Ciondolo di Estro Studio in oro rosso 18 carati e tsavorite
Ciondolo di Estro Studio in oro rosso 18 carati e tsavorite

Fabrizio Riva, design without end

Milan, the capital of the design and point to start Fabrizio Riva, long-time designers and not just jewelry. He has indeed worked for designers as well as for art projects and even cured the inclusion of jewelry at a resort in Dubai. Today his creativity is channeled into Estro Studio, also in the Lombard town. In short, an eclectic Italian, perhaps with the creativity that characterized the Renaissance and the Humanism. In his lengthy curriculum, there are collaboration with Giancarlo Montebello and Niki de Saint Phalle for a jewelry collection, with Gabriele de Vecchi to silver accessories, with Redwall Group for jewelry to an accessory bags and Eleonora Fiorani for a project of anthropology and semiotics through the language of jewelry.

Anello Nodo in oro bianco e diamanti
Knot ring, white gold and diamonds

Again: he designed jewels and watches with Nina Ricci, care the edition of Notebook trends Arabia to the World Gold Council, coordinates for the Bliss by Damiani jewelry line, then he created a collection of jewelry for wedding dresses for the fashion designer Elisabetta Polignano, and to redesign jewelry crafted by African production … On its website the list of his works is longer and more detailed. Here, however, we show some jewels of his collection: rings and earrings made with surfaces in gold, often oxidized, and pavé with white and colored diamonds, with the exception of some precious stone, like emeralds. Personal style there is everything, the quality also.

Anelli con acquamarina e prenite
Rings with aquamarine and prenite
Anello con tanzanite a goccia e zaffiri blu
Ring with teardrop tanzanite and blue sapphires
Orecchini a bottone in oro, diamanti bianchi e neri
Stud earrings in gold, white and black diamonds
Orecchini di Fabrizio Riva in oro bianco e diamanti brown e ice
Earrings by Fabrizio Riva in white gold and brown and ice diamonds
Orecchini in oro bianco ossidato 18 carati, diamanti verdi e brown
Earrings in 18K oxidized white gold, green and brown diamonds
Anello in oro bianco ossidato 18 carati, diamanti verdi, bianchi e brown, smeraldo
Ring in 18k oxidized white gold, green, white and brown diamonds, emerald

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