Bracciale e orologio di Skagen
Bracciale e orologio di Skagen

5 rules to match watch and bracelet

How to combine watch and bracelet? Here are five tips for wearing a perfect combination ♦ ︎

A watch is not always a clock. In fact, for women it is above all a jewel that, among other things, also marks the hours. But the first aspect that matters is that it must be beautiful, it matches the dress, is right for the occasion. It does not matter that the watch offers complicated combinations of dates and phases of the moon, that it can plunge into the deepest waters or be able to function as an Olympic time trial. Instead, the timepiece must be of excellent brand, have a pleasant shape and, possibly, arouse the envy of her friends.
Unfortunately, not all women pay attention to another detail: the combination of watch and jewelry, especially bracelets. That’s right: watch and bracelet are not twin brothers, they are children of different mothers. And they do not always match well. Here, then, some tips to correctly match watch and bracelets. With a warning: sometimes the rules can also be successfully transgressed.

L'abbinamento della designer Carolina Bucci, i suoi bracciali assieme a un orologio Audemars Piguet
The combination of designer Carolina Bucci, her bracelets together with an Audemars Piguet watch

1 Leave a wrist free

If you wear a watch on your left wrist, do not wear anything on your right arm. Focus your attention on just one point, instead of dispersing it a little here and there. The only concession: wear a chain on the other wrist, provided it is very, very thin.

Quale dei due polsi sarà più interessante?
Which of the two wrists will be more interesting?

2 Gold or silver?

No problem: the time when you couldn’t match a gold jewel with a silver one is over. It is no coincidence that there are jewels that are made of gold of different colors. So, it’s perfectly fine to wear a gold finished watch with silver bracelets. As long as they are high quality. A precious watch, in short, clashes with any silver bracelet. Instead, choose designer bracelets or, alternatively, thick and elegant chain links.

Orologio Michael Kors con semplici bracciali Alex and Ani
Michael Kors watch with simple Alex and Ani bracelets

3 High and low

It used to be that consistency was in fashion: you couldn’t wear a Cartier watch with a cheap bracelet. Today this is no longer the case: even a Rolex can be combined with colored beaded bracelets. But, mind you, it doesn’t mean wearing bad quality bracelets. Even if made with non-precious materials, the bracelets to match the watch must always have something interesting: the colours, a particular meaning, a memory. The important thing is that the mix is fun and interesting.

Caroline Scheufele, con bracciale e orologio Chopard, di cui è co-presidente, assieme a Kate Moss
Caroline Scheufele, with Chopard bracelet and watch, of which she is co-president, together with Kate Moss

4 Who is worth more?

Is an expensive bracelet and a cheap watch better, or the other way around? The second hypothesis. The king is the watch, the main role on the stage of your wrist should be reserved for it. Anyone wearing a Rolex or Patek Philippe can easily wear a colored cloth bracelet. A Cartier bracelet, on the other hand, doesn’t go easily with a cheap timepiece. A separate discussion must be made for high-end smart watches, which are trendy and can go well together with expensive jewels. Provided that the smart watch is of the premium type.

Semplici bracciali di perline con un Classic Fusion Magic di Hublot, indossato dalla pr Nathalie Rother
Simple beaded bracelets with a Hublot Classic Fusion Magic, worn by pr Nathalie Rother

5 Change the menu

Even your favorite dish, if you eat it every day, ends up no longer pleasing. It’s the same for jewels: if you have guessed a nice combination of watch and bracelets, it’s not a good reason to repeat it every day. Try to vary, even if the result will not always be perfect.

Orologio con semplici bracciali Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor simple bracelet watch
Bracciali e orologio impilati
Bracelets and watch stacked

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  1. Un buen reloj junto a una pulsera metálica es incompatible salvo que no te importe que se raye el reloj en muy poco tiempo.

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