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Borchia orecchino in oro 14 carati e diamanti

Alison Lou’s new amusements

She hasn’t lost her irreverence, which has translated into a pop style, with the now famous emoticon jewels. But Alison Chemla, founder and designer of the New York brand Alison […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti, smeraldi, zaffiri rosa

Clip High Jewelry with Gismondi 1754

How many things can you do with a paper clip? In an office several. But even in jewelry the shape of the clip can give life to many dreams. As […]

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Orecchini ispirati alla 21esima dinastia dell'Antico Egitto, in oro 22 carati e tormaline

The modern antiquity of Loren Nicole’s jewels

If this earrings by Loren Nicole, which you see on this page, remind you of something, you are not wrong. You have probably seen similar ones in an archaeological museum. Loren […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco con apatite e diamanti

The conversations with the moon of Karma El Khalil

She is a designer with a degree in psychology, of Lebanese origins, but with life and work in New York: Karma El Khalil is one of the most imaginative representatives […]

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Orecchini della collezione After Party, in oro giallo 18 carati, titanio e zaffiri

The fine Greek titanium of Anastasia Kessaris

She has a degree in architecture, she worked as an architect in London, eventually becoming a senior interior designer at Harrods. So what could Anastasia Kessaris‘s next step be? Designing […]

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Lily James con gli orecchini Diamond Rain Fringe

Rain of diamonds signed Tatiana Verstraeten for Lily James

Professionally known Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, 33, is best known as Lily James. She is an English actress who, like other stars, made her appearance at the recent Met Gala. […]

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Anello doppio in oro bianco con rubino, diamanti bianchi e smalto nero

Nikos Koulis always says Oui

The renewed Oui collection signed by the famous Greek designer Nikos Koulis ♦ ︎ Saying yes is simple, but to say Oui one must be French, or be Nikos Koulis. […]

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Emma Watson con orecchini by Tatiana Verstraeten

Enchantment by Emma Watson with Tatiana Verstraeten

Okay, forever gluing an actress to a role she has held in the past is a mistake. A good actress does not have to be the icon of one of […]

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Orecchino della collezione Alligator con i colori della bandiera dell'Ucraina

The Ukrainian flag among Bibi van der Velden’s Alligators

Jewels in support of Ukraine. A sign of solidarity, combined with creativity, comes from the Dutch designer Bibi van der Velden. In her Alligator collection, the designer has added a […]

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Orecchini placcati oro 14 carati con radici di smeraldo

Begum Khan’s earrings

There aren’t many jewelry jewelers who start with cufflinks. Begüm Kireoglu, a refined designer from Istanbul with her brand Begum Khan, is perhaps a unique case. She was born into […]

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Orecchini con oro di provenienza etica 18 carati, pietra luna, argento, cammeo, madreperla, conchiglia, strass

The Irish myths told through Grainne Morton’s compositions

Compositions that seem to come from a Kandisky painting inspired by Calder’s sculptures: Grainne Morton’s earrings and necklaces are a kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and, above all, ideas. Forget precious […]

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Bracciale in smalto verde, oro rosa, diamanti

Bee Goddess lucky ladybirds

When, after winter, the plants start to thrive again, the insects get ready for the banquet. And in the new Ladybug collection by Bee Goddess it is about ladybugs, lucky […]

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Orecchini con cordoncino  avvolto a manoc e catena di cristallo

The large and light earrings by Rebecca de Ravanel

Which is woman does not envy Rebecca de Ravanel? Quick summary of his life: childhood in the Bahamas, with British mother and French dad. You study in Paris, while today […]

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Collana Andromeda

Ayala Bar ready for the summer

Ayala Bar is an Israeli designer who sells jewelry all over the world. In fact, she has a style that is recognized and appreciated internationally (she participates in something like […]

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Anello in oro con turchese e diamante

Ali Grace’s New York style

The nature of California, where she grew up, and the vibes of New York City, where she lives and works today. The sum of these opposite (or complementary) experiences are […]

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Collana e orecchini di AuroraLurex

How to choose hoop earrings?

Why do hoop earrings never go out of fashion? Think about it: hoop earrings are a type of jewel that goes through fashions, years, decades, even centuries. You can find […]

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Orecchini Alabastra geminus nella confezione a forma di prato

Helena Thulin’s special flowers

Being green is not only fashionable, but also a necessity to save the world from climate change. Also for this reason, flowers and plants are a symbol of a sensitivity […]

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Orecchini Ama Feel in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi

The softness of Pasquale Bruni with Ama Feel

Ama (he or she loves), voice of the verb to love. And Pasquale Bruni really loves jewels. The Ama collection, which consists of jewels with the shape of four leaves […]

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Collana e orecchini indossati, Pasquale Bruni

Choose the perfect earrings

The characteristics that must have the earrings to be perfect. Here’s how to choose the right earrings ♦ ︎ What are the most beautiful earrings in circulation? Obviously it is […]

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Orecchini Le Petit Cauri in oro 18 carati

Almasika magic shells

African shells are transformed into gold and diamond jewelry. With inspiration from the ancient rites of the black continent ♦ Africa and diamonds are a natural combination. But African designers […]

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