Mostra Artistar Jewels 2019
Artistar Jewels 2019

Milano Jewelry Week is back

Long live the end (hopefully) of the pandemic. Events are back, including those dedicated to jewelry. And in the Italian capital of design the Milano Jewelry Week is back (20-23 October). It is the second edition after that of 2019 and aims to overcome the debut. The week dedicated to jewelry includes a set of connected events and, alongside exhibitions and performances, also a share of business, both reserved for the public and operators.

Milano Jewelry Week, promoted by Prodes, a company that organizes events, has scheduled about 200 events including high jewelery ateliers, goldsmith art workshops, academies, schools, art galleries, fashion boutiques and design showrooms, located in different areas of the city. Among the places where the appointments on the agenda will take place there are, for example, Palazzo Bovara, Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, La Pelota, and goldsmith schools. But, above all, more than 500 exhibitors from 40 countries are expected, with foreign countries representing about 70% of the total, with an estimate of over 8,000 jewels on display.

Giorgia Ionita, Artistar Jewels 2019, Palazzo Bovara
Giorgia Ionita, Artistar Jewels 2019, Palazzo Bovara

In reality, for Prodes Italia, the stop of activities due to the pandemic was only physical, certainly not planning. These long months have in fact allowed us to study and work on new formats and develop new relationships. We are therefore excited to see how the event, in recent years, has matured and grown and, above all, we are happy to expect a very strong presence of visitors from abroad, who will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a four-day event dedicated to jewelery at 360. °, made up of workshops, exhibitions, live performances and much more.
Enzo Carbone, founder of Prodes Italia

Milano Jewelry Week 2019
Milano Jewelry Week 2019

The partners
Ied, European Institute of Design (Milan), Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana (Milan), Alchimia Contemporary Jewelery School (Florence), FOR.AL (Valenza), Assamblage Jewelry School (Romania), Escola Brasileira de Joalheria (Brazil), Fit NYC Fashion Institute of Technology (USA), Hard To Find (Mexico), Raffles College Of Higher Education (Singapore), Lagos Jewelry School (Nigeria) and Casa Jewelry Workshop (Mexico), Galdus (Milan) which will host workshops and lectures dedicated to the world of jewelery with the aim of bringing even non-experts to this complex yet fascinating universe. Galdus will also be the venue for the Talent show which will feature a selection of the most promising students from the various partner schools.
Alessio Boschi. Copyright:
Alessio Boschi. Copyright:

Exhibitions & Events
Artistar Jewels. International reference event dedicated to body ornaments now in its eighth edition at Palazzo Bovara: jewels by over 200 international artists and designers. A jury of experts will award the most interesting projects.
FaB by Artistar Jewels. Contest aimed at independent brands and designers whose creations will be exhibited inside Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, in an exhibition that will offer four different scenarios related to water, earth, fire and air. The jewels will be evaluated by the Brand Ambassador Alessio Boschi. The designer will reward those who have been able to interpret their reference theme in a more original way.
The Jewelry Hub. Within the former Pelota, the event with both B2B and B2C cuts, with dedicated exhibition sessions and talks and which will see about 100 Italian and international brands as exhibitors. Companies belonging to these categories will exhibit to unveil their latest collections. Antonini Milano, Brian & Barry Building, Scavia and John Moore are confirmed, the latter with a solo exhibition of contemporary jewelery.
Jewelry Drops. Exhibition whose protagonists will be around 500 jewels, mainly one-offs or limited series, made of unusual materials and, in some cases, recycled. All in a multimedia exhibition with videos that will illustrate the stories of the international protagonists and their workings.
Among the confirmed partners Assogemme, the Italian Diamond Exchange, the Italian Gemological Institute, the Lombard Goldsmith Association, Antico (National Association for the Protection of the Gold Sector) and The Brain & Barry Building. Partner galleries: Floriano Gallery (Brazil), Babs ARt Gallery (Milan), Esh Gallery (Milan), Eleni Marneri Galerie (Greece), Ezustlaz Gallery (Hungary), Sculpture to wear Gallery (USA, New York).

Mostra Artistar Jewels 2019
Mostra Artistar Jewels 2019

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