Kim Kardashian con l'anello di fidanzamento
Kim Kardashian con l'anello di fidanzamento

Expensive ring, more probable divorce

Have you received an engagement ring? Do you also know the price? We hope it is not too high, because … ♦

A diamond is forever, but divorce can also be long. There are many causes, but it seems that the more expensive the engagement ring, the greater the probability of separation of the spouses. But, be careful: it is not a rule. This is demonstrated by the couple Amal Alamuddin, and George Clooney, who after almost ten years together, seems one of the most stable couples in Hollywood. Yet the engagement ring cost the actor 550 thousand euros. In many other cases, however, it seems that the ring purchased with a high price was not a guarantee of happiness.

Amal Alamuddin e George Clooney
Amal Alamuddin e George Clooney

As in the case of Angelina Jolie, who married Brad Pitt after receiving a 200 thousand euro ring: a failed marriage. Even the separation years ago between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney (ring with heart-shaped diamond of 55 thousand euros) could prove it. Beyoncé is at risk (even if she’s holding on for now), given that the ring that gave her to Jay-Z cost 5 million. Not to mention Kim Kardashian’s ring, with a 15-carat diamond worth over 7 million euros.

Lady Gaga e Taylor Kinney: crisi nonostante l'anello con diamante a cuore da 55 mila dollari
Lady Gaga e Taylor Kinney: crisi nonostante l’anello con diamante a cuore da 55 mila dollari

To launch the alarm, or rather, to notice a link between the price of the ring and divorces were two American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, who long ago put more than 3 thousand married couples in the United States under the lens. Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon have come to the conclusion that if men choose an engagement ring between 1,500 and 3,200 euros the risk of divorce is 1.3 times higher than the average. Quite low, in short. The two researchers considered as a basis a cost for the ring a price from zero to 1,500 euros. Not only that: the greatest risk of separation is reached when the engagement ring exceeds 20 thousand dollars. Women who receive such a precious ring have 3.5 times more the chance of divorcing, compared to those who have received a solitaire of between 5 thousand and 10 thousand dollars.

La coppia scoppiata: Beyoncé e Jay-Z
La coppia Beyoncé e Jay-Z

So you have to be “scottish” to save the marriage? Not at all: even couples who have spent less than € 400 on their engagement ring have high divorce rates. In short, the ring on the finger it’s ok: just do not overdo it, better stay in the middle. And if you have any doubts about choosing the ring, you can always ask our quick guide for advice.

La signora Clooney con anello
La signora Clooney con anello
Angelina Jolie con l'anello di fidanzamento
Angelina Jolie con l’anello di fidanzamento

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