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Anello in oro con turchese e diamante

Ali Grace’s New York style

The nature of California, where she grew up, and the vibes of New York City, where she lives and works today. The sum of these opposite (or complementary) experiences are […]

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Collana e orecchini di AuroraLurex

How to choose hoop earrings?

Why do hoop earrings never go out of fashion? Think about it: hoop earrings are a type of jewel that goes through fashions, years, decades, even centuries. You can find […]

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Orecchini Alabastra geminus nella confezione a forma di prato

Helena Thulin’s special flowers

Being green is not only fashionable, but also a necessity to save the world from climate change. Also for this reason, flowers and plants are a symbol of a sensitivity […]

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Orecchini Ama Feel in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi

The softness of Pasquale Bruni with Ama Feel

Ama (he or she loves), voice of the verb to love. And Pasquale Bruni really loves jewels. The Ama collection, which consists of jewels with the shape of four leaves […]

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Collana e orecchini indossati, Pasquale Bruni

Choose the perfect earrings

The characteristics that must have the earrings to be perfect. Here’s how to choose the right earrings ♦ ︎ What are the most beautiful earrings in circulation? Obviously it is […]

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Orecchini Le Petit Cauri in oro 18 carati

Almasika magic shells

African shells are transformed into gold and diamond jewelry. With inspiration from the ancient rites of the black continent ♦ Africa and diamonds are a natural combination. But African designers […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati, tsavorite, smalto

Sarah Hendler, West Coast jewelry

In Los Angeles the eclectic Sarah Hendler designs and produces really original jewelries ♦ ︎ America’s jewels companies are virtually divided into two: on the one hand, New York, with […]

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Anello Geometric in oro bianco e diamanti

Susan Foster no stop

The inexhaustible Susan Foster from the Hampton to the jewelers of half the world, and from the artistic avant-garde to the gems ♦ ︎ There is a area near in […]

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Bracciale Mini Evil Eye con laccio macramé, oro rosa con zaffiri

Anil Arjandas, followers and earrings

Bracelets, rings and earrings by Anil Arjandas, designer of Indian origin based in Dubai ♦ Indian origin, flagship store in Dubai: Anil Arjandas has found his way into the world […]

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Collana in argento annerito pietra di vetroceramica, arenaria artificiale, spinello sintetico, cubic zirconia viola

Thomas Sabo’s stars

Thomas Sabo is a German manufacturer of affordable jewelery and watches. It was founded in 1984 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, by Thomas Sabo and is involved in the […]

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Orecchini in oro 14 carati con pavé di radici di rubino

The refined ambiguities of Begüm Khan

The ambiguous charm between East and West in the jewelry of the designer Begüm Khan ♦ ︎ She started with the cufflinks, jewels that replace the cuff buttons of the […]

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Orecchino Palloncino con pavé di diamanti neri

The new balloons with diamonds by Vhernier

Although the smartphone has become the favorite game of children, the old balloon that floats in the air tied to a thread is still (fortunately) something that attracts those who […]

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Anello in oro eticamente responsabile a 18 carati

The sustainable jewels of Tejen

Sustainable jewels of refined design: these are the ones proposed by Tejen ♦ ︎ Isabel Encinias and Mark Kroeker met in Paris in the 1990s. Now they say that it […]

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Collana in oro 18 carati, berillo dorato, tormalina gialla, granato mandarino, corniola, granato spessartite, rubino, tormalina rosa, ametista lattiginosa, calcedonio viola, tanzanite, acquamarina, tormalina verde acqua, tsavorite e peridoto

Mallary Marks rainbows

She works in Manhattan, New York, in a laboratory on Riverside just across the Hudson River. It is present with an account on Instagram, but does not (at the moment) […]

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Orecchini in oro con granati esagonali e taglio pera

Gems and colors with Oliva B

Children are a source of joy, but also of inspiration. Shari Cuartero, a designer from New York, where she was born and works, must think so, who in 2016 decided […]

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Orecchini Papalote in giallo 18 carati, tormalina, ametista e zaffiri

Jewels and nature with Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas, one of the most imaginative designers, continues her representation of the nature of her native country, Mexico. Her jewels, conceived and made in Las Vegas, where Daniela Villegas […]

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Anello Rose Bouquet in oro e diamanti

New roses for Piaget

A new variety of roses inspired by La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland, birthplace of Yves Piaget, fourth generation of the family that gave the Maison its name. In 2012 the Maison presented […]

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Collana in oro rosa con diamanti bianchi e neri

The new Princess Flowers by Roberto Coin

Beautiful things do not go away. And the things you like are renewed over time. Years ago Roberto Coin launched the Princess Flower collection, which met with widespread approval. The […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo con cluster di diamanti

Studio Rêves, dream jewelry

The dreams, the jewels and the precious stones of the Indian Maison Studio Rêves ♦ ︎ Rêves, French word which means dreams. But, in the world of jewelry, it also […]

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Anello floreale in oro rosa e diamanti

The flowers of Ortea

Mozambico’s flowers and diamonds, for bracelets, rings and earrings by Ortaea ♦ ︎ Ortaea is a brand founded in London that combines the Latin word Ortus which means origin, new […]

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