beauty, as evidenced by a degree in Art History from New York University. In January 2001, while studying Renaissance and pre-Raphaelites, Cora Sheibani decided that she wanted to design jewelry. In 2002 she graduated in gemology from London’s Gia and launched her eponymous label. She is also a design enthusiast and has published a book from her Valence collection with text by the Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, one of her first supporters.

Anello Dino, in oro giallo e opale
Dino ring, in yellow gold and opal
Orecchini a clip con pietra luna brown e perle di zaffiri
Clip earrings with brown moonstone and sapphire pearls
Italian Pot ring in titanio
Italian Pot ring in titanium
Orecchini Saturn con acquamarina e diaspro
Saturn earrings with aquamarine and jasper
Green Pudding Ring, con opale verde e zaffiro blu
Green Pudding Ring, with green opal and blue sapphire
Gugelhupf Ring, con occhio di tigre e diamante orange
Gugelhupf Ring, with tiger’s eye and orange diamond
Anello in oro rosa, calcedonio, cacholong
Ring in rose gold, chalcedony, cacholong
Strawberries and cream ring, con rodocrosite e zaffiro bianco
Strawberries and cream ring, with rhodochrosite and white sapphire

The affordable luxury of Dana Rebecca

Third generation of jewelry designers, Dana Rebecca Gordon seems to have precious stones in her DNA. And in fact, she debuted with a line at just 16 and right after college (she is an American from Chicago): during the summer, she tells her, she went to India with my father and returned home with her my first collection. Immediately all sold. An encouragement to found the brand with the name Dana Rebecca.

Anello Sophia in oro bianco e diamanti
Sophia ring in white gold and diamonds

All her creations, which she defines as accessible luxury, start from the combination of gold and diamonds above all, although sometimes she loves working with different stones, for example tourmaline, moonstone, opal, aquamarine: many colors set in gold 14 carat. But these are timeless and very versatile jewels as they can be combined with the same ease with a couture dress or worn with a t-shirt and jeans. The collection for next season is also made up of many pieces, many earrings, and geometric shapes of different volumes: elegant jewels, but to be worn every day.

Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette
Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette

Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette
Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette

Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti
Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti

Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Anello eternity con topazio
Anello eternity con topazio

Tenzo, spells of a gem-hunter

The magic of Tenzo, a Russian gem hunter able to excite with his jewels ♦

There are those who call him a gem-hunter, a sort of Indiana Jones in search of the extraordinary stone to be set in his jewels. Certainly Alexander Tenzo, a high jewelry designer based in Tallinn, Estonia, but with constant ubiquity, from Switzerland to the United States, is part of the small patrol of gem artists. He is able, for example, to carve an emerald with a unique ability, or to use precious stones with unusual shapes. In addition to choosing lesser-known gems, such as alexandrite, chrysoberyl, spessartite, along with tourmalines, rubies or diamonds.

Anello in platino con tsavorite di 10,9 carati, zaffiri, diamanti. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Platinum ring with 10.9 carat tsavorite, sapphires, diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com

For each creation, Tenzo tries to show the hidden soul of the stones. “I always have to start from what a stone can tell me”, confirms the artist-jeweler to gioiellis.com on one of the rare occasions when he agrees to talk about his work. The designer founded his small workshop in 1996 and soon the fame of his ability has managed to cross national borders. His unique, teased pieces unite the ancient traditions of jewelry, which in Russia are often Fabergé’s legacy, his eclectic compositional ability.

Collana con diamanti, spinelli birmani rosa. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Necklace with diamonds, pink Burmese spinels. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Alexander Tenzo’s professional career began with a trip to Sri Lanka. On the large island located south of India, he discovered a passion for gems. For several years, Alexander has been involved in the extraction and cutting of gems, from Asia to Africa. An experience that led him to transform himself into a jewelry designer, capable of carving stones to transform them into surprising works of art.

Anello con smeraldo intagliato di 18,38 carati. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Ring with carved emerald of 18.38 carats. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Alexander Tenzo. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Alexander Tenzo. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Orecchini con spinelli naturali e diamanti
Earrings with natural spinels and diamonds
Anello in oro bianco, pietra luna, spessartine
Ring in white gold, moonstone, Spessartite
Orecchini con oro bianco e giallo, diamanti grigi, gialli e bianchi
Earrings with white and yellow gold, gray, yellow and white diamonds
Pendente in oro giallo e argento, spinello, zaffiri, diamanti
Pendant in yellow gold and silver, spinel, sapphires, diamonds
Orecchini in oro giallo e argento, spinello rosa e rosso
Earrings in yellow gold and silver, pink and red spinel
Orecchini con granato demantoide, diamanti
Earrings with demantoid garnet, diamonds
Spilla intagliata con morganite, crisoberillo, spessartite, tormalina, crisoprasio
Brooch carved with morganite, chrysoberyl, famartite, tourmaline, chrysoprase
Anello con rubino e diamanti taglio marquise
Ring with ruby and marquise cut diamonds
Anello con zaffiro cabochon e diamanti
Ring with cabochon sapphire and diamonds

Why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger?

Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? And why do some wear faith on their left hand, while others on the right? Here are the answers ♦ ︎

Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? And why on the left hand? The choice of the finger on which to wear the ring is not accidental. But this also applies to the other fingers. Read this article if you want to know why the wedding ring is worn on the finger between the little finger and the middle finger.

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Anello nuziale sulla mano sinistra
Wedding ring on left hand

Why are you wearing a wedding ring? Simple: the wedding ring tells other people the status of a married person. It’s like saying: I have already found a soul mate, don’t try it with me, thank you. Or at least it almost always is.

Not in all countries the wedding ring is worn on the left hand: there is also who wears it on the right, but the meaning is always the same. In some European countries, for example, those of the Greek Orthodox rite, the ring is worn on the left hand before marriage, but is then transferred to the right during the ceremony. The same concept is valid for the engagement ring, which is a more recent habit. Also, in this case, the engagement ring is worn on the same finger on which the wedding ring is inserted. Once married, a woman is allowed to wear both rings at the same time in many cultures.

Anello sulla mano destra
Ring on right hand

By the way: even the wedding ring for men is a rather recent habit: in the past it was only the woman who had to wear the faith. In Britain, for example, only women tended to wear a wedding ring until the first and second world wars, when married male soldiers began wearing rings to remind them of the partner.

Anello dell'antica Roma
Ring for the bride of ancient Rome

But why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? There are several theories about it. According to some, in ancient times the ring finger was special, a bit magical. In Chinese, is a finger without a name. Even in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and in other languages ​​such as Finnish or Russian the ring finger is referred to as “unnamed”. The magical properties derive from the fact that in the past it was believed that there was a vein that directly connected the fourth finger of the left hand with the heart. It was called vena amoris, the vein of love.

It is not so, but this conviction has determined the finger on which to wear the ring: the one in which it was thought there was the vein that leads directly to the heart. The ring on the fourth finger of the left hand symbolically closed the access of others to the heart. This tradition dates back to the ceremonies of the ancient Romans, who called this habit anulus pronubis: man gave a ring to the woman during the engagement rite. With the Christian religion, the wedding ring was worn and blessed in medieval times. The ritual involved wearing the ring on the thumb, index, middle and ring finger of the left hand, where it remained.

Countries where the marriage ring is worn on the left hand

Australia, Botswana, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Central and Eastern Europe, United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, Catalonia and the Valencia area (while in Spain it is usually worn on the right).

Anello di fidanzamento indossato assieme alla fede matrimoniale
Engagement ring worn together with the wedding ring

Countries where the marriage ring is worn on the right hand
Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands (for those who are not Catholic), Norway and Spain (except in Catalonia and Valencia) , Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela.

Countries where the ring is worn on the right hand until the wedding day, when it is moved to the left
Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Romania, Brazil

Matrimonio in India
Wedding in India

Other habits
In Sri Lanka the groom wears the wedding ring on his right hand while the bride wears it on her left hand, still on her ring finger. The wedding ring was not the habit of Muslim religious marriage and wedding rings are not provided in most Islamic countries, where, however, the ring is used to indicate engagement. Muslim engagement rings are generally worn on the right finger by men and the left finger by women. But even in this case there are exceptions: the wedding ring can be worn on the left hand in Iran, or on the right hand in Jordan.

In Jewish marriages the wedding ring is worn on the forefinger of the bride’s right hand, but in other cases on the middle finger or thumb or ring finger of the left hand after the ceremony. It also depends on the type of marriage: some Jewish spouses have adopted Western habits also for the ring, while Orthodox men do not wear wedding rings.

The rings are not traditional even in a Hindu wedding, but it is customary to wear them for the engagement. Men generally wear rings on the right hand and women on the left hand.

Matrimonio in Sri-Lanka: l'uomo con l'anello sulla mano destra, la donna sulla sinistra
Wedding in Sri-Lanka: the man with the ring on the right hand, the woman on the left
Fede nuziale e solitario
Wedding ring and solitaire
In Brasile l'anello è indossato sulla mano destra fino al giorno delle nozze, quando viene spostato alla mano sinistra.
In Brazil the ring is worn on the right hand until the wedding day, when it is moved to the left hand

The noble jewelry of Pippa Small

Social activity and jewelery: this is how Pippa Small got a the title of Lady of the Order of British Empire ♦

She creates jewelry, but is also a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry that rewards contributions to the arts and sciences, collaborates with charitable and welfare and public service organizations outside the civil service. But Pippa Small, in addition to being a designer, is also an anthropologist, a human rights activist and an ambassador for survival. The London-based designer who also shops in Los Angeles and New York, not surprisingly, is liked by a (former) members of the royal family, such as Meghan Markle, who often wore earrings by Pippa Small.

Bracciale in oro 18 carati e pietre semi preziose, collezione Galaxy
Bracelet in 18k gold and semi-precious stones, Galaxy collection

To this list one could add that she is in love with stones (but this aspect is common to many jewelers) and that she often frequents the East, from Thailand to India, in search of gems and to restore the spirit, as well as to carry out activities of charity. The stones of her jewelry are often simply cut, as was often the case at the time of the maharaja. Among his initiatives, for example, he took part in the Turquoise Mountain initiative, in Afghanistan, to revive goldsmith craftsmanship. The activity was then extended to Myanmar and Syrian refugees in Jordan. In short, Pippa Small is also active in the social field, but this does not mean that her jewelry production is neglected.

