Bracciale collezione Assoluto
Bracciale collezione Assoluto

Pianegonda Assoluto, but in leather

Assoluto was the name of the first Pianegonda collection designed by the new creative director Betony Vernon. But the absolute is always relative to something. In the second collection of the high-end brand of the Bros Manifatture group, silver enters into relationship with leather. The Assoluto jewels, but in leather, manage to combine Pianegonda’s always very refined design with easier wearability, and also to temper the price, making it available to a wider audience. A bracelet from the Assoluto leather line is sold for 360-390 euros.

Bracciali a doppio giro color cuoio e blu
Double-wrap bracelets in tan and blue

The bracelets in the collection are characterized, like the others of the Italian brand, by carefully studied geometric shapes, with fluid curves. The quality of the leather appears refined and is available in different colours: black, blue, plum, natural leather, green. The bracelets are available with a single twist or two twists. The first, the single-turn ones, are also distinguished by a silver band inside the leather band.

Bracciale in argento e pelle
Silver and leather bracelet
Collana in argento e cuoio
Necklace in silver and leather
Bracciale in argento e pelle verde, misura sottile
Bracelet in silver and green leather, slim size

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