Spilla a forma di calla, con smeraldi, spinelli rosa, diamanti, titanio
Spilla a forma di calla, con smeraldi, spinelli rosa, diamanti, titanio. Copyright: gioiellis.com

High jewelry by Osi Vitoria

Hong Kong has long been one of the world centers of fine jewellery. Flowers, leaves and animals are the main sources of inspiration for jewelery artists such as Vitoria Wu, founder of the Osi Vitoria brand in 2012. With a family of jewelers behind her, Vitoria Wu has chosen the difficult art of other jewelery in its best expressions. Like other protagonists of the Chinese path to jewellery, the brand often uses a titanium base for its precious sculptures. This metal, which is difficult to work with, however has the advantage of being light, resistant and suitable for the creation of unusual shapes and processes.

Anello pesce con opale intagliato, acquamarina, spinelli, titanio. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Fish ring with carved opal, aquamarine, spinels, titanium. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The materials are used to combine abstract art forms with elements inspired by nature, which are associated with Chinese poems such as “Drunk celestial beings, overwhelming white clouds” or “I am the only sober one among all the drunks”. They are jewels that require a long planning and even more delicate creation: hundreds of stones cover the surfaces with shades created by the gems thanks to the skill of the setters in positioning the stones.

osi vitoria anello spinello birmano zaffiri diamanti 2 copyright gioiellis
Ring with Burmese spinel, sapphires, diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Spilla anemone, con rubino di 5,6 carati, diamanti bianchi e rosa, titanio
Anemone brooch, with 5.6 carat ruby, white and pink diamonds, titanium. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Vitoria Wu
Vitoria Wu. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Spilla piuma di pavone in titanio, con spinelli, giada bianca, smeraldi, diamanti.
Peacock feather brooch in titanium, with spinels, white jade, emeralds, diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Spilla polipo, con spinelli, diamanti, smeraldi, titanio
Octopus brooch, with spinels, diamonds, emeralds, titanium. Copyright: gioiellis.com
osi vitoria spilla fiore zaffiro viola titanio diamanti copyright gioiellis
Flower brooch with diamonds, purple sapphire, sapphires, spinels, diamonds. Copyright: gioiellis.com
Spilla calla indossata
Calla lily brooch worn.Copyright: gioiellis.com

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