Bracciale Optical grande
Bracciale Optical grande

Giovanni Raspini in Optical version

According to the official definition, what goes by the name of optical is an abstract art form, where the contrast of colors and geometric shapes serve to produce a three-dimensional visual effect. Or it is made up of surfaces that create unexpected perspectives. The optical style has been widely used in fashion, especially half a century ago, with fabrics characterized by geometric shapes with irregular checks or black and white bands. That same concept of white interspersed with black is now the inspiration for the new Optical collection by Giovanni Raspini.

Collana Optical in argento e onice
Optical necklace in silver and onyx

The Tuscan silver specialist was inspired by the fashion of the sixties, but with the use of small spheres in hammered silver, interspersed with the black of shiny black onyx stones. The contrast of colors does not cause deceptive perspectives to the eye, but a comfortable regular geometry. The Optical collection is offered in four necklaces and four bracelets in various sizes and lengths.

Collana lunga Optical
Optical long necklace
Bracciale Optical in argento e onice
Optical bracelet in silver and onyx
Girocollo Optical
Optical Choker

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