Anello in oro 18 carati con ematite, zaffiro color miele, quarzo fumé, occhio di tigre, pietra luna e quarzo rutilato
18k gold ring with hematite, honey-colored sapphire, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, moonstone and rutilated quartz


Bracciale in oro con peridoto
Gold bracelet with peridot
Collana in oro giallo e bianco con cristalli
Necklace in yellow and white gold with crystals
Collana in oro giallo 18 carati, pietra di luna, quarzo e tormalina
Necklace in 18k yellow gold, moonstone, quartz and tourmaline
Orecchini a bottone in oro giallo 18carati e fiore di rubino
Stud earrings in 18k yellow gold and ruby flower
Orecchini pendenti in oro giallo 18 carati e tormalina
Dangle earrings in 18k yellow gold and tourmaline
Anello in oro e cianite
Gold and kyanite ring
Pippa Small
Pippa Small

The intelligent minimal of Elena Sardo

Minimal made in Turin: Elena Sardo is a new contribution from the Piedmontese city to the design jewel. Graduated in architecture, designer, the founder of the brand that bears her name, Sardo, worked in the fashion world before turning to jewelry. And she has chosen a more elitist path, but certainly with a greater caliber of personality. Jewels that are essential, but imaginative, rich, but without unnecessary display of luxury, rarefied and at the same time denses of ideal content.

Anello con diamante
Diamond ring

Speaking of ideal is not accidental. In her bio, Elena Sardo explains that her collections in 18-karat gold, silver and precious stones can be inspired by flowers, but also by the passion for Kant’s philosophy, which inspired the collection The starry sky above me, while another line, Oltre il tempo, is the result of Louis Kahn’s reflections on architecture, while About passion stems from Italo Calvino’s concept of lightness. In short, jewels to be understood and interpreted with the mind as well as to wear. The jewels are made in Turin and are on sale in the boutique of the Italian city, but also in London and Los Angeles in the shops of Dover Street Market, and in Paris at the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées.

Anello eternity in oro rosa e diamanti
Eternity ring in rose gold and diamonds
Diamonds cube ring
Diamonds cube ring
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti bianchi
18k white gold ring with white diamonds
Anello in oro bianco, giallo e rosa con diamanti
Ring in white, yellow and rose gold with diamonds
Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con diamante bianco, smeraldo e zaffiro rosa
18k yellow gold ring with white diamond, emerald and pink sapphire

The new jewels by Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini’s new jewels: the Indian tradition of enamel ♦ ︎

Among the descriptions of herself that Alice Cicolini provides, there is this: former director of Arts & Culture for the British Council in India, she remains closely linked to Indian craftsmanship and design. This is the starting point of one of the most refined designers in London. For example, she uses a technique called champlevé, a glazing tradition that artisans in India prefer to work on 23.5 carat gold, given the softness of the metal it allows a more detailed and expressive work.

Anello Jodhpur in oro 22 carati, smeraldo e smalto
Anello Jodhpur in oro 22 carati, smeraldo e smalto

The enamel, explains Alice, is a combination of earth, pigmented glass and metal, heated to fire and used in the grooves created by the engraving on the metal and then polished with agate stone to create extraordinarily vivid colors. Much jewellery is made in Jaipur, Rajasthan, but for some time much of our work is now made in London by master craftsmen from the city. Following the Indian tradition, Alice Cicolini also uses this technique, with surprising results, alongside the classic precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Like the new pieces that the designer has created, but which always follow her personal style, a bridge between the great India and the West.

Orecchini Memphis kimono candy hoops in oro 14K, lacca, tormalina rosa, ametista, rubino sintetico, granato, zaffiro viola
Memphis kimono candy hoops earrings in 14K gold, lacquer, pink tourmaline, amethyst, synthetic ruby, garnet, purple sapphire
Anello in oro 14 carati, smalto, zaffiro orange
Ring in 14k gold, enamel, orange sapphire
Orecchini Memphis in oro 14 carati, opale di fuoco, lacca
Memphis earrings in 14k gold, fire opal, lacquer
Anello in oro 22 carati, argento, ametista lavanda, lacca
Ring in 22 carat gold, silver, lavender amethyst, lacquer
Anello in oro giallo 22 carati, argento, lacca, crisoprasio, diamanti
Ring in 22k yellow gold, silver, lacquer, chrysoprase, diamonds
Anello in oro giallo 22 carati, smalto vetroso, zaffiri rosa, diamante
Ring in 22k yellow gold, vitreous enamel, pink sapphires, diamond
Orecchini in oro fiallo 9 carati, rubini, zaffiri rosa, tormalina watermelon intagliata a mano, spinello briolette, tornalina rosa
Earrings in 9 carat yellow gold, rubies, pink sapphires, hand-carved watermelon tourmaline, briolette spinel, pink tornaline
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