Stenzhorn Twilight
Stenzhorn Twilight

Stenzhorn High Jewelery with Twilight

That moment when the sun is about to set. But there is still light. Painters, photographers and poets were inspired, like Stenzhorn now, by that romantic evolution of the sky. The German Maison uses those sensations for the new Twilight collection. But without forgetting the dawn, the beginning of the day, but also of a story. The atmospheric glows, the rays filtered through the air are as suggestive as the jewels of the collection, which is divided into four stories: Sunset, Starlight, Nightfall and Dawn. Each has a common thread of design elements and is divided into two chapters: the first is a series of jewels with diamonds, the second with rubies and diamonds set with the invisible setting, one of the specialties of the house.

Linea Sunset
Jewels from the Sunset line

The combination of the techniques used enhances the appearance and quality of the jewels. The rubies set with an invisible setting, i.e. without visible metal prongs, follow curved lines, one of Stenzhorn’s virtuous skills. The technique requires meticulous craftsmanship and expertly matched gemstones. Each stone is cut to size to fit the miniature mosaic: grooves are carved into the lower part that allow the rubies to slide on gold guides that hold the gems in the right position, creating a continuous band of pure color.
Orecchino componibile in oro bianco e diamanti
Modular earring in white gold and diamonds

Complete and semicircular shapes of the jewels recall the sun sliding towards the night. The diamonds are set in delicate white gold structures and radiate outwards like the last rays of the sun. The earrings can be worn as studs, or with chandelier-style extensions for a more glamorous style. The line also includes three single, double, or triple band open rings, a matching pendant on a diamond chain, and a bracelet on a flexible gold band. in the same chapter there are jewels with rubies in a play of semicircular and equal motifs and set diamonds. The earrings can be worn in two ways: diamond stud earrings are recommended for daytime. The semicircles of rubies edged with diamonds that slide onto the back of the post add brilliant color to the composition. The pendant suspended from a white gold chain adorned with rubies and round-cut diamonds, with a central diamond. The mini chaton chain construction keeps the stones facing forward and the pendant in the center. An entire disk of rubies and diamonds enrich the bracelet and ring.
Collana Sunset con diamanti e rubini
Sunset necklace with diamonds and rubies

The charm of shooting stars, with the effect of their light that creates a trail in the sky, inspires the diamond and ruby pavé of the Stalight line. The design is modern, with diamond earrings that can fasten through the lobe to make both the front and back of the ear sparkle. A lace necklace with a delicate diamond-encrusted chain resembles a constellation. The ring and bracelet imitate the movement of meteorites shining in the atmosphere. The diamond and ruby versions add color and vibrancy. A bracelet surrounds the wrist with a continuous band of rubies and a rivière of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Two large marquise diamonds complete the jewel.
Orecchini Starlight
Earrings from the Starlight line

Waxing and waning moon are symbols and references of the passing of time. Moon phases which are represented in two pairs of hoop earrings. Different in design, it shows bold design and clever use of gem setting techniques. The diamond-only version shows half of the circle surrounded by a micro pavé, which transforms into a luminous constellation of marquise gems. The ruby jewelery displays two tapered crescent shapes, evoking the enigmatic splendor of the full moon. Each facet of the two crescents is wrapped in rubies, while a marquise-cut diamond floats between the two halves of the crescent, evoking the Earth’s satellite.
Orecchini della linea Nightfall
Earrings from the Nightfall line

The rays of dawn are interpreted with lines of diamonds, or with semicircles of rubies. The effect of the clouds is recreated in the delicate pavé and marquise diamonds floating in the earrings. The same motif is repeated in a pendant and an asymmetric ring. The pendant is set on a chain embellished with diamonds. Like a raindrop, a marquise diamond emerges from the double band of a cloud-shaped ring. Similar in construction to diamond jewels are those with rubies. A bracelet surrounds the wrist with a continuous band of rubies and a rivière of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Two superb marquise diamonds complete the jewel.

Anello della linea Dawn con diamanti e rubini
Ring from the Dawn line with diamonds and rubies

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