Bracciale e orecchini in argento
Bracciale e orecchini in argento

Blade, silver jewelery by Giovanni Raspini

It’s true, the idea of wearing a blade can be disconcerting. But if the blade design softens the rigor of the term, it becomes interesting. It is the idea that dominates the Blade collection by Giovanni Raspini. Which, in this case, abandons inspirations linked to nature, such as flowers, fruits or leaves, to choose the path of Nordic rationalism. But softened by the small irregularities that signal artisanal production. Because the jewels are made of hammered silver, with an oval or circular geometry. On the external side there is a blade effect, obviously completely harmless.

Collana e orecchini in argento, versione più sottile
Silver necklace and earrings, thinner version

The jewels of the Blade collection are made of natural or gilded silver. Each jewel is offered in two versions, larger or thinner. The line is made up of a rigid necklace, three earrings and three bangles. The latter have an opening that allows the wrist to be wrapped impeccably and have been designed to be combined with other bracelets from the Tuscan Maison, with traditional animal print textures or from the rock world.

Bracciale e orecchini placcati oro
Gold plated bracelet and earrings

Bracciale e orecchini in argento versione bold
Bold version silver bracelet and earrings

Collana e orecchini in argento placcato oro, versione più sottile
Gold plated silver necklace and earrings, thinner version

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