Collana La Moselle
Collana La Moselle

Stenzhorn high jewelry with La Moselle

The Moselle is the name of the Stenzhorn family’s home in southwestern Germany and the river that runs through three states: France, Luxembourg and Germany, through a picturesque landscape known for its steep banks. The Moselle is also famous for its vine crops and roses that bloom lushly. A spring spectacle that the master jewelers of Stenzhorn have expertly interpreted using diamonds and rubies, to evoke the enchanting sight of red roses blooming among the grapes in the vineyards.

La collana e due quadri che ritraggono i panorami della valle della Mosella
The necklace and two paintings depicting the views of the Moselle valley

The inspiration for the necklace comes directly from the Moselle Valley, where it is tradition to plant roses among the vineyards: a flower that, in addition to being beautiful, is also precious because it immediately signals climate changes and possible plant diseases. La Moselle Jewel follows Stenzhorn’s long tradition of creating one-of-a-kind high jewelry floral necklaces, a challenge inextricably intertwined with the jeweler’s art. A white gold tendril studded with sparkling white diamonds wraps around the neck and echoes the sinuous shape of the young vines. Two tender new leaves open from the tips of the vine, whose delicate grace is highlighted by a seamless pavé of diamonds. Draped along the vine, clusters of shiny rubies represent the grapes.
Dettaglio della collana La Moselle
Detail of the La Moselle necklace

At the center of the necklace are two spectacular roses in full bloom crafted with dozens of deep red rubies. Each ruby is cut and grooved to fit the rails that hold the bottom half of each stone in place, creating a smooth finish. The grooves are carved into the culet at a precise angle, to ensure they are perfectly flush with each other, reflecting the team’s attention to detail. Each of these individual units is then joined together using flexible links, creating a smooth stone surface. With no visible metal among the rubies, the jewel captures the lightness of a petal swaying in the summer breeze. The stamen and pistils are expertly represented with brilliant and marquise-cut diamonds, which add a touch of brilliance to the piece.

Stenzhorn relies on its team of designers, gemologists, stone cutters, casters, polishers and gem setters to achieve such fluid movement and graceful ease. Like previous high jewelry flower necklaces, the piece uses only two colors of gemstones, a signature of the house’s style. Specialized stone selectors grade and select gems to ensure a perfect match for each rose petal. The stone cutting is done in-house, so small changes can be made on site.

The Stenzhorn jewelry house is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to craftsmanship, commitment to excellence and bold designs.
Klaus Stenzhorn, founder of the Maison

La Moselle by Stenzhorn
La Moselle by Stenzhorn

